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At last I have a cat again

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Yesterday I adopted this lovely 10 yr old, male cat. He had been a stray until a year ago when a family took him in then they moved and handed him to a shelter. He has only just been neutered so he is a big bruiser and unfortunately FIV+, but I wanted an indoor cat for company so that didnt matter.

We have had a peaceful night and he has been as good as gold.

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33 Replies
Alb2 profile image

What a lovely looking cat! I’m so glad he has found a good home with you and hope you have many happy years together😊

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topaz1 in reply to Alb2

Thank Alb2. Unfortunately it will take a while to cure him of wanting to go outside but I have a conservatory which should make him happy.

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Alb2 in reply to topaz1

He really has the most lovely face. He will adapt I’m sure. What a great thing to do! He will be a very happy fella in time with lots of your love😊

springcross profile image

Aww he's lovely topaz, reminds me of the cat we had when I was young - his name wasTinker. Hope all goes well. x

Dovedale4 profile image

I love his white nose and his markings generally. He looks very much at home and such contentment in his eyes. I'm sure you will be very happy together 😺

Rachmaninov2 profile image

I hope your cat settles in well topaz (it sounds as if he will) and that he is good company for you. He can look forward to a secure life now. 🙂👍

RoadRunner44 profile image

Oh yes, another happy ending for yet another cat. He's lovely and I'm delighted he has found a loving home. I hope you enjoy many happy years together.Cheers x

MadBunny profile image

He looks like he knows who's boss! Seriously though, he's one lucky cat to be given a loving home.May you have many happy years together 😁

hypercat54 profile image

What a lucky cat and well done for giving a rescue animal a good home. If a cat is used to going outdoors though I'm not sure you can retrain him. Can you still let him out a bit? Older cats usually don't want to stay out for a long time as they like their creature comforts too much!

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topaz1 in reply to hypercat54

One of the conditions of his adoption is that he is an indoor cat because he could spread the FIV if he gets into a fight - I think it's spread by saliva!

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hypercat54 in reply to topaz1

Oh I see. That's different then.

Aww he's gorgeous, a but like my black tom cat.

Hi's just adorable topaz1 and bless you for adopting an older gentleman. So many people pass by on older cats, which is a shame as they are often far less trouble than their younger counterparts. I hope you'll have many happy years together.

topaz1 profile image
topaz1 in reply to

This one is turning out to be quite an affectionate boy already. thanks

That's one good lookin' cat. Extra hugs.

diana1998 profile image

Very handsome boy!

melbrown profile image

Such a handsome cat. Congratulations & good luck.

Good morning Topaz1 what a handsome chap he is and as everyone says well done for rescuing him you’ll have many happy years together.I have four rescues and I love them dearly.x

topaz1 profile image
topaz1 in reply to

Wow, looking after 4 cats is quite hard work! I'll stick to one. There are so many animals in rescue centres who would be loving companions given the chance.

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focused1Reading Rabbits

Looks like he has been there for years . Looking smug on a lovely soft cushion .

topaz1 profile image
topaz1 in reply to focused1

It is amazing how quickly he has settled in.

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focused1Reading Rabbits in reply to topaz1

Please take the credit .

Zara0123 profile image

Hi topaz1.....He is so cute and those beautiful eyes. You really are lucky to have him for company. He seems really settled and comfortable. I'll have to show your pic to my two sons. They really want a cat but unfortunately we are not able to get a cat at the moment. Hopefully in the near future. Hope you can enjoy his company for many years to come

Reminds me of Jess the cat from postman Pat

topaz1 profile image
topaz1 in reply to Zara0123

He is a good looking cat, very 'tom cat' as he has only very recently been neutered! I hope you are able to get a cat soon, they are such good company.

Zara0123 profile image
Zara0123 in reply to topaz1

Yes I hope so too. Take care

Jacksc06 profile image

Hi Topaz1. Well done you for adopting him there are so many cats that need a loving home.. He looks very similar to my cat Siren. He was a skinny little kitten when we found him, Now weighs in at around 15lbs. He kept wanting to go out so he now has a harness and lead as we live near a busy road. I didn't take long for him to get used to it.

topaz1 profile image
topaz1 in reply to Jacksc06

I wish more folk would adopt rescues, they are so grateful to be given affection and good food. Sylvester does look similar to your lovely Siren. I'm waiting to speak to the Vet to find out my boy's weight - all I can say at the moment is 'heavy'!!!

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Jacksc06 in reply to topaz1

Agreed. All of our cats have been strays or rescues. Wishing you both a great life together. (He does look like a Sylvester).

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I adopted an 11yo orange tabby. He walked through my front door, paused for a moment and said, so this is my new digs? Walked around for a while. Stuck his nose in everything. Not a word until he turned to me with that regal air and said, it’ll do. It was his palace forever. He was definitely the cat’s meow. Miss him.❤️🏄‍♀️

topaz1 profile image
topaz1 in reply to Isinatra

What a lovely story, he sounds gorgeous. It is very hard when life comes to an end and you miss them so much.

Isinatra profile image
Isinatra in reply to topaz1

You’re so right. I’ll be adopting another older cat again. Sylvester and a few other kitties posted on here is a reminder of the comfort they give. Thank you for the motivation. ❤️🏄‍♀️

Isinatra profile image
Isinatra in reply to Isinatra

Oops! Confused names! Sentiment the same, though. 😁

topaz1 profile image

Amazing. He has taken over my flat in one day!

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