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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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The intrusion of Social Media during Lock Down

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We are all trying to observe self isolation within the restrictions of Lock Down but given the global impact of Covid 19, I am becoming increasingly irritated as to how the rich and famous celebrities show to the world how effortless self isolation is for those who live in grand houses and a sprawling country garden

I find such media coverage to be insensitive to the plight of the thousands who are struggling to cope with the negative impact of the pandemic

I wonder what anyone thinks !

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I agree with you my lovely, they are dispicable..... the actor Ricky Gervaise has shown his disgust at the celebrities moaning! 🤨

I guess I don't follow such people. Not aware of any of it. I spend a lot of time on FB and most of what I see is social issues of many kinds, interesting stuff like the sacred trees of England as one example, and friends posting either funny things, or their own reflections on the current situation. Same on Twitter, although I only drop into Twitter briefly to see if my family has posted anything,

If you don't like something, stop following those individuals/celebrities. I suppose you can even block them if you want? I agree that the musings of the super rich are usually never helpful to us average mortals!

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Veteran250 in reply to HeronNS

Its not a case of following the celebrities Heron...... its been in the television news programmes, and we do get funnies and music posted here!

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HeronNS in reply to Veteran250

For tv news I watch only the CBC in Canada, and it's mostly wall to wall coverage of covid with a few mentions of the USA situation, updates on Europe and the UK. But no celebrities bragging or offering impossible suggestions. Maybe if I watched any other channels (for news) I would see what you do? My husband watches CNN from the US, and it's the same thing. All very serious.

We get one paper a week, on Saturday, no sensationalism.

Because we mostly stay home and a trip to the supermarket is as fast and infrequent as possible, I have not seen the covers of any of the sensational rags.

I used to follow HU much more closely but my main community decided it didn't like me, so I left. Just drop in here from time to time, had to stop notifications, too overwhelming!

I agree Roukaya , unfortunately you can’t get away from it, I’m not on Facebook , Twitter, etc but you only have to look at the daily papers and they are splashed all over it, dressed to kill and showing off, instead of doing something useful for charity like the wonderful Tom ? Who at 99years of age has raised nearly £7 million for the NHS

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Roukaya in reply to

I think this is a time when those with power and influence and gather collectively snd make a pivotal difference

I think the incredible war veteran Tom should be mentioned in the New Years honours list , he is also a hero

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G1llHa1n in reply to Roukaya

Yes. Captain Tom they're calling him. Last I heard he had raised over £8 million and is amazed at what has happened. He started out to do his little bit for the NHS and hoped to raise £1000.

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HeronNS in reply to

Is this the amazing veteran with a walker? He made Canadian tv main news. 💗

Couldn't agree more Roukaya. Bad enough for those of us with gardens, but it must be sickening for flat dwellers seeing the likes of Boris Johnson and HRH Charles isolating in such luxury, amidst acres of green space.

I though the Queen's broadcast on what a difficult time it is for 'us all' was utterly lacking in human warmth or facial expression ; completely out of touch and perhaps better left unsaid. 🤔

in reply to cat3

I actually think Boris Johnson deserves his recuperation in Chequers? He carried on working far longer than he should have running the country when he was clearly unwell but wouldn’t give in which resulted I. Him ending up in intensive care, I hope he gets fully fit soon so he can carry on , get well soon Boris.

These so called pampered “stars “on the other hand are an entirely different matter

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G1llHa1n in reply to

Chequers is not his own - it the official country residence for whoever is prime minster during their term of office.

in reply to G1llHa1n

Exactly 👍

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cat3 in reply to G1llHa1n

I'm perfectly aware of the status of Chequers and I'm happy he's recovering.

My point was the massive divide between people from privileged backgrounds or 'Nouveaux Riche' celebrities recuperating in style and 'fighting the good fight' whilst countless others are isolated, ill, or have fought and died unnoticed through neglect.

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G1llHa1n in reply to cat3

Yes. I have no trouble agreeing with that view.

At least some of them are getting into fundraising and putting on gigs, etc for NHS workers when that becomes possible. Some of them will have more than one motive for doing these things, but at least the good is still there.

in reply to G1llHa1n

Yes there are lots putting on concerts for the NHS , at least they are doing their bit 👍

in reply to cat3

That’s always been the way I’m afraid, there’s always been the have and have nots it’s the way of the world, look at the slums in Indian for example, when just up the road they have 5star luxurious hotels

I have never had time for any of them, I don't idolise or look up to them at all. I find it odd that so many people look up to them.

They are only seeking attention when they put their photos online for us all to look at.

They don't live in the same world as the rest of us.

Yes, Sir Tom indeed👍😃

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Veteran250 in reply to

Why wait until New Year for Tom..... he surely deserves it now, in the Queens Birthday Honour list, in June!🏅

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Roukaya in reply to Veteran250

I forgot the June Birthday honours list

in reply to Veteran250

Yes of course 👍

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G1llHa1n in reply to Veteran250

Now up to £13 million - as at Thursday lunchtime - and he is saying he will keep walking as long as people keep donating.

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Roukaya in reply to

I think such unsung heroes should be given the recognition they clearly deserve

He is a very touching gentleman, a true 🦸‍♀️

Good morning Roukaya yes your Right about Captain Tom. He has certainly put me to shame by what he is doing for the NHS and I take my hat of to the Gentleman I am sure a lot of people have been put to shame by his kind actions. We don't have to do anything like he is doing. But to show kindness to other people worse off than ourselves and even just saying a Good morning to a stranger on the streets you the only person who has taken the time to just say them words which might mean a lot to them. We can all do our Bit by staying in at home and being safe and protecting the NHS

That's is more useful than going out during the coronavisus outbreak on trips to the sea side. Take care of yourselves and stay safe always Peter

When social media upsets me I log off and walk out of the room!

