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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Monday 25th May 2020

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Good morning all,

First of all I wish everyone in UK a pleasant Spring Bank Holiday and Memorial Day in US.

My choice of quotation today has come through a bird. A noisy, squawking magpie which suddenly rose up from the tree outside my apartment window and flew off complaining loudly about something of no consequence. My goodness they are quarrelling birds. We have lots in our neighbourhood and they compete with the gulls only to be the loudest. It interrupted some lovely birdsong I'd been listening to in the background.

Some people are like gulls and magpies. Never happier than when complaining loudly, often about nothing much.

So today I've chosen no other than Plato for my quotation, and I'm sure everyone will already know a version of the first few words of it. It's heard all over the place.

"An empty vessel makes the loudest sound, so they that have the least wit are the greatest babblers."

For a quotation to be so well known, and be used for so long, I think there may definitely be at least a grain of truth in it!

Enjoy your day!

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How funny Jerry. They are very presumptuous birds, aren't they? I remember waking up once as a child to find one had got into my room through an open window and was helping itself to a glittering Woolworth brooch from the dish I kept it in. And having been brought up with the old country superstition that you must greet a lone magpie, I cannot stop myself from still doing it. 🙄

Flippin magpies!We gave our neighbours' little girl some frogspawn from our pond to try and hatch it out.She was delighted when the tadpoles started to grow legs.And then they all disappeared-a magpie ate them all!

Talking of raucous birds the young starlings have just arrived this morning!

Oh yes, another noisy bird. But I have to forgive them whenever I see a starling murmuration. So fascinating and beautiful!

I must admit Im quite fond of them. They're such characters-I love the way they spend more time squabbling about food than actually eating it😊

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I think there must be a grain of truth in it because it is so widely used. Magpies don't have a pretty song that's for sure sounds, more like a drill. I hope you have a wonderful bank holiday Monday. 🌸🌷


A very good one Callendersgal, it's so very true. Some people are just getting on with things but others are constantly moaning about everything. Ok, I had a moan this morning as I was stood in a queue at B&Q which was absolutely fine, I was talking to the man in front and we had a good natter. I got in the store and there was plenty of space. I got to where I wanted to be and they didn't have what I wanted. We checked online beforehand and they had what I wanted in stock so people must have been sticking up, believe it or not it was cold tarmac.

I went to leave the shop and the only way I could leave was to queue at a till with nothing to purchase. I asked about 3 assistants how to get out and they said I'd have to queue and weren't helpful at all. Finally I found another assistant who said I could leave by the trade exit, thank goodness with someone with common sense. I won't be going back as the other assistants were quite rude.

Well that's my moan of the day, other than that things are good.

Have a lovely evening in this glorious weather.

Alicia 🌈😊🌈

oh yes -very wise words indeed

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