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Just a very short walk for me today

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My eldest daughter came out to see us today to go for a walk with me. We kept our distance but it's easier with her as she doesn't have any children. It's quite good actually as you can still have company but still be apart.

So no powerwalking for me today, that felt strange.

Hope you like the photos from my local woods.

Hope you've all had a good day so far.


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How lovely to have a walk with your daughter today. I found out my daughter baked a cake but she didn't have anything to decorate it with. It looked a good color though. xx

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The local woods are lovely.

Ooh lovely, I do enjoy baking. I bet it'll taste good, you dont always need to decorate. I remember making Victoria sandwhich cakes with just icing or caster sprinkled on the top.

Have a lovely evening. xx👍🌞

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You have a lovely evening also. xx

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Thank you xx

Thank you Jerry. We are taking it very seriously and our daughter not quite so. We kept away but she was opening the gates and didn't her hands unfortunately, I think she thought it strange I opened gates with a stick which I will continue to do so.

I feel much safer doing what I'm doing.

Anyway, the local woods are beautiful and the bluebells are coming out lovely now.

Have a good evening as well.


Hi Zoonie

Yes you are right, walking leisurely is good for chatting and mulling things over. I agree with you, if I walk for fitness then I do it on my own which is better.

Yes you can still see people at a distance, I saw a friend last week as I dropped some GF flour off to her, she's a coeliac, and we chatted for ages from a distance.

Lovely photos once again Alicia, and it must have been good to have some company on your walk, even if it was a bit odd not to be power walking.

My day's been good but quiet, but I too got in a short walk this morning, quite early while the street outside was completely quiet. It's actually quite extraordinary how much wildlife there is even in the middle of a city.

Hope you enjoy your evening!

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Thank you and I dont think I'll run out of photos😉

It was strange but I'm the only one that can powerwalk as I've been doing it for so long.

You are right, there's plenty of wildlife in the city and without the traffic you can hear it, so lovely.

Hope you had a lovely day yesterday.🌈😊

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Thank You, beautiful, glorious Britain, I miss it even after 50 years of living in the USA. I miss Calif. also after living there 42 years, I could get to Yosemite in just over an hour......Sprinkle 1......with love and hugs.......

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Britain is beautiful, you dont realise how much until you start exploring. Yosemite isn't too far from you, an hour isn't far.

Take care and stay safe🌈😊

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Oh yes I knew how beautiful England is, we spent a lot of time out in the open, gong for drives, hiking and camping. Yosemite is in Calif. it is a National Park, and all National Parks have been closed due to the virus. I live 3 miles from the beach here in SC, the beaches have been closed til the virus leaves us!!! But I can enjoy your photos and all my lovely memory's....Sending good health to you, and keep on walking......love n hugs.....Sprinkle 1......

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It really is, I love it.

I'm so sorry all your national parks and beaches have been closed. The car park to my local beach is closed but locals can still go on the beach. Each time I've walked the coastal path the beach has been nearly empty.

Stay safe.

Hugs x

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