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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Monday 1st June 2020

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Good morning everyone,

When I woke this morning, it was to the unmistakable and beautiful song of the blackbird. Generally I'm no good at identifying birdsong, but I recognise the song of the blackbird, and it is, in my opinion, one of the loveliest and most haunting to be heard in UK.

Its song brought instant peace to my heart and all I wanted to do was to sit and listen and I was able to blot out the background noise of all the traffic and other sounds that that are the backdrop of my location.

How could I not then, dedicate my quotation today to the beauty of nature and birdsong.

Here's a quotation from Alison Croggon, which I suspect must come from one of her books.

"At these times, the things that troubled her seemed far away and unimportant. All that mattered was the hum of the bees and the chirp of birdsong, the way the sun gleamed on the edge of a blue wildflower, the distant bleat and clink of grazing goats."

All or any of those things mentioned are the beauty of summer. I think we have to try extra hard at this time to make sure we hear and see them all.

Please have a good week everyone.

Picture Mabel Amber Pixabay.com

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Hi Callendersgal, what a lovely photo of the Blackbird and most definitely my favourite bird song, so pretty and so calming to listen to. I'm not very good at recognising birdsong but one other bird I do recognise is the Stonechat, it's this one:


I love the quote and listening to bird song can take all of the worries and troubles away.

Take care, stay safe and have a lovely day.

Alicia :)

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Hi Alicia, I think I'll be able to remember the stonechat's call now. It's very distinctive! Some years ago when living in the Caribbean I just had to buy a CD of UK birdsong (not so much online then), because most Caribbean birds are actually a bit raucous. I remember my sister visiting and asking why she could hear the sound of someone sucking through their teeth every morning outside her window. It turned out to be the 'Yellow bird' (of the banana tree song fame), actually sitting in the lime tree! 😊

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I agree, it's very distinctive and that's why I never forget it.

You might not of heard the beautiful British bird song but I bet it was a lovely place to live, apart from any hurricanes, I hope you didn't get many of those.

Oh my goodness that must have sounded so strange hearing that yellow bird. I do love the birds singing and the dawn chorus is so beautiful.

Enjoy the rest of your evening.


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Hi Alicia, It was a wonderful home to me and I still miss it. That's the trouble with living for a long time in any place I guess. You are never quite at home in either place after a time! 🙄 I was in Barbados, so not too bad for hurricanes. I only had one very near miss that moved over to Grenada and one that hit as a severe tropical storm, so I count myself lucky!🌴🌴🌴☀️

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Hi Callendersgal, that's sad that you still miss it.

It's hard becoming attached to where you live but for reasons you have to leave, I can only imagine how difficult it must be. We were going to honeymoon in Barbados but never got there. So pleased that you weren't hit too badly with severe weather.

Take care

Alicia 🌈☀️🤗❤

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Well Alicia, Barbados is still there, so maybe in happier times...... ☀️

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Funny thing is I love the country I live in now, love the countryside and we holiday in the UK now. Only downside can be the weather but not recently of course.☀️🌞🌈

Stunning photo, stunning song Calgal. Nature is stupendous. 🙏🏽

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Absolutely poemsgalore! 😃


I really love this quote, thank you for sharing. The photo of the blackbird is beautiful. I do think more people than ever are enjoying all aspects of nature. Take care and stay safe. All my love Lynne xxxx ❤️🤗🌈💜

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It's a great quote. It's important to notice all the wonders around us all every second of the day. The world is wondrous. 😊🌼🌻

I couldn't agree with you more. It's the simple things that lockdown offers us the chance to get re-acquainted with, and I am appreciating that very much. Sunshine and birdsong are two of my favourite things. I hope we don't just go back to how things used to be beforehand because I don't want quite the same things as I did then. I want time and space to pause.

It most certainly is a beautiful picture . - Keep safe & have a good remainder of the week Callendersgal (& everyone)

I agree KarenF8463. I'm almost sorry we are making small moves back to 'normality'. Wildlife's had a lovely break from us all, and I feel sad about moving back into territory they've reclaimed!

Beautiful photograph and lovely words.


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