Quotation for Wednesday 8th April 2020 - Positive Wellbein...

Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Wednesday 8th April 2020

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Good morning everyone,

Today I'm returning to my dear old Karma Bear for some inspiration. (For those who don't know of him, he's the subject of a little book I've owned for years with some positive thoughts on how to get through life).

He says, "The greatest good you can do for others is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to them their own"

Praise! It's so important isn't it? It can instantly lift us to hear how well we've done, even in simple things. We give praise to children all the time. But often we take for granted the small things that are done for us by adults. It can make such a difference to someone's day, if we remember!

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9 Replies

Karma Bear is Wise... and Adorable. Granni B

Glad to be back but unfortunately l am not so well... surgery was postponed because of the virus. Plus yesterday l fell backwards again... a bit sore but nothing broken Thank God.

Jerry I am still enjoying your wonderful photos with my morning coffee... Granni B

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I like this quote. If we can empower people to be all they can be, they then have choice I think, to make good decisions. ☺☺

That put a smile on my face the moment I saw it, I love the Karma Bear.

Praise is very good, I was put down in my life by my siblings and my boss so I ensure, when I remember, that I praise others.

Praise to you Hidden for putting a big smile on my face and also for your inspirational posts.

Have a lovely afternoon.

Alicia x

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Glad to make you smile Alicia! Enjoy your afternoon too! 🌸

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It really did, thank you. :)

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Love Karma Bear! You are so right.

Thank you for sharing and being so wonderful.

Stay safe, keep well and be strong.

Remember and be kind to yourself.

Thank you for those kind words Fibroska, and I'm so pleased you love Karma Bear. He's a bit like a real teddy bear to me. A go-to when I need a little bit of guidance on life.

I hope you too are continuing to stay safe and keeping strong. Very best wishes and let's all be kind to ourselves too! 🦋🌸

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