Yes it isn't very sensitive is it showing off!

I totally agree, they should come and live in the real world with us, maybe work in a Care home or hospital on a voluntary basis to see what life can be like for patients/residents and carers, with regard to the Honours yes definitely a knighthood for Tom, but I would like at least one Dr one Nurse from every hospital in the country to be recognised, carers to be recognised, no celebs to be honoured

in reply to Jennymary

Hear hear. 🤗

Very valid point

What is the point of being a celebrity if you cannot use your power and influence to raise funds and awareness for this killer bug

It is so wrong in my view

It is things like this that make me sad

Again to perpetuate the social and wealth divide

Totally agree with you as there aren't many people afforded the luxury of acres and acres of land and big sprawling houses. My daughter has just got a square courtyard, she has 2 children and one is immunocompromised, she has Juvenile idiopathic Arthritis. My other daughter lives in a shared house and only has her room fortunately she's a key worker and is working many hours.

Media coverage on the pandemic has a lot to answer for as do the people ie Laura Kunsberg, not sure how to spell her name, asking to Government uncalled for questions.

I live in a small flat but I am on my own so I do not feel so bad

I could potentially have a better home if I could requalify back again

Even if I had a beautiful home in the country which is a dream of so many , I would never publicise what I have

I was told the owner of IKea, one of the richest men in the world would drive in his old Volvo and still use coupons

How much I respect the secret millionaires who do not parade their wealth

Hi! I don’t have a Facebook account. My friends all gripe about what people post!!

I guess I’m just private about my life. I grew up when there was no social media.

I've not seen any coverage of the kind you describe, Roukaya...

Maybe I've missed it - or perhaps we don't share the same media sources? To which sources were you referring, specifically? I'll go take a look...

I tend to confine myself (radio-wise) to LBC (pretty much all day, every day!), (television-wise) to the BBC and (in terms of other media) to The Guardian and/or The Times: I've not noticed anything there, and I tend to consume the news 24x7

(addicted? moi? :))

I had a Facebook account, late in life, but got fed up with people arguing with me in the middle being used in a tug of war to take sides with “virtual friends” so I deleted my Facebook accountj

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Roukaya in reply to Veteran250

I do not subscribe to Facebook

It is not or me

Facebook is so weird. All I look at on there are posts about dogs and cancer.

The coverage is on the internet and everywhere.

I should learn to turn a blind eye to such exposure.

Thus is clearly deviating from the prime source of concern

Riiiiiiiiight... but where exactly online? I still don't see it!!! (probably a good thing)

I seem to see images of social media when I use my computer.

I do not know how this comes through but it does alongside the news

That's unfortunate for you... I'll have to take a closer look. I still can't see anything of the sort

in reply to Roukaya

If you see distasteful headlines you need to just pass it by that way you won't see anything that frustrates or upsets you just don't get drawn into it! Take care xx

in reply to TheDrivenSnow

Unfortunately it’s all over the tv and papers, no need for Facebook or twitter

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I agree Roukaya. They don't really understand the word humility. They want to flaunt their worldly goods to their friends because they think it is what makes them important. The fact that they are ignorant of the plight of other people, I feel quite sorry for them because it shows a lack of deep emotion and empathy and there is something not quite whole about that I think. Of course there are many rich people who do understand the word humility and they are truly rich in more than one way. xx

In this crucial time I think it is bad taste and insensitive to show worldly wealth

I expect the reason why this is touching a raw nerve with me is because of my upbringing and also I was in charge of managing my Father’s Property business and had I not acted in time we could have lost everything

It is a lesson I will never forget and also a lesson of humility

To appreciate what we have given our struggles to have what we have

Social media = negativity stay of it. If you’re weak minded, then you’re done for. Life’s like this and that. Nah, you make your own way, be strong, stay well and listen to no fool you don’t know. HulkM

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MidoriVisually impaired

I completely agree!

Cheers, Midori

Hi Roukaya,

Sorry, it’s been a couple of days since we have communicated. I hope you are well. Tomorrow is Ramadan isn’t it ?

With regards to the rich and famous, I am pretty oblivious as to what they get up to. It’s sad when one dies or it’s brilliant when one does some great work.

I ignore or block a lot of ‘junk’ from my life. Stars generally only have one role in my life and I choose that time and date when they ‘entertain’ me. So, yes, Angelina Jolie is allowed to play on my TV at 3 pm for a couple of hours. oh and you do some great humanitarian work.

Just because they have huge homes with gardens or live on a beach front doesn’t mean that it’s easier for them - it’s different. Stars can be more prone to addictions, higher divorce rates/relationship break downs. They may have anxiety and/or depression.

Just a thought, do you think that they could possibly have a public relations manager ‘telling’ them what image they should portray, make up, hairstyle, clothes, accessories ???

Anyway, Believe it or not, we can ask our minds, very lovingly, can we please not get so caught up and not to take things so personally. It takes practice, as our minds as so used to wanting to interpret. But when you are able to do so, there’s a creating awareness of new found space - and that space is for ourselves. Our health and our healing. 😉

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Roukaya in reply to Narwhal10

Thank you for your reply

I hope you are safe and well

For Muslims, Ramadan will begin tomorrow which is a time for spiritual reflection and renewal and it is an obligation for us to give zakaat which is 2. 5 per cent of our wealth to those who are experiencing great suffering in terms of hunger and poverty.

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