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Rather Concerned Kids Out Unsupervised

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Rather concerned. Are children running up and down the road and up and down every pathway unsupervised breaking the rules or their parents who are not watching four very young children who don't understand? I am concerned as they could be spreading it, getting it and some vulnerable neighbours getting it because of one thoughtless parent and I don't know who to call for rule breaking or if I should. What seriously is wrong with parents? They are not immune or their kids! They are not meant to just allow them to run wildly up and down the street and the kids don't understand or care as they are young. If outside children should be supervised and close to home or go for a walk with family, not dangerous spreading the virus. I am also vulnerable and asked them to go home but that was ignored. Do I call a number or the police?

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Hi, I think as long as you don’t come in close contact with these children you’ll be ok, stay inside as we are all supposed to do and you’ll be fine., Take care

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If they are on my path I am in contact with them as I need to go on to it for exercise. I don't have a garden and its not respecting my space or my neighbours. I do stay in, as far as possible because I have had to take my husband back to hospital twice for his drains to be removed. Otherwise I am in and these kids should not be running wild, end of story.

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Hi, I didn't realise you shared the same pathway, that's so inconsiderate as you and your husband are not well, could you have a word with the parents maybe? Take care

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Yes, I'm in a similar situation. I'm in isolation but little boy (6) next door and his father play cricket in the passage although they have their own garden. I feel nervous about going down even to empty my rubbish as I'm at increased risk because of taking steroids. Last weekend they were both coughing continuously. I appreciate that children get frustrated with being cooped up but we all have to consider each other in this situation. I had to warn my daughter to be careful when she drove up with my shopping as the little one runs out on to the road to get the ball, obviously not many cars about but enough to be dangerous.

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Hi Maria, its a difficult situation for everyone at the moment especially if you are extra vulnerable because you feel anxious all the time about touching anything or visitors. Taking the usual precautions is all we can all do and social distancing. Hope you are keeping safe and well. Take care. Stay safe. Take care of each other virtually.

Have a good Sunday.

I totally agree with you I am day 21 isolation vulnerable it is ignorant bad parenting! What are they not getting how serious this is? I have 2 daughters both have 2 children each know discipline etc find it a lot easier home schooling them taking all the good advice keeping normality as much as possible. These parents want them out under their feet! I think you should call the police not 999 ha are they spreading it?? Not getting the message!!! Good luck hope it works!!! Keep safe xxx

Hi, found a form on the Council site for minor violations, don't really think its a police matter, but if that's who we have to call, you are quite right. I know its hard, but if they are that energetic make them do chores inside the house. I will call them if they come out again as it's bad parenting and not keeping them and others safe. No other kids running wild, just go for odd walk round the block as permitted with family. This isn't a holiday. Its a lock down. Some people are vulnerable and some children have sadly died here as well. Its the same for all, unfortunately.

Agree xx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Was going to say ring police on 101 but see jerry said asking you to do online now.

Stay inside and stay safe means just that what don't they understand.

Do you have a back garden could go in to get some fresh air and be safe away from them.

It's been a lovely day here today and unfortunately it's bought people out to visit the coast grrrrr

I so get on it rant! Bring the army and reserves out they are in Barracks could stop this spreading so much quicker get over it wear the uniform guns if that's what it takes people get the message!!! GRRR Be safe xx

Just a thought, remember other countries where you were encouraged to report on neighbours: Nazi Germany, Stasi East Germany, Soviet Russia, Argentina under the j untas...remember you are responsible for your own actions, after all we live in a democracy not a police state, just a thought

What a stupid response. No comparison whatsoever.

Really? You are entitled to your opinion as I am, just encouraging people to think for themselves, I try not to be rude or slag someone else's views, try Peter Hitchens journalist blog on Mail on Sunday and Off-Guardian.org also give food for thought, I am on it now, Love to everyone on Planet Earth, Good health and love and light, we also need laughs and plenty of humour at this time

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This is an entirely different situation . Non compliance needs to be reported for the safety of everyone .

They should be supervised I would imagine, is it supposed to be the Law of Two.

I do know my Wife and I can go out together once a day , to take the dog out however we are going out one in the morning, the other in the afternoon so our dog Pax gets His walks twice a day, also we get our exercise as well.

If the children are playing in their own garden that is ok, We spend time gardening, that is allowed. especially on your own land.

In your case the parents need to be with their family, The Police are the ones dealing with this sort of thing


😂😂 Thanks, I am a bit more chilled out now. Just a bit out of sorts, a lot of pain this morning and really tired. Thanks, you have cheered me up. We have Liverpool Covid 19 Official who are taking form updates and are sending them a reminder letter. That will do to get the message I hope. Stay safe everyone and cheers.

It is yet again very inconsiderate

Some people do not seem to grasp the severity of this virus

I think in my opinion you should contact the authorities simply for this to act as a warning

So many are suffering and dying as a result of this unseen enemy

Why should the careless attitudes of some irresponsible impact on innocent lives

I know in my case I have to shout and shout as I am easily ignored and cast aside

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You do need to contact the authorities about this matter. It is irresponsible and dangerous. xx

Have contacted via Twitter on a specific link. Our local authorities have set up specifically to advise people and its quite useful. They remind people of the risks. Hopefully get the message.

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