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Quotation for Saturday 18th July 2020

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Good morning all,

Over the past four months, I've posted a quotation every day and this is just to let you know that today will be my last regular one.

When the pandemic started and Positive Wellbeing was repurposed to help us all through isolation, we had no idea which way the community would take us, and initially it was hectically busy as we all faced a brave new world we'd never encountered before. We were really scared, and although we are still somewhat scared and quite rightly very cautious, the atmosphere has changed now. I wanted to post something regularly as a sort of anchor while we got started, but now we have a real sense of community. We have so many regular posters on so many topics, that making a daily contribution now seems a little redundant.

Coupled with that is a danger, that after so many posts, I'll forget what I posted in the past and will start boring you all to bits with repeating myself (and I'm probably already doing that quite a lot.)

I'm not going away. I shall still contribute on a more ad hoc basis whenever topics pop into my head, and that might or might not be quotations.

As my final one, I thought I'd look for quotations about quotations.

So a bit tongue in cheek here's my final regular one from A A Milne, creator of Winne the Pooh:

“[A] quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business." 😊

He's right in one respect, but it's not quite the whole story. There's quite a lot of research for both a fitting theme and sometimes for a picture to accompany it. It does save an awful lot of thinking for oneself to use the words of others, but what a lot of inspiring words we might miss, if we chose our own instead of the words of wiser people than ourselves.

Take care all, and have a lovely Saturday!

Picture Kyle Glenn, Unsplash.com

24 Replies
RoadRunner44 profile image

Well, it's with a certain kind of sadness I read your post this morning. However, I want you to know how much your quotes have meant to me over the past months. They have been thoughtful choices on your part and have filled a real void for me. I have, in fact, recorded many of them to use when I, too, am lost for words.

I can't help smiling at the words of AA Milne which you quote above as there is great truth in those words. However, as you also say, we could easily miss many other inspiring words if we use our own.

So thank you again, Callendersgal, from the bottom of my heart, for taking the time to look out such inspiring words to help and support us all. I shall miss them but wilI look forward to keeping in touch and reading any others you decide to post in the future.

Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy future.

Sent with love and friendship. Xxx

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What a lovely post Roadrunner44, and thank you too for the great appreciation you have shown for my quotations over the past months. Well it's not 'goodbye' just 'auf Wiedersehen and of course we'll keep in touch in other ways in the community. Bless you, and again, thank you! 🙏🌈😊

Sunfloweronline profile image

Thanks so very much!!!!

I’m grateful for all your thought provoking words

This is a quote for me to ponder on! I’m a good girl generally I think, but I can be focused on my own thoughts and try to influence too forcefully 🤔

Bye for now 😊

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Thank you Sunfloweronline for your kind thoughts. I shall be around... can't get rid of me that easily! 😀

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Thank you so much for your inspiring and motivational quotes over the past few months. I'm sure they have kept many of us going as this difficult time has rolled on.

Karen x

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Thank you Karen and thanks for your fantastic support! 🌈🙏💖👍😊

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I am sorry to hear this as I really enjoy reading the quotes you choose for us. It is nice to think for ones self but it is also good to be inspired by other people's words of wisdom, that you rightly say, we may miss. Your quotes have given many, food for thought and made us stop and think about things for a moment. A moment in time to contemplate. So a big thank you. 😊🌻🌸🌼

Thank you Jerry. The quotation you mention was one of my favourite finds! 😊🙏

Thanks bobbybobb, I've thoroughly enjoyed doing this every day, and I'm glad you've enjoyed the quotations too, but I really feel it's run its course now that we have so many other lovely contributors in the community. We all started out tentatively as (mostly) strangers, looking for comfort and now we can truly claim that many of us are firm online friends!

I'm so glad that the fear is lessened now and we are working our way towards a world where we have covid-19 firmly in check! On to a new chapter! 🌈😀🙏

Thank you so much Sue for the quotations that you gave posted, you have contributed so much to the forum and I thank you so much for that.

This is a very good quote and I, like a lot of others probably, may not think before we speak.

I hope you're having a lovely day.

Thank you.

Alicia xx🙏

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Thank you Alicia and for being a part of our team! 👍

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Thank you Sye, so lovely of you to say.

Alicia xx🌈😊🙏

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I have very much enjoyed your posts so would like to thank you for the work you have put in over the months.

I look forward to future posts, with or without quotes.

Have a lovely weekend.


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Thanks so much Ellie! 👍

I have always looked forward to reading your daily quotes and I will miss them They were a gift to us all at just the right time. Thanks Sue. 😇❤️🙏

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Thank you too Elaine! 👍😊

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i like the logo on the rubbish bin

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Yes it seems like good advice Sara_2611😁

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Hi Sue, thank you for your lovely posts I enjoyed reading them and even more glad that you will still be contributing to the site . Clive X

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Thank you so much Clive! 😊🙏

Sops profile image

Thank you. For your quotations and the care taken in choosing.

Take cate, Sopsx

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