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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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This is my first post on this community and I thought from a self isolation point of view am I bored or depressed?

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I am a social animal - not a clubber (too old for that) but I like meeting and talking to people. I thought self/ social isolation would be, well, sort of different. I don't know why but I feel like I have a 'bit part' in a B movie that I can't get out of and the end is a million miles away with only two possible outcomes. The first outcome is the obvious 'end of civilisation' one (which happens a lot in films but is neither explained or resolved). The second outcome is the 'civilisation triumphs' one (I have never seen this in a film so I don't know how it pans out or what to do when it does).

My post opener sounds like I relate everything to films, but in a time when no-one knows anything for real about a virus which didn't seem to exist 3 months ago and has killed hundreds of thousands of people world wide since. Scientists have linked the DNA of this virus to bats (Am I the only one who has problems understanding how it moved from bats to humans and why it didn't wipe out bats beforehand?). This sounds like the plot line to a film already called Contagion.

To all the people I know, stay safe. To all the people I don't - drop me a line and then stay safe.

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Hi there, without taking films into consideration, you know that civilization triumphs for real, why do we know this, well civilization has been hit by many things throughout history and look, we are here, all still talking to each other, supporting one another. That's how I look at it. Contagion was a good film though. Your last line made me laugh. This community is very supportive and helpful. Stay safe. ☺☺

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Hi Bobbybobb, my d i l mentioned the movie contagion to me, I've never seen it, now I'm too scared to watch it🤢hope you're keeping as well as can be expected xx

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I am fine Mammal how are you. Are you managing to keep a level head. Many, many people are so frightened at the moment. Its a matter of staying in and lessoning your Chance's of coming into contact with the virus. I always say, you need structure in your day to keep your mind occupied. There will be an end to it at some point. 😀😀😀

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Good to keep in touch on here I have to admit I am a wreck but just about coping! I reckon a lot of us with fibro were already wrecks anyway 😳so nothing new for some of us! I'm keeping busy and catching up with some jobs around the house while no one's around and when pain permits 😊good to see you all the time sounding so upbeat. Take care and stay safe xx

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I'm always here Malmal and on the Fibro site. Here you will get a great deal of support with what is happening at the moment because everyone is in the same situation. People are handling it in different ways but everyone helps each other get through the day. So don't feel alone in this and just come on here when you need some support or a chat or tell us what you've been up to.😀😀👍

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Welcome , as asked I am dropping you a line ___________________ :) :) speak again soon I hope

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I have a strange theory...could bat be the cause of the virus or the Chinese brining all sorts of animals, insects into the market for human consumption!? Surely reliance on natural resources such as vegetables is better for human race than eating bats 🦇 and goodness me what....

NB: I do not wish to offend anyone but that’s what I have in mind 😷😷😷🦋🦋

Hi brumatmed

I understand! There is a film-like quality to life at the moment and it's because we all find ourselves in a position which none of us have ever experienced before.

I think the best advice is not to think too much long-term. Wondering and worrying how or when we will emerge from this can only be speculation.

The ending of it all, doesn't have to have an ending like a movie. Movies cash-in on sensationalism. They need to be exciting to make money. This can't be a film plot. We can't have any idea how it will all end. So it's really creating speculative worry if you re-run possible endings in your head.

So I'd advise just taking one day at a time and finding your way through that. Then the next, and the next.

We all hate unpleasant things. And this is more than unpleasant. It's tempting for most people to wish it away and shun it. But this time we can't. We have to go through it. Andwe don't know for how long. So breaking it down into manageable chunks of the loaf is probably better than trying to swallow the whole loaf in one.

I hope you'll be able to come to a better place in your head with this. We are all here at this community because we all need help to uplift ourselves and stay strong. So you've come to the right place, and please lean on us all whenever you are feeling the need.

Take care and continue to be safe and well. 🙏

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Hello, I'm just sending you a welcome post to show we are a nice, friendly forum to be part of. There will be lots of things for you to take part in during this dreadful time. Some members post interesting photographs or tell a funny joke. If you think of something that will amuse us why not post it. Anything to support each other. Cheers for now, Chrys.

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Hi brimatemed, the plot of Contagion (made in 2011) was based on the original SARS epidemic back in 2003, which did not spread as widely as the current one. However, if you watch the movie (which I did on Sunday), it is eerily similar to the current situation with one main difference which is that the current virus is a lot less deadly, so the people's reactions in the current situation are somewhat less extreme. It makes you think that if a Hollywood director could imagine a scenario of a world-wide epidemic, surely our governments were capable of the same feat of imagination. With a notable exceptions of the countries who suffered through SARS and the US government (under Obama administration, but not now) no other government was prepared for such an event. I think this will be the end of the civilisation as we know it as we can't live through something like this and remain unchanged, but I don't believe that we are facing extinction, at least not from this particular virus in its current form. Animals, just like humans, could carry viruses and pass them on without being affected by them. We are all different.

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Hi The Moaning Violet, I believe that this is a massive wake up call just let's consider the break the planet is having from all the pollution both industrial and personal Stay safe xx

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Could not agree more. You too. Vx

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Hello Captain Scarlet.

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Exactly... Why are the bats immune?

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Hi, so many replies - I had hoped that there will be not enough time to reply to you all, not that I don't appreciate it you all but I was hoping to be back at work so I wouldn't have time but according to the CMO and Boris it looks like we will be at home for the long haul. Initially this is not a bad thing BUT tempers may fray at the Mat Med household as we all get under each others feet, and I was hoping to start an OU degree in October (I know this is still possible as distance learning but I would still like to see and be with other students if anything, just as a change).

In answer to a certain question, no I do not live in Brum (although in my youth I was an avid watcher of Tiswas - to the point where when I left 6th form I almost understood it).

I will make better plans for the future as I have to think about absolute changes - things that affect not just me but society as a whole. The things that really concern me are related to our reliance to fuel (both food and power) - what happens when we run out of the science behind farming the foodstuffs we need? how many people will succumb to the effects of professionals who die (Chemists, engineers, physicists, farmers, etc.?) We, as a society, need a plan B which encompasses not just global warming but every other possible disaster we are not equipped for.

On that bombshell, take it easy


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All can be sorted when you publish your thesis following graduation from university 😀😷😷

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Hi, I was hoping it could be sorted sooner as my degree will take 6 years and will be in computing. If the power source has dried up I would have both dehydrated and starved to death long before my thesis had been read, let alone graded. :)

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😷😷🦋🦋🐣🐣 Approved! Writing this post looked like a thesis, thought provoking!! never lose hope even in despair. You sound hopeful to me. Time will come for your graduation ceremony and good luck 📝🐟

NB: so ironic that all my dreams are now about Coronavirus 🤐🌝

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BBBRRUUCCEEYYY (sorry for caps got excited to get a notification about you) hello was going to nudge you guess our coffee meet up is cancelled unless you want to do it over zoom lol

*Sees other people* error hi we are colluages and talk on another section of health unlocked (headway) talking of headway Bristol I got an email saying our monthly group is cancelled and they are doing phone support

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Hi Bexx, OK, I give in - when I restarted my computer after I was on sick leave I found the 'zoom' icon. Is it a BCC version of Skype/ Video calling? I didn't do anything with it as I also thought it may be another fiendishly clever BCC phishing exercise and planted there to befuddle users.

There you go - I am just naturally suspicious of icons from BCC

Take it easy


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Hi no it's not a ploy we (it) have rolled it out and automatically installed it to all laptops and phones so everyone can stay connected whilst during this outbreak and yes it is a video conferencing software until we get Skype business set up

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