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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Wednesday 3rd June 2020

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to share a quotation originally from philosopher George Santayana. It was famously re-quoted in the House of Commons by Winston Churchill in 1948. I expect a lot of you will know it already, but I think it's worth re-quoting one more time.

"Those who fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat them".

I'd say that some of the lessons of history are worth repeating, but there are many which we are doomed to revisit time and time again, because we fail to remember history's events and learn from them.

What do you think we'll have learned from the lesson which this pandemic has sent us?

Have a good day today everyone, and please continue to keep yourselves safe.

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Good morning

The lessons we fail to learn will keep on repeating unless we learn and tackle them head on

In light of the Pandemic Lockdown was initiated quite late in its inception

I remember quite clearly that the herd immunity was the Stage 1 in its approach

The virus was not taken seriously enough

Secondly the argument over PPE , the front line care workers and hospital staff not given the necessarily equipment to protect themselves

Thirdly , contact and trace brought in far too late

Fourthly, Dominic Cummings has highlighted the power and privilege of those in power do their utmost best to protect their own self interest

Many lessons of not taking strategic pro active action , also party politics of self interest and self preservation govern the heat of the upper echelons of Government

Well said Roukaya!

I meant

Govern the heart of Government

Not heat

I hope what I said had highlighted the issues to be prevalent in today’s Government management or mismanagement of the Pandemic

in reply to Roukaya

Very well said

Man will just carrying on doing until he wakes up. In a sense the same thing.

We need idealists Jerry, to temper realists! Have a good day too 🙏😊🌈👍

I think we have learnt how valuable some of the lowest paid workers in this country are. It’s not long ago the government were calling these people low skilled and yet it is the care home workers who have put their own lives at risk as have the cleaners and porters in our hospitals. We have learnt how much we appreciate supermarket workers, bus drivers etc who have also put their lives on the line. All this on top of the nurses and doctors that we have come to appreciate that bit more. The list goes on teachers, bin men and all those that have carried on working.

I remember my grandfather saying something on these lines. I believe many of us believe this particularly at this time. Another quotation for my book. Thanks.


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I hope we have leaned how insignificant we are and how the balance of life is such a delicate thread. I hope we have learned that every second of the lives we lead is ever so special and every breath we take, to live it like it was our last. .😊🌼

Hi Callendersgal

I'm hoping that the lessons we learn from this will be to shut down all travel as soon as there's any sign of a pandemic as I feel that if air travel had been stopped back in January when we knew this was happening then we would have had a lot less cases and death and also been in a much better position now. For instance, look at New Zealand, their Prime Minister stopped all travel early on and they hardly had any cases and they are not letting anyone into their country until all this has settled down and no longer considered such a risk, we could have done that.

I think we've been too soft of people floating the rules, particularly where beaches and travel are concerned, we need to be proactive not reactive.

We also need to look at what is happening to the environment, it's not being taken seriously enough, too much of a consumer society, we need to go back to basics.

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