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Another 'Funny' but NOT Offensive Joke.

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Dear All,

There are two men out in the Desert Sun, how they 'got' there isn't important. After an hour, or so, one says "I can see a Bacon Tree" "Don't be so 'daft'" replies the other "there is No Such 'thing' as a Bacon Tree". Twenty Minutes later, the first man, again insists he can 'see' a Bacon Tree.

After the Third time, of the First claiming that 'He Can See A Bacon Tree', the second man replies "Ok then, if you can see a Bacon Tree, go and get some bacon of it" So the second man walks out into the Desert, and finally, out of view.

About a hour later, the First Man, sees the Second coming back towards him. However he is in a Bad Way, with two Arrows in his Torso. As he finally gets close enough, the First man goes to Help him. The First opens his Water Bottle and puts it to his friend's lips. After a time the Second man finally speaks, in a weak voice he says...…. another 'Wait for This' moment..... "You were right, it Wasn't a 'Bacon Tree' it was a 'Ham Bush'"😄😁😋.

Hope I made you smile, folks.


15 Replies
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It was more of a smirk than a smile 😏 very good

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I have been feeling tired today but I can force a smile

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Yes. 😎

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I bet you heard my groan when I read this!!! LOL!!!😂😂😂🌸

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Hahaha good one

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I look forward to your jokes, you’ve got a job for life now 🤣

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Very good AndrewT 😂😂😂

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Love it, thank you Andrew T.

Why paddy and hamish?

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A man was stranded in the desert with no food or water,but he had a little dog called Bonzo.After hours of consideration he came to the conclusion that if one of them was to survive the other must die.So he set about killing poor little Bonzo.He made a fire and duly made a wonderful meal out of the poor animal.Just sitting there looking at a little pile of bones he said to himself,"Poor old Bonzo would have loved that little lot."

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Two Men have been out, in the Desert Sun, for some hours when one says "I can see a 'Bacon Tree'" "Don't be so Daft" says the second, their is NO such 'thing'." However his friend persists, until finally the second man says "Ok, if YOU think there IS a Bacon Tree, then you get some Bacon from it".

The other man crawls out, into the sand, and then out of sight..... About an hour later he returns, with arrows in several parts of his body. Weakly he says "You were right, it Wasn't a Bacon Tree..... it was a 'Ham Bush'......"


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Oh Andrew you crack me up 🤣😂🤣 cheers mate

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Laughed out loud .... after a groan 😂😂

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