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A beautiful walk today

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I walked around the coast today and couldn't believe how hot it was, no wonder I was finding the hills harder come towards the end of the walk.

Oh and I had to take a photo of my favourite animal.

Also, here's the link to Health Walk as I took more photos.


I hope you've all had a good day.


30 Replies
one2one profile image

I too had a nice walk today, first in a while 😬. Managed a good hour around the village. I’ve been suffering for a few weeks with water retention, from my feet up to mid drift all due to my liver disease. Things a little easier now with new , but temporary medication. To be reviewed this week by my GP.

So just need to hope it continues. 👌chrissie 🤪

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I'm so glad you managed to get out, that's really good when you've been suffering so well done. I hope you stay on the meds as it sounds like they are helping.

Stay safe

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one2one in reply to

I’m hopeful too 🤞🏼X

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Here's thinking of you and keeping everything crossed for you to stay on the meds.

Stay safe :)

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Both sets of pictures lovely and a beautiful horse

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to Craftyperson

Oh horses didn't see the one behind!!! Till jerry said white!!!

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Thank you and horses are beautiful 🐎

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Such graceful animals

in reply to Craftyperson

They really are😊

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I liked your clue of finding your favourite Animal. Found it quickly as soon as I clicked on the link.

in reply to Rosepetal60

Excellent, so glad you found it😊

bobbybobb profile image

The horses are beautiful. xx

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Thank you bobby, I love them. I speak to them every time I walk by. xx🐎

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to

I also speak to the horses in the park close by, where I live. xx

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Ah I'm not the only one then, they are majestic xx

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to

You might laugh at this but when I was young someone told me you great a horse my blowing down your nose, like they do. I don't know if it's an old wives tale. xx

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Well I'm going to have to give that a go, when no-one else is around😉xx

Thank you Jerry. Hills are definitely hardening the heat for sure. It was nice st times to get a little coastal breeze, it was welcomed.

I love horses, such a beautiful animal.

Have a lovely day tomorrow Jerry.😊

Really fabulous crazyfitness. It was the most gorgeous day for a walk wasn't it?

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Thank you, it really was a stunning day 🌼☀️😊

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That looks like a really beautiful walk. The coast is stunning and the horses are beautiful too, I find them so spiritual. I'm managing to drag at least one of my children out for walks each day, but we're only managing around 4-5 miles! Have a lovely Easter 😊🐰

in reply to Leeleepuss

Thank you very much, it was a lovely walk and the weather was stunning and very warm. Horses really are spiritual, think of the Lloyds Bank adverts.

That's not a bad distance and my eldest granddaughter isn't in to walking.

Have a lovely Easter as well.☀️😁

daveh121 profile image

That is perfect. What a great day.

I got in a run, did some garden work. Tomorrow we cut up, split, and stack, a downed tree for firewood.

in reply to daveh121

It was thank you. I made some biscuits in the afternoon for hubby.

I'm pleased you got in a run and was out in the garden, good to be outside.

It'll be good to clear the tree.

Have a good day today.👍😊☀️

Cat33 profile image

Awww bliss x

in reply to Cat33

Thank you Cat👍

bunnycaramel profile image

Very good I manage 14000 a day just at home. I do have a long lounge so walk up and down

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That's really good and my hubby does the same.👍🚶‍♀️

strongmouse profile image

How fortunate you are to be able to go for such a walk. So many people live in towns with no gardens and I feel for them so much with the lovely weather.

We have a beautiful garden and have enjoyed being outside in it, but ventured no further.

One son and his family live right next to the South Downs and in the evening they have been able to go for a family walk when there is no one else about. However he is unable to continue running his business. My other son and his wife are working from home and self-isolating in order to be able to support my daughter-in-law's parents. Her father is very elderly, normally has carers daily and is in the severe risk category.

It reminds me that although the rules seem the same the way it effects us is different depending on our circumstances.

Beautiful photos, and it looks so calm. Perhaps if I close my eyes I can imagine being their. The buzz of insects, the call of birds and the slow shush of the waves on the shore.

Stay well all you people out there - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I know, I really feel for people that live in cities with no gardens and green spaces. My youngest daughter has just a square concrete patch and has two girls of 4 and 8 and my other daughter lives in a shared house but is on her own in her own room. I would so love to have them with me but of course it's not possible. Keeping up with my daily exercise is helping me a lot.

I totally agree with you that it affects us all differently. I feel for your son who has his own business, that is tough. I can see how proud you must be of your sons.

Thank you. The birds have been sounding lovely, strange but we've not had many in the garden though.

I love the ending to your reply, beautifully said.

Keep well and stay safe.😊🙏

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