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Anyone got anything positive for after lock down?

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Anyone got anything positive for after lock down? I am looking forward to meeting friends in cafes when we can . Just enjoying the small things .

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Whenever I think of life after lockdown, Mia898, I must admit that that's one of the things I dream of doing. Let's look towards the days when this is far behind us and we can do that with little or no fear of coronavirus!

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I think of our big Friday morning coffee group - in a large cafe - but socially distanced the whole place would need all the tables spread out and we'd need loud hailers to have conversations so it looks to be a good while yet🙄 and think of the noise - we were bad enough as we were😃

We have a motorhome and already booked a couple of sites in September 👍

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That`s amazing we are also going away . Small campsites is us not going on big ones. Enjoy your holiday in September I hope you have lovely weather and a fabulous time

It's good to have something to look forward to. However, realistically, as a person at risk, I'm looking forward to creating new ways to have a vibrant life rather than hoping to recreate old ones. I won't be safe til there are good, solid treatments in place including but not limited to vaccines. Realistically that's not likely for 1-2 years, so I'm not going to look backward, I'm going to look forward to how to live well and connectedly NOW.

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I'm looking forward to going back to work, but it's filled with trepidation because I work in a, leisure centre and I'm not sure how they're going to work out social distancing, and although it's way too early to think about it there were redundancies within the group before lockdown and I fear there'll be more to come

I’m looking forward to be able to go away for long weekends but don’t think we’ll be going this year as I’d rather wait and ,make are sure it’s safe , we are supposed To be going in September but I don’t think it’ll be safe by then to travel anywhere

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Meeting family, my youngest Grandson, almost 2, is growing so fast x

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I'm looking forward to going out to nice little cafes for lunch with my hubby. Also dreaming of that first time of getting into a swimming pool and having a leisurely swim /float. So relaxing...

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It has to be a trip to see the sea! If we can't go away because of shielding then we can go for a long drive and take a picnic that we can eat in the car before our return journey.

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Lunch with my best friend.Taking my 93 yr old neighbour to her weekly coffee morning and meeting up with all our friends.A trip to the seaside. And-A HAIRCUT✂☺

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for the future i just dont know, as i do not go out a lot the lockdown has not been to hard for me, i do think i would like to see people being back to normal and more people about, the only thing we used to do was have a takeaway coffee siting in the car and watch life go on its merry way, sometimes we go out for a drive but not to far, children missing school is very sad as education is the best for them all, i am not planning anything until the virus has gone and then see what the future holds

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Lol involuntary celibacy that's what I got LOL

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