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Life ain't perfect but we must keep,keeping on.

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On a serious note i feel the country will soon be plunged into a serious pandemic of mental & physical health problems,suicides,anxiety,depression,loneliness are all on the increase,uncertainty about the future,wondering if and when we have more normality.

We do need the stimulus of people because we are a social species,and so i hope in this unprecedented time we keep in touch with those around us by phone,video link and social media.We cannot touch we cannot hug but we can show we care,and these small steps can mean the world to many,especially to those who live alone.

For me,as a social individual ,i am finding this especially hard,but i am commited to obeying the rules.

The more we conform to the advice given ,the easier and more manageable life will become.

This pandemic i fear will not end anytime soon,but it will end.

Stay safe and we will all meet up again,even though i do think we will have a different slant on life, which may prove to be better.

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I feel the pandemic will make us as a country more grateful for things in the future as pre pandemic as a country we were an extremely spoilt country in my view.

I also feel the pandemic is a valuable lesson in not taking things for granted the way we did pre pandemic as you don't realise how much you took for granted until its taken away.

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The pandemic is scheduled to end next Autumn - by then enough people should have been vaccinated.

...but they hope to start vaccinating next month - so the NHS (G.P. surgeries) might be working again sometime soon.

Hi secrets22, As someone who has just had great difficulty navigating my way through to even speaking to a GP, I somewhat agree with you. Essential services cannot be put on hold forever, and neither can we be repeatedly denied the comfort of other human interaction.

After my struggle, I do see that if we must live with sporadic lockdowns for the foreseeable future, we are going to have to improve the way in which it is all arranged, or the cost to humankind is going to be a different epidemic in its own right.

I do think though, that we start to have these darker thoughts when we are in the middle of being 'locked-down', because we are so lonely, isolated and fed up, that staying cheerful and positive becomes that much more difficult.

I am not denied companionship. I am one of the luckier people with a partner, and one who goes out into the world of work and can bring home news and an element of normality.

But you are bravely and wisely obeying the rules regardless of your feelings.

I think for lots of people who feel fairly desperate now, feelings will change when a little more normality is allowed back into our lives again.

For those of us in England, we are now one and a half weeks into the current lock-down and I think it's wisest for our states of mind, that we assume we will regain freedoms on the appointed date. We are learning about covid19 all the time and in how to deal with its devastations. There is one vaccine about to be delivered and several others in the pipeline so this isn't a hopeless situation by any means.

I don't have a solution for your (or anyone else's frustration and anguish) in your current isolation, so can only send you warmest best wishes and urge you to 'hang in there' for better days to come.

One absolute truth about the world is that everything changes. We saw it change into our current situation at a rate of knots. It can go the other way just as easily, so stay brave and strong, and know that others are thinking of you and here for you any time you need us.

We can't be your old life, but we are all in this new one together! Take care! 🌈🌈👍😊

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G.P.'s used to insist on seeing patients before writing prescriptions... but now they have changed (or ignored) the rules.

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You forgot about Kasar as he's part of your family as well same as baby is part of ours!

I do feel that the public services have handled this pandemic very badly though with locking down too late to start with in the first place.

Thats the point though nothing in life is forever good or bad!

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That's true catgirl1976. Mustn't forget Kasar! He's been a really valuable member of our family for six years now since he was a tiny, skinny kitten. He can be infuriating at times, but he, like so many pets, can be a real lifeline in keeping us as cheerful as possible and giving us a reason to be busy and caring! I know how much Baby means to you too. Thank you for reminding me how valuable our pets are! 🙏😊🌈

Jerry, I always look forward to your posts and this is no exception.

I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be for you having moved to a new city and being isolated from family and old friends while continuing to sit tight and obey the health precautions in place.

I salute your "getting on with things that still need doing". As I became more restricted at home, I started jotting down 3 tasks the night before that I'd do the following day. That, along with dressing for each day as though I was going out has helped me start each day with some purpose.

One of the truths of life is that it is ever changing and once this pandemic is past, I hope that all of us will be stronger, kinder, more considerate and more appreciative of all that was done to bring us through this difficult period.

You are so right Jerry, life is ever changing and unpredictable, did anyone imagine this time last year when we were all busy getting ready for Xmas 2019 that we’d be in the position we are now in, but we’ll get through it as we always do, and I do think we’ll all be stronger in some ways thinking if we can just get through this we can get through anything, like you say we just have to keep strong, and live the day

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