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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Tuesday 30th June 2020

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Hi everyone,

Today's my third and last quotation on the subject of our pets. Or, in the case of this particular animal, maybe 'companion animal' is a better description, as they have very special relations and a partnership with humankind. The horse. I know we have several members who have horses and even more who don't but still love them.

Man has had such a long and special relationship with the horse. I'm thinking of those cave paintings, as pictured above, which occur at sites in Spain and France, which are over 2000 years old.

They have taken us and our belongings from place to place, helped us to farm, taken armies into battle and even made an awful lot of money for some humans!

We haven't always treated them fairly but most of them remain faithful and true to us and they deserve nothing but kindness and love. So here's my quotation in praise of horses.

"If you have gained the trust of a horse, you have gained a friend for life".

Finally I'd just like to say a big 'thank you' to all our pets. All creatures great and small. They enhance our lives so much. So whether your particular friend is a horse, a guinea pig or a pet mouse, let's give thanks for them all today! πŸ™

Hope all humans and all their pets have a good day today!

Picture: Cave painting of horses from Chauvet cave in France.

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I agree with Jerry, hands up for pet power. I love the picture, I often think, the artist who did it, what would have been going through their mind and was it a man or woman who did the work. What was life like for them then and did they think thousands of years later we would be looking at their work. Incredible. 😊🌼

I used to love riding as a girl and love horses still even though I no longer ride. I would love a dog too as had one growing up but need to be well enough to look after one. Pets add such joy to our lives.

Thank you.

Karen x

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Callendersgal in reply to klr31

It is a shame when we have to give up pet ownership through age or illness, isn't it Karen? I'm really aware that Kasar will probably have to be my last pet and that's probably one reason why I cherish him so much. 😊

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klr31 in reply to Callendersgal

We do hope to have a small dog one day soon. We need one that is just happy to be with us and which doesn't need much walking.

Yes, cherish your pet, they are so special.


I hope kasar has quit with the bad tempered meows over the heat as baby has as its cooler here now!

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Callendersgal in reply to

Hi's much better now thanks catgirl1976! Glad to hear that Baby is too. It was extra uncomfortable for animals in that heat. Kasar deigned to sit upon me in bed this morning. Of course I felt suitably honoured and didn't dare to as much as breathe until he moved! πŸ™„

Always had a dog. House would feel empty without one.

Horses are noble creatures I think.

Never been brave enough to ride one 😁

God bless all animals.

Oh what a very true quote Callendersgal. As you know I absolutely love horses, they are magical and there is one advert on the TV I'm really fond of and that's the Lloyds Bank advert, they always use horses in their adverts. They are such loving creatures, I even got to stroke one last week whilst taking a photo, it was so lovely. I was invited to pop up to a local stable a few months back but then the virus hit so I've yet to do that.

Hope you've had a good day.

Alicia xx

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Callendersgal in reply to

Hi Alicia, I too adore that ad. (I even go onto YouTube to watch the whole thing as it first appeared.) The tune too is so haunting and the sentiment lovely (even if this is an ad for a bank!!). Bit under the weather yesterday, but fighting fit again today! Hope you have a great day today.πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸ”†πŸ‘

in reply to Callendersgal

I don't think yesterday was very nice for a lot of people myself.

I stayed in and concentrated on future learn and took things easy after all that on Monday with that interview that never happened and I feel now it not happening was a blessing in disguise now time has passed by but it was upsetting on Monday though making all that effort only to have had it result in nothing but thinking about it no it wasn't nothing as I know now not to go to that employer again.

Sadly things like delays can happen and on Monday that was beyond my control but like you said their attitude when I rang them to explain and apologise showed me what they would have been like to work for so it was a lucky escape really.

in reply to Callendersgal

It really is a lovely ad and so calming. Now I've never thought of watching it on YouTube, what a very good idea. The tune is very haunting and one that goes round in my head a lot, you honestly wouldn't think it was an ad for a bank but very clever, I remember the one where the horses were riding the waves, I loved that one as well. I'm so sorry you were under the weather yesterday but really glad to hear that you are fishing fit again today, brilliant. I have thank you, I've been out on my bike and taken some photos of .... you needn't guess what ha ha :) xx

Thank you for this lovely post and picture.I love horses but sadly am very allergic to them.

Oh Callendersgal THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I am a devoted equestrian.

I am a lifelong equestrienne, but have been unable to persuade a friend to ride. He says that horses are dangerous at both ends and unsafe in the middle !


I love that notion Sierrastar! 🀣🀣

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