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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Wednesday 1st July 2020

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Hi everyone,

I was thinking this morning about the incredible amount of contradictory information I've read about covid19. It's so hard to know what sources to trust. Everyone has conflicting views, even so called 'experts'. It doesn't help at all as we try to emerge from lockdown as safely as we can.

Here's what Julia Koller said about the information we take in.

"Information is only as reliable as the people who are receiving it. If readers do not change or improve their ability to seek out and identify reliable information sources, the information environment will not improve."

I think it's probably a good idea to sift through all the information we're given, and to really think about its source and reliability.

Take care everyone, and have a good Wednesday.

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I go on the official websites for information like the government one and nhs direct are good as well and take the unofficial ones like social media with a grain of salt!

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Wise I think catgirl1976! 😊

With social media its like gossip there's always something else added to it!


Mis-information, opinion, guidance... fake news?

Nobody tells us very much because nobody knows very much - but this is gradually changing as data is collected.

Months ago "informed opinion" was all they had - and they had to just assume that Covid -19 was similar to other coronaviruses.

I think the government "knows" that if we do not go mad, the pandemic is effectively dying out in England - but they are deliberately "scare-mongering" to reduce local flare-ups.

¿Who is telling us what and why? They all have agendas - anti-government, anti-WHO, anti-NHS, media hype... Occasionally they fill five minutes of the news with a story about one patient getting discharged from hospital.

Take the Leicester flare-up - has any news source tried to analyse why it occurred in Leicester? One or two have lamely said that much of the population is BAME and live in high-density accommodation (like every other city?).

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Very wise words Callendersgal. It's difficult to know who's talking what sometimes. It's no wonder people are confused. 🤔😊

Know what you mean. Have felt like my head is going to explode at times. Haven't got that much faith in anything the government says anymore.

Cheers callendargirl . apparently vulnerables can go out from 6th not the 4th as I thought I doubt very much Im going to be able to go horseriding now -not now this new wave has broken out in Leicester -even if I have got medical evidence in writing (twice) saying theres no reason why I shouldnt

Mum & dad will soon put a dampner on that when I spring it on them in front of the doctor Im seeing on 7th

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I thought that those of us shielding could go out from the 6th but then our son who is also read on the BBC news that we have to shield until end of July!! Xxxx

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i was told & heard it was 6th - -things keep changing

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I'm going to ask my GP when I speak to her later. Have been reading that Rochdale, Barnsley, Rotherham and a few others are in the top 10 hotspots for covid-19, we could end up in lockdown yet, you might be ok where you are. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Lets hope & pray so

I tend to follow what the nhs say.I dont take any notice of any media these days.

Now that's an excellent one Callendersgal. A good place to start is to use common sense but I tend to go on the Gov.uk site. The media seem to have their own ideas as to what is going on.

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The official sites are the best ones to go on

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Most definitely, couldn't agree more

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