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Todays return walk to the Hospital (just for blood tests)

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BazzakReading Rabbits
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Top two/ Saint Luke's Church Chelsea, opened in 1824, Charles Dickens married Catherine Hogarth ( the mother of his 10 chidren) here two day before he published the Pickwick Papers. Also one of the organists, Sir John Goss was the person that wrote the hymn Praise My Soul the King of Heavon.

3/ Chelsea town Hall, famous people married here include, Judy Garland ( she died 2 months later) , Richard Burton, Hugh Grant and many more

4/ Now I saw this noodle bar in Kings Road and thought, they really should change the name. However, in Vietnamese, Phat Phuc is Happy Buddha!.

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Wow! That's really wonderful information. Thank you for sharing the pictures and information with us. Was it about to rain in the first picture? The clouds look a little darker than normal.

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to Activity2004

It hasn't rained yet, and is a bit humid. X

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Activity2004 in reply to Bazzak

We had some rain here since last night into this morning. We also had a thunderstorm to go with the rain last night.:-)

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Lovely buildings. I have to admit that last picture made me laugh out loud!!

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Phuket!! Xxx

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to leo60

There you go I should have realized!!, instead I thought, you can't call a restaurant that !!😁😁xx

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I would eat anywhere called the happy Buddha!! Xx

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BazzakReading Rabbits in reply to leo60

What about the Phat Phuc ! ?? Xx

( do you speak Vietnamese? 🤔😘x)

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I wouldn’t let it put me off 😘 xx love Vietnam food 😋 xx

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BazzakReading Rabbits

Well if you are ever shopping in Kings Road, I will buy you lunch 🍿🍗 hang on that's KFC doh xx👍xx

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Little pieces of history are so intriguing and some of these buildings are just amazing.


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BazzakReading Rabbits

I have only just realized, that I have been walking past these buildings for ages without knowing their amazing history. See you are never too old to learn. 🙂x

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All really interesting, thanks for sharing with us. 😊👍

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Thank you Barry, three more very interesting places that you have visited.

With the photographs.

I am learning so much on your general knowledge tour around London, how could anyone write a book(s) on London, there is so much to learn about just the centre of London.


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Thanks for sharing..lovely way to start my all the interesting facts too


Hello there, Lovely photographs, but I am afraid that Charles Dickens made a mockery of morals. He may have married Catherine Hogarth at St Luke's Church, Chelsea. But as a father, and a husband, he certainly had no morals. Catherine's sister came to live with them, and he had a long affair with her. Catherine knew about this, but was kept in a permanent state of pregnancy. As time passed by, he turned his wife out of her home with just their eldest son, and she was never allowed to see her other children again. A fine example of a well know Victorian moralist! I used to pass by Tavistock House where Dickens wrote some of his novels, as that was on my way to visit my daughter in the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases. Tavistock House is in the borough of Camden.

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Always thought I’d get off at all the tube stations one day with a good guide book to hand x

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Thank you for these beautiful pictures. I have an affinity for the old architectural houses of worship. Amen

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