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A Lovely Walk, in the local Country Park

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Dear Everyone (makes a change from 'Dear all'),

Today my Mother, and me, went for a walk, in the local Country Park. Actually it's about seven miles-ish, away- so NOT actually in walking distance.....

We walked the whole 'Circuit', about 40-45 minutes, the weather wasn't Great- the occcational light shower- so we didn't Stop. The Trail takes you to some 'Excersise Stations' (I didn't Bother today), before going downhill, past the Quarry and then Back Up again.... finishing in the same Car Park you began in.

There is another 'Trail', the other side of the approach road- We might very well try that Next Time. For now a Very pleasant 'hour or so', couple by the time we had coffee at my Mum's.

Looking over, as we past the Quarry, we could see the Machinary digging out the 'Shale & Stone'.... mainly for use by the Construction Industry.


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Sounds a nice walk. Where about was this walk it sounds a good one.

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AndrewT in reply to Suffolklady

It's a bit further 'Down South', than you Suffolk Lady- on the Back Road B1027, about Eight (or so) miles from Clacton. It is about Half, three quarters, of a mile past St Oysth- heading towards Colchester. 'Martins Farm Country Park', right off the Main Road, then Right into the Car Park... about Fifty- ish Yards down.

How's that for 'Directions'? I even have the Post Code- CO16 8HN. It is, a bit, of a Hidden Gem- that a friend told me about. If you are comming from Colchester, there is a Quicker Way BUT it is 'fiddlier' and you might get lost. (and as a Girl, from Suffolk, you wouldn't want to get Overcome, by the 'Bad Lands' of Essex, would you?)

Seriously it is worth a 'Look' but I'd 'leave it' until Next Year now though. Make a Day, of it, bring a Picnic.... there is, at least, one suitable Bench/ Table. The Main Path, which is circular, is mainly tarmac. You can go 'Off Road' if you want, in fact, you can Wander anywhere.... The last time I was there, only a few weeks ago, someone was Flying a 'Remote Control' Plane.

Anyway Enjoy


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Suffolklady in reply to AndrewT

I might be a Suffolk lady now but I was an Essex Girl through and through and still am living in Clacton most of my life. I know the B1027 well So is it near where the old tip was years ago if you are old like me you might remember it, before the Flag pub that was. I will suss it out. Thank you for all the info and the post code very useful.

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AndrewT in reply to Suffolklady

Actually it IS 'The Old Tip', I believe. It certainly is a Beautiful area now though. Since you know the aea, the quickest way is through Creat Bentley- off the A133.


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Suffolklady in reply to AndrewT

Got it, should find it easy. 😊

Sounds like a beautiful walk Andrew!

Sounds like you had a lovely walk Andrew. I got rained on once but then it dried up after that.

What a lovely walk and spending time with your Mum too. I'm so pleased you had a great day

Take care and stay safe Lynne

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Lovely AndrewT and I bet your mum really enjoyed it also. 👍😊

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Sounds like you had a lovely day and mum along too

Hello that sound like a good walk our park in hull is a good hour around the lovely lake we like the wildlife my mam got dressed up safe in her visa with her hud up with her been over 8o it's the only place we go to now, looking forward to some nice sunny October days enjoy your next walk 🌄🤗

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