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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Through Lock Down we learn to appreciate what matters the most

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I am always grateful for the support I have received on this on line site

It is almost a month to the day that U.K. went into Lock Down and for those who live alone it has been a double blow

Through isolation and low self confidence with episodes of anxiety I have now realised what genuinely matters the most

To have appreciation we are still standing and the ability to move beyond our present circumstances

I used to be very disappointed that I kept failing a Diploma by a few marks but beginning to understand Psychologically given a series of personal responsibilities and set backs I was not in the right frame of mind

It is important to know ourselves and to be kind and gentle to ourselves especially in demanding or challenging time’s

The ability to accept failure and set backs and the insight and determination to persevere with the vital lessons learned

I believe the seeds of succeed come from learning from failure and to grow another seed with greater foundation of knowledge and maturity

15 Replies
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I should have said almost three months to the day we have been in Lock Down

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Honey, you are so strong. I have my amazing family to support me. I cannot imagine where I'd be without them.

Stay strong 🥰🌈xxx

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Me too. I have got a great support network of family and friends and if course everyone on here too. Thank you to everyone. Lots of love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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Roukaya in reply to mattymoo33

I have faith in my Religion in Allah and faith in life

There are many like me who through life’s circumstances find themselves alone

Often through no choice of theirs or a deliberate choice as a protective mechanism

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After a short but abusive marriage, I was single for a long time. I thought that was by choice. I was quite happy on my own. But it turned out, that I just hadn’t met the right person. I met my, now, husband. After seeing him for a long time we got married, ( I used to say I would marry him tomorrow, but I would never live with him.) and yes we did move in together. Best decision I ever made.

We have been married for 25 years now. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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leo60 in reply to Troilus

That's lovely xxx

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Roukaya in reply to Troilus

Thank you for reply

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I live alone also and I have loved it! But I am lucky in that my daughter is shielding my granddaughter and the lady she cares for who has a form of Parkinsons. I cannot begin to think how awful it has been for others, my heart goes out...…. Roukaya, when I got to my dad's yesterday, I sat in my car for a few moments and thought of you talking to your father, I hope it helped you find a little peace xx

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Roukaya in reply to leo60

Good morning

I hope you are well

I hope you had a nice time with your Father

As I mentioned my Father died two years ago but I did stand outside the Mosque which did his final prayers

I am sure he saw this as he visited me in a dream the next day

I am beginning to realise that our loved ones may leave us physically on Earth but they are always around us

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This is very positive. When we have some insight and know that things are not perfect all the time, we can stop blaming ourselves for not being perfect. No one is perfect. Where we gain perfection is acknowledging that perfection does not exist in most circumstances and we work at things and make our lives better and more comfortable. Everything you say in your post is right. 🌼😊

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Good morning

I hope you are well

I beginning to realise how much last week was mentally exhausting .

Learning to be understanding of ourselves and to work and persevere with life and its challenges the best way we can

I thank you for your understanding

I wish you a good day

You've managed so well Roukaya, and the lovely thing is that when you've sought advice from any of us here, you've always tried to take it, even through the very darkest times. You definitely have found reserves of strength and determination and I wish you all the very best with getting your Diploma this time around. 👍🙏

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Good morning

I hope you are well

Thank you for your kind words

I find this site to be of great support especially for those who are alone and thank you for listening

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Am sure that should you wish to retake your diploma you would be successful because you have changed your mindset.

If you fear something you invariably attract that fear ,same as if you want success in something work hard and believe you can achieve it you will.

You are an amazing unique individual who has come so far -best of luck in everything you choose to accomplish.

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Roukaya in reply to ninelives


Your words are very kind

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