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A lovely walk today, good for the mind and body

I took the long way round today to buy a newspaper (I kept my distance whilst buying the paper) so I could get my once a day walk in. I walked through my local woods which was lovely.

I find walking is so good for my fitness and mental health.

Sadly I cannot post the photos on this page, I've tried 3 times but there seems to be a problem. I posted in Health Walk so here's a link to the photos.


I walked 17175 steps.

Stay safe.


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HI Alicia, lovely pics and thanks for your link to view them. Sounds like such a lovely walk. Hopefully you'll be able to post within the forum again soon. Take care.

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Hi Callendersgal

Thank you. It was lovely and I love woodland walks.

I see there's a problem posting photos at the moment.


Thank you Jerry, yes it was a long way round, good excuse for exercise.😊

It's so lovely seeing the trees coming out and it's so good for mental health as without the walking I'd be going crazy.

I probably won't be going far tomorrow as it's very cold and windy, it certainly won't be the coastal path.😉

Hi Alicia,

Yes there is a temporary problem. It's been reported. There's been some work on the HealthUnlocked site going on, I think. Looking forward to its being fixed!

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Ah thank you for that. The ones that work in the background on this forum do a fantastic job. It'll be great when it's fixed.

all sounds gd with what you’ve been up too a silly question are newspapers ok in regard to this virus as it can attach to cardboard but need a paper now n then

Thank you and that's not a silly question. I've had a look online and there is no mention of newspapers whatsoever, only money and banknotes, whether that's a good thing or not I don't know but it's a very good question.

I do love a walk, and, although doing nowhere’s near your 17000 steps, I do it daily. Always drive to the local park, literally 5 mins drive for me. I don’t walk there. I live in rural Ireland, in a small village, neat the JFK Arboretum. And local roads are winding, and have no paths, so are not safe to walk.

Our lockdown rules are a little different here, to those in the UK.

They closed the park, and the local beaches, 2 days ago, and I’m only allowed to exercise, within 2 kms of my home. So no more park, no more hoping for a red squirrel sighting, no more heron on the lake, or firecrests in the trees.

So I’m looking forward to all your photos, as it may be the only nature I see for a while. My walk from now on, will be the half km to the local shop and half km back, that’s the length of footpath through the village.

I may change my name to lady gaga before this is over! Oh, I can’t, someone got there before me😂😂😂😂

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I also love walking and I think you may have guessed LOL. It's not the amount of steps you do it's the enjoyment you get out of it which is the most important thing. I can only imagine it's beautiful where you are. Yes we are not allowed to drive her at all for exercise, it has to be within walking distance, I'm fortunate enough to have it on my doorstep.

Yes our parks, beaches and other leisure places have been closed for a week now and it's the only way you can stop people gathering together, it's a shame it has come to this but people haven't been listening.

Thank you but no photos today unfortunately as I was on my pedal cycle and a little difficult to take photos whilst cycling.;)

Ah no, that name has been taken. LOL

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