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Fishing trip

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I went fishing again last week with my son .Before we left he gave me three rules dont get stuck in the trees, watch your rod and dont fall in .I did all three (I am a clown ) .Day one tangled and stuck in tree day two stood on rod and broke it (lucky we had spare rods )day three fell into lake at the edge .I was lucky went in feet first lake only 3 feet. and not cold lucky again my other son had come that day and the two of them pulled me out . Does anyone want to come and fish with me .?....?..

11 Replies
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I'll pass on that one Sp. 😁😁 x

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Did you enjoy the rest of the day? Sorry, couldn't resist that one. What a shame, a nice day out with your son too!

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Sanpedro2019 in reply to RoadRunner44

Yes thanks we had three days overall it was excellent thanks

That's so funny Sanpedro2019. At least you've lived to tell the tale. We certainly don't set out with the intention of doing these things, but, well...... some things just turn out to be challenging😄

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where do you live?

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Sanpedro2019 in reply to thara9643


Thoroughly enjoyed your fishing post! I love to stream fish and have done all you wrote about...maybe not quite so close together but still I was nodding in understanding !!

A bit to far to travel for a fishing adventure with you but hope you managed to snag a fish or two?

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Sanpedro2019 in reply to FlowerPreciousLover

Yes some nice carp, perch hyde roach ext

Soo, despite the mishaps, you made the catch!! Ahhh, well done!

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I'll come and watch for the comedy.

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I like your story and like fishing. If you enjoy it, try fishing on Moosehead lake. If you'll visit the place it'll be the time of your life, I haven't seen such natural beauty in my whole life. If the idea is something you like, here you're going to need a Moosehead lake depth map

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