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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Quotation for Monday 29th June 2020

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Good Monday morning everyone,

Today's quotation is within the picture above. As promised and following on from yesterday's post about cats, this one's self evidently for all dog lovers.

Sadly I haven't had dogs in my life for quite some years now. I love them just as much as cats and I've had several households in which dogs and cats have lived not only in harmony, but actually loved each other's company.

Dogs are just the polar opposites of cats though aren't they? Many of us will know the saying that "dogs have owners but cats have staff". Unlike the sometimes disdainful cat, our dogs are delighted to be owned and to belong to a human 'pack', and they reward us with so much love, fun and companionship. They ask for so little more than love in return.

So I hope you enjoy today's thought about them. Wishing not only all of you a good day today, but all those lovely dogs out there who enhance so many human lives.

Photo source: Good Housekeeping. (Quotation: Roger Caras)

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9 Replies
bobbybobb profile image

They really do 100%. I'm always thinking of somewhere nice too take the dogs they mean so much to me. They are so loyal and loving creatures. They just make you happy. 🌻🐕🐕

HamishBoxer profile image
HamishBoxer in reply to bobbybobb

They never let you down.

Good morning Jerry, hahaha, dogs are so funny aren't they? I hope you have a great day too and a good start to the week!

What a very true quote that it Hidden . I was brought up with Boarder Collies and they will always be my favourite breed of dog, the brought so much love, companionship and were such intelligent dogs. There are more to dogs than just pets in that they are so very clever and the amount of illnesses they can detect is amazing. They also help so much with mental health.

I have one cat now but when we got married we took on two cats that were rescued from an awful home and they were amazing as when I lost a baby at 6.5 months pregnant they were so incredible that I'm convinced to this day they are the ones that made me better.

Animals in general are amazing.

Thank you for posting and have a lovely day.

Alicia :) xx

MikeMan58 profile image

Good morning 🌞, I couldn't agree more Callendersgal, I've had 🐈 all my life until Sophie sadly died last year 😢, but I've had my Cassie 🐕 a Lasa Apsho cross breed for nearly 10 years now, she's my first dog & I wouldn't be without her, she changed my life when I got her as a puppy, No regrets, she has her moments,lol, but who doesn't! By their very nature 🙏 dogs will always love you ❤️, always be there for you 24/7, loyal to a fault, & of course they are great fun & happy.

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springcross in reply to MikeMan58

How true. x

springcross profile image

How true. Thanks.

Sara_2611 profile image

I dont have a dog -but they are very loyal & give lots of enjoyment to their owners

Many years ago an old friend of mine had a border collie and a cat and 2 kids and one of them had said to me how they owned a cat as well as Sadie the border collie and it was called puss.

Puss was a long haired black and white cat and she was lovely and her and Sadie had got along well as they had been brought up together and at the lodgings where I lived they had an Alsatian called boss who puss got along with as well when she came to stay with us.

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