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Cycle, Bird Walk, Picnic, and Tenkara Fishing

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Here are a few of the cedar bark huts the Sierra Foothills Native Americans used to live in.

Today was good with all the activities in the title. Even caught two fish.

For interesting birds we saw a Lazuli Bunting.

This is in an area with the highest concentration of Spotted Owls in California. They are hard to find in the day. We didn’t see any.

Hope everyone had a good day.

14 Replies
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They look in better condition than the miner/ rancher's shack. Really nice. The Lazuli Bunting looks like a very sweet bird. 🐦

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daveh121 in reply to bobbybobb

I think you are right. They do have a dirt floor though, and not much furniture.

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Sounds like you’ve had a fun packed day 🙂

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daveh121 in reply to Agoodenough

It was pretty good. I only wish everyone could also be having fun.

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Thank you for sharing the photos of the cedar bark huts the Sierra Foothills Native Americans used to live in. Have never seen anything like them before. Looking at the location I think right now I wouldn't mind living in one myself. Are these ones original or reproductions and do you know how long ago they were last used?

The Lazuli Bunting is interesting to see, it looks at little like our chaffinch in the UK


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daveh121 in reply to jeanjeannie50

It is a great spot for sure. Very comfortable for large groups of people sociably gathering for storing food for the winter. Basically a huge party in the fall.

These are reproductions. Maybe last used in the 1850s but I am guessing.

Hi daveh121, How really interesting to see some of the culture from your homeland and also learn something new about its birds too. Thank you. That was fascinating and a great photo! 🙏

Love the photo and how interesting to be able to see what the Native Americans lived in. You'll have to visit at dusk or dawn to see the Spotted Owls.

I would say you had a brilliant day.


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daveh121 in reply to

Yes, it was a nice time. We also have the owls where we normally live on the coast. They sound like such a mix of things: laughing, barking dogs, and other owls.

Sometimes we have to think about what that sound actually is.

We have researchers here called Hooters. They go out at night and play recorded owl calls then listen for a response. Very fun to go out with them but we are up all night.

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That's so lovely to have the owls where you live and lovely living on the coast. They really do have quite a sound but a sound I like and would love to hear them, they are gorgeous looking owls as well. We used to hear a lot of owls near us but over the years they seemed to have stopped, it's rare we hear them now and I do often wonder if it's what we're doing to the planet.

You really do have to listen hard to depict what they sound like.

It must be fun and worth missing out on a night's sleep, owls are such gorgeous birds. Mind you, we did have a screech owl many years ago and I wasn't quite so keen on that sound.

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daveh121 in reply to

Yes. The creepiest sound I have heard is a barn owl at night. Or a mountain lion scream.

On a dark night, creeping around as my job as a ranger requires, those barn owls can make ones skin crawl.

in reply to daveh121

That would be creepy especially if you are out in the wild and the Mountain Lion sounds scary to me for sure.

They may make your skin crawl but what a lovely job you have, out in the wild. Mind you, you have to have your wits about you so to speak.

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What a beautiful bird, the song is like a cross between a wren and a chaffinch (well, that's in my opinion 😀). Absolutely fascinating. Thanks so much for sharing. x

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daveh121 in reply to springcross

That’s it. They are beautiful and the first we have ever seen.

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