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A lovely woodland walk today - 2nd set of photos

Hi all

Here at the 2nd set of photos from my walk today. The horses live in stables which are just 5 minutes walk from my house.

Have a good evening all.

Alicia :)

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Very nice pics.

in reply to Tiger77x

Thank you 🌈🙏🚶‍♀️

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BazzakReading Rabbits

Two sets of very lovely photos, I envy you living there so much.


in reply to Bazzak

Thank you, the weather's not been too bad either.

Alicia xx🌾🌱🌈🙏😊

Lovely views cf. I love foxgloves. Thanks for sharing. xx

in reply to springcross

Thank you, Foxgloves always remind me of my mum.

Alicia xx🌈😊🙏🐎🚶‍♀️

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springcross in reply to

Oh really, that's so nice as they are a beautiful flower. xx

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My mum loved them, lovely memories. They are a beautiful flower xx😊🌈🌾🙏

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springcross in reply to

😊 xx

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Gorgeous pics

in reply to Dalia74

Thank you🙏🌈😊🐎🚶‍♀️

Glorious! Xxx

in reply to RoadRunner44

Thank you xx🌈😊🙏🐎🚶‍♀️🌱

Fabulous mix of pics Alicia. The floral ones are gorgeous, and of course horses always are! 😊👍

in reply to Callendersgal

Thank you Callendersgal, I do love wild flowers and of courses horses but I think everyone's guessed that😉

Alicia xx🌈😊🙏🐎🚶‍♀️🌾

Thank you Jerry, yes it was very windy today but mainly dry - bonus.

Enjoy the rest of yiur evening Jerry.

Alicia 🌈😊🙏🌱🐎

Hi Alicia, thanks for the lovely photos! I too am very jealous of where you live! I rented a cottage on the edge of Exmoor last year to give my daughter, son-in-law and my granddaughter a holiday, but mainly to spend a week with said granddaughter, Skye! Her other granny lives close by so I thought it would give them the opportunity to get together. As we live in Sussex they don't see each other very often, and that must be so hard for her.

We were there in early June and the wild flowers in the lanes were just lovely and so diverse, just lovely. The whole place is just beautiful

I had an Exmoor pony when I was young, which I found when we were living in Somerset!

Have a good night. xx

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Hi Leo

That must have been so lovely and also very understanding on knowing how difficult it must be for the other grandparents. I'm fortunate as well as my grandchildren live fairly close, about 7 miles away.

I live the wild flowers, so pretty.

On the ponies are lovely, what a fantastic experience.

Yiu have a good night as well.

Alicia xx🌈😊🌾🙏


So so lovely

Thanks for posting

in reply to ninelives

Thank you and you are welcome. :)

Hi, thank you for the lovely photos but as I keep asking is it possible for people to say roughly where it’s taken ie the area? I’m really interested in where these areas are within our beautiful country - and further afield?

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You are welcome and it's in the South Hams on the edge of Plymouth. I love on the coast but I have both the countryside and coast right on my doorstep.

Thanks Alicia. Lovely photos again. Are the yellow flowers wild poppies? x

in reply to Sheila_G

You are welcome Shiela and yes the yellow flowers are poppies, I love them xx


Keep em coming!

in reply to Williemom

Thank you :)

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Love the horses and they flowers

in reply to Craftyperson

Thank you🌈🙏👍😊

Oh my...beautiful and what a walk. You have such variety. Keep up the good work or walk should I say! 🌈🐎🌞🌻🤗

in reply to Williemom

Thank you, much appreciated 🙏🙏🌈👍🚶‍♀️

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