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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Self isolation projects

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Hi all,

Hope everyone is as well as can be expected given the crazy situation we find ourselves in. I know this self isolation is a new and unwelcome thing to most people but to be honest, for me it has been more or less a way of life for a few years now.

My GPA took so much treatment to beat it into a temporary submission that it has left me hypogammaglobulinaemic (that’s a world I never thought I’d use!). As this effectively means I have no immune system, mixing with others is risky even in normal times. I therefore decided a while ago to sort myself out with a few hobbies/ projects to keep me out of mischief. The first one that occurred to me was a campervan conversion as “normal” holidays were no longer an option due to the infection risks plus I can’t fly as my eustacian tubes no longer work. With a campervan, my wife and I can go where we like within reason, be in the open air and control exposure to other people so seemed to me to be an ideal solution. Problem was, I had never built such a thing before but unperturbed I found an old bog standard Renault Master ex Co-Op delivery van and set about the conversion with the help of YouTube. The finished result is as per the photo which I’m quite pleased with and the whole project was done by my own fair hands with absolutely everything ordered online and delivered.

We have been away a few times before the current lockdown and hope to again as soon as we can. My wife is an A&E Emergency Nurse Practitioner so I’m sure you can imagine she could do with a holiday when this is all over.

I’m sure many of the people on these forums are in a similar boat with infection risk so maybe a campervan conversion might be an idea for some of them. It’s a fairly big job but really not as difficult as you might think.

Anyway, that and a couple of other projects is how I’m occupying my time during this lockdown, is anyone else embarking on anything interesting to keep themselves busy?

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Yes job hunting and future learn courses and reading books.

As an avid Motorhomer that is brilliant. Can’t wait to get back on the road again!

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You have done a fantastic job. Maybe as a treat you could make your wife a special meal and light a candle and have it in the camper van so you both feel you are on holiday. Your wife is doing a marvelous job. xx

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GhoundsReading Rabbits in reply to bobbybobb

What a lovely idea.

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Thanks for your kind comments. Given my condition, the safest thing would have been for my wife to stop work. She is eligible to retire in about 2 months anyway. She has however been on the front line in A&E for over 30 years and is a nurse through and through. I would certainly not ask her to stop doing what she does. We just take every precaution we can at home. Having resuscitated people on buses and in taxis, delivered several babies in the car park and took things out of or sewn things back onto countless people, she might be forgiven for thinking she has seen almost everything. Certainly nothing could prepare her and her colleagues (some of whom have now been lost to the virus) for covid 19. They however battle on and will continue to do so until this thing has been beaten and I for one am extremely proud of them all. Let’s face it, if you are on these forums you have no doubt had the need for help from nurses and doctors more than most as have I.

It’s nearly 8pm on a Thursday so when you give a round of applause for all of the front line essential workers, give an extra clap for my wife and her fellow nurses. They certainly need and deserve it.

That's a brilliant project, I bet you are well pleased and enjoyed every minute of doing it.

I'll be getting a camper in a few years hopefully then I'm going off grid for a year or two and touring Europe.

Thanks for sharing your work it was really great to see it, it looks really good.

Stay safe 🌈

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Beautiful job, my husband converted a 7mtr bus 15 yrs ago and we had 12 yrs of frequent trips around the South Island of New Zealand. Unfortunately health issues resulted in having to sell but we have wonderful memoties.

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

Great idea. Wish my skills were up to doing the same! I miss seeing the sea. I pray that your wife will stay safe and wish you many joyful holidays together after her retirement. Please pass on my thanks and admiration for her selflessness and courage.

Hi nicholson27,

What an amazing project and so worthwhile too. It's something that was amazing to focus on and is a great end result. It will benefit both of you when at some time in future, you are free to have a great getaway with your hardworking wife. Blessings to you both, and stay well.

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My brother is decorating my mum's house, she lived there for 60 years and my dad was not the best decorator, he tried bless him. Now they are both gone we kids own the house. My brother decided to decorate, he keeps finding holes that need filling, he is nearl 70 so I think he is doing well. He is also away from his wife till the end of the lockdown.

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