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Todays return walk to the Hospital (just for blood tests) 2

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BazzakReading Rabbits

1/ This more for Tim (footgo) who lived in Rodnor Walk off Kings Road and drank in this pub. The Chelsea Potter opened on 1834 and became famous in the 1960s as a regular drinking haunt of the Rolling Stones and Jimmy Hendrix and others.

2/ Kings Road just to show how quiet it was at 9.30 am.

3/ The Royal Hospital Chelsea, opened in 1682 for military veterans and still going strong. Beautiful buildings, beautiful grounds and beautiful people,

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Loved number 3 Barry, been there a number of times!

I think I would have felt more at home in the Chelsea Potter! On so many levels: 1. My mum was a potter, 2. I like pubs .... ok that’s only two but that’ll do! 😂😂😂 XX

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to leo60

😁 xx

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leo60 in reply to Bazzak


Lovely art for the 3rd one! :-)

So good to hear all these snippets of history Bazzak. You're doing a grand job!

Just sat down after a nice walk. Enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up to where you've been today. I haven't been to The Kings Road but often wondered what it was like in the 60's. I have a photo of that time featuring shoppers wearing mini dresses and long boots and Twiggi hairstyles. It was iconic then Bazzak so has it changed?

Some interesting photos yet again, and it looks as if you had an interesting day. Many thanks for sharing them with us.


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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to RoadRunner44

It's not the music place it was in the 60s, but still has a lot chic shop and shopper's. Camden and Brixton are the go pkaces for music for the youngsters now days 🙂x

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Bazzak

Ill need to look out my long boots again then!


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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to RoadRunner44

Those boots are made for walking ! Xx

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RoadRunner44 in reply to Bazzak

That's a good song too! 😀😄😅

Back in the day, used to drink in the Potter, and the Trafalgar, and went out with a barmaid who worked in The Chelsea Drug Store .

Late 60s the centre of the Universe.. Happy Daze🥳😉

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BazzakReading Rabbits

Yep, I even hit the Birds Nest ( Six Bells ) in the 70s 😁

Barry you are the NUMBER ONE STAR!!

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, you have made my day!

As l have mentioned before the Chelsea Potter was an amazing place to visit in the swinging sixties, you never knew who you would see, it did not matter, because everyone there was an equal and there to enjoy themselves.

You mentioned the Six Bells also in the Kings Road, l remember going there many Sunday mornings and the Irish bar maid, a lovely happy lady, she would see me entering the pub and by the time l got to the bar my “Bloody Mary” would be waiting for me!

The Kings Road looks unbelievable. I have never seen it looking like this.

Thank you again Barry!!

Best wishes to you and your wife for a wonderful weekend.


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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to footgo

Best wishes to you to Tim, It was quite funny this morning, you said you lived opposite what was the dairy but now a restaurant, so I thought I would take a photo for you. Numbers 44, 46 and 48 looked good, but as I got there, neighbor's at 44 and 46 were having a row about noise and when I attempted to take a photo all hall broke loose !!!

It was a comedy sitcom 😁😁 x

Fyi I do like a Bloody Mary Now x


Amazing, it really does sound like a real comedy. Lockdown getting to people probably.

It used to be very quiet when I lived there, slept with windows open, very little noisy traffic in those days.

Sorry pressed the wrong button.

Thank you for the thought though, very kind of you to think about me!

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SORRELHIPPOReading Rabbits

Used to love going up the Kings Road on a Saturday, used to be a cafe called The Picasso, lovely for watching the world go by, and bemoaning the fact, that all the men had longer hair than me and it was in better condition. When we were having IRA bombs in London, I knew I had been blown up one day. Sitting inside The Picasso, back to the window, my guy at the time was girl watching, very loud bang and small pieces of glass in my hair and down my front, could not work out why my date thought it was funny. Turned out the florescent light tube above me had exploded!! Took quite a time before I stopped shaking. Further up the road (I think) was a basement market, could get great Indian clothes (long floaty skirts) and incense, Happy Days!!

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LizCrid in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Oh you’ve brought back memories. My parents lived in Chelsea Manor Street for a while (over a Substation) and after a day’s work they would wander off to Picasso’s for an omelette and glass of white wine. My second daughter was born at St Stephen’s before it became part of Chelsea & Westminster. We were 70s residents and experienced the joys of “Punk“ up and down the King Road. Happy days!

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footgo in reply to LizCrid

Hello LizCrid

Yes, the omelettes were great, l used to normally have the Spanish omelette, a really good meal.

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LizCrid in reply to footgo

Simple pleasures ......

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footgo in reply to LizCrid

Hello LizCrid

Very true, as far as l remember there was an Italian restaurant almost opposite the Picasso, I cannot remember the name, they too were amazing, one of the first reasonable Italian restaurants in the Chelsea area. All genuine Italian food and staff.

I once saw Picasso with friends in a French restaurant just off of the Kings Road. A very relaxed and jovial group.

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footgo in reply to SORRELHIPPO


Yes l certainly remember the Picasso restaurant, very good food, never expensive. Friendly atmosphere.

Fortunately I never experienced your frightening time with the IRA bomb, it must have been terrifying.

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footgo in reply to SORRELHIPPO

Sorry I did not finish, finding out that it was a Florescent light tube must have been a relief, still not a pleasant experience.

Sorry l forgot to mention, Mary Quant had her very interesting shop in Kings Road, way ahead of her time, mini skirts etc in the early sixties. Amazing fashions!

Wonderful history.

Another good history lesson. Keep it up. x

Loving these history lessons. I’ve lived in London all my life and never seen many of what you post x

history then, and history now, too. i often go that way, for hospital appointments, and take a wander around to make the most of being in the area. that shot of the kings road would be utterly unheard of pre-covid. usually full-to-bursting with hustle and bustle. looks like i'd be safe to have a wander around now, if only i could find a way to get there!

anyway, thank you. great to see what's going on in the world while i'm not in it.

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