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Vision Board (of sorts)

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I don't have a lot of collage supplies, so I thought I'd use a "word cloud" generator for a vision board, where you collect ideas, things you'd like to have or create, as an inspiration to guide the little steps you might take to create something better. They work better with actual pictures, but words will do. Don't worry about "understanding it" - I'm just trying to capture some of the ideas that swirl around and don't get acted on. It's surprising how helpful it is as a tool, and you can make them for free - update them and all - online.

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It’s great and reflects the image I have of your area.

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I use vision boards and cut out words and pictures from magazines or postcard but I also love this idea! Because you can update it as much as you like. Fabulous. I love yours, it gives me a real sense of your life and where you are living. I’m from london UK - very different scenes of life. 😘❤️🌸🌈🙏🏽🌵🌱☘️

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so cool - I love collaging a board as it works even better. But in the absence of materials I did this. How do you use your vision boards?

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I have a A4 size board in landscape on my bedroom wall and I pin cards and words I’ve collected from newspaper or magazines and group them together- I use the vision board for mental freedom and encouragement so maybe it’s a picture of a person facing the sky with arms outstretched and to be this may mean “ freedom” or “I’m released from pain” and I write those Words on it and pin it to board. Does that make sense and is this what you mean? Xx

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Yes, exactly! That sounds so cool!

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I love creative thinking in any form. GREAT STUFF,


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An excellent tool Wallowa, and a piece of art in its own right! I'm going to follow your lead as it's a really good way to jot ideas down for inspiration later!

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super! would love to know what you come up with :)

Love this idea!

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