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Lovely Walk Today :-)

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Hi everyone,

It was sunny today, and I enjoyed a walk along the coast, here in Guernsey. Spotted some funghi and red berries. I also love the colourful bracken.

The sun was shimmering on the sea, and it looked quite dramatic.

Zest :-)

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Lovely photos Zest, particularly the sea ones with the shimmer on the water. Thanks for sharing. x

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Zest in reply to springcross

Hi springcross

I had a screen saver today which said 'Bright glow on the water's surface' is called 'Sea Sparkle' and when I saw the lovely shimmering water, it brought those words back. :-)

Zest :-)

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springcross in reply to Zest

Actualy sparkle is a good description. x

Hi Jerry

Yes, it was atmospheric.

Zest :-)

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I agree the pictures of the sea look very beautiful. 😊🌸

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Zest in reply to bobbybobb

Hi bobbybobb

Yes, the light has been amazing this past couple of days.

Zest :-)

Hi Zest

What beautiful photos Zest and beautiful colours. The shimmering sea is gorgeous.


Alicia 🌹🌸🌈😊 xx

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Zest in reply to

Hi Alicia,

Yes, I love it - shimmering on the sea. Beautiful.

Zest :-) xx

in reply to Zest

So do I, really makes a photo.

Alicia 🌈😊 xx

These photos are absolutely beautiful Zest! I really like the shimmering sea photo, it is really lovely! 🙂

Glad you enjoyed your walk! 🙂

BB 🙂 xx

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Zest in reply to blackbeauty99

Hi BB,

Thanks, I love the light at the moment, and the shimmering sea.

Zest :-)

Great place,all though not been since 1979.

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Zest in reply to HamishBoxer

Hi HamishBoxer

That's a long time!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Zest :-)

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HamishBoxer in reply to Zest

Too long!Though have been to Jersey.

My favourite edible mushroom - Parasol Mushroom

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Zest in reply to Dallo100

Hi Dallo100

Oh that's interesting - I didn't know what they were called. They were still there today, when I walked past them. They are spectacular mushrooms!

Zest :-)

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Dallo100 in reply to Zest

They are our tastiest wild mushroom and also the biggest. We don't see many of them in the North West of England but are quite common down the south

Absolutely clear beautiful photo's :)

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Zest in reply to RLN-overcomer

Hi RLN-overcomer

Thanks, it was a clear day. :-)

Zest :-)

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