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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Hello, all fellow self-isolators

Just to introduce myself and say 'hi'. If you've just arrived to look at this new group, please consider joining us, as the more of us there are here, the more we can thrive and support each other.

Hoping that some of you will bring along your ideas for alleviating the stress and boredom that are bound to be with us for some time to come, as we find our way through this.

All ideas welcome and do let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see introduced or discussed. Obviously there is lots of official advice out there and hopefully we can follow that to stay safe, whilst maybe doing a little myth-busting on some of the sillier things that are being put out there to scare us.

Do please feel free to pitch right in with anything that might be troubling you, or your ideas to bring us closer together at this difficult time.

Very best wishes to you all.

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This is such a good idea. There will be many people worried and eventually bored. Online chats will be a saviour for many people during this time of isolation and minimal social interaction. I find reading helps, and there are quite a few places where you can read free stuff from authors who test their new plots or people who write as a hobby. Also some online tutorials for painting, script writing or all sorts of arts and crafts. Maybe it’s time for people to learn a new hobby or pick up something that have not done for ages because life got too busy. Stay safe and sane everybody xx

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I agree Mistydeb01, crafts can be a lifesaver and it's never been easier with all the tutorials and suggestions there are for free, online. YouTube is particularly useful for this. Thanks and take care.

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agreed callendersgal/moderator

any suggestions for obtaining the wherewithal for these craft activities? i'd like to do a spot of decorating, but need brushes and paint and various paraphernalia.

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Hi hairynosedwombat. Amazon and several other craft companies are still dispatching art supplies, but obviously very slowly, and for me it is controversial when warehousing and logistics put staff at unnecessary risk. Would you maybe consider alternatives and experimentation from everyday things you already have at home? Such as:

Washing up or bathroom sponge or brush, including a toothbrush

Household paint brushes

Scrunched or rolled rag

Cotton wool


Kitchen palette knifes

Halved apple for print experiments

Your own finger

Household foods for texture such as porridge oats or rice

Half of the fun of art can be finding that perfect thing to create something innovative.

Happy crafting hairynosedwombat!

And don’t forget to share your creations with us if you can. Take care and stay safe. ✨

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thanks callendersgal. i think some of these ideas might be a bit impractical for decorating, but i get your drift.

and the idea of painting four walls with a toothbrush : well it reminds me of something the army might suggest. but at least it'd keep me busy for "the duration". so long as i didn't have to watch it dry, lol.

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Hahaha, well the army might, hairynosedwombat, but give it a whirl... you might be pleasantly surprised!

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??? !!! r u 4 real

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What I’ve been wondering is-how many online chats are there about coronavirus related support? I’ve never received so much support in my life

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There is a craft website that has a good forum where chats about many things happen. There are housebound people that often join these types of sites for online companionship. I can message you the details if you like

any chance of putting the link on here mistydeb. i'm planning some craft activities, and helpful chat about techniques etc would be great

I’ll PM you with it as I’m not sure it should be put on the forum (don’t want to break any rules)

thanks for that mistydeb. the link works, and there's loads of inspiration as well as things to order online. i think i could spend hours, days, just browsing. it might be useful for ideas for anyone trying to keep children entertained at the moment.

Yeah it is very good and loads of people are new crafters too, so no need to be embarrassed about posting pictures of your makes. We are our own worst critics and someone will always post something positive 🙂

I have to say, you seem very sensible and intelligent

I have a very positive attitude too but this is difficult for many people

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Hi Tyrre, lets hope we can use this forum to foster a positive attitude for those people who are worried and afraid in the current situation. Glad that you are feeling positive.

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Hi Callendersgal, you’re extremely sensible. I think there are probably a lot of people worried and afraid. I’ve always had a positive attitude. I think I was born with one

I personally have been doing some new games with my Nephew and Niece while I have them at my house. I also have been doing reading more often then my usual amount.

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I'm pleased to hear it's going well now Activity2004. Reading for yourself or to the children is a great way to pass some time, especially if it's a good book and you lose yourself in it. I like poetry books too. You can dip in and out of them for a few minutes at a time, and often there's a wisdom and beauty in poetry that gets you through a lot of difficult times. Take care and stay safe.

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Thank you! I do reading to the kids and when they nap, I go and read the books I have been reading before bed, usually.😀👍

Hi and thank you for providing us with this outlet I think it’s a great idea,

Is there any info on wether our pets could catch or transmit this virus I’ve not heard much regarding this anyone have any info to share which th us desperate cat lovers.x

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Hi Thrones, sorry to be so long bringing you a reply. I went off to research this and then couldn’t find your question.

There isn’t anything concrete out there. It’s clear that the initial emergence of the virus was via an animal but from all I’ve read it seems it’s unlikely but not impossible for it to travel between pets and humans. I think one case has emerged in Hong Kong where there has been a weak positive test on a pet. So worth bearing in mind but maybe not a major worry. Hope this helps.

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Thank you x

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I read in the news that cats and dogs are not affected. I’m not an expert on this topic it’s just what I read.

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hi thrones. i watched an interview with mark harris, professor of virology at leeds uni (28th march) who said, in answer to a question about catching the virus from stroking pets,

"it's very unlikely. but if someone coughs into their hand and then strokes the pet, then maybe you could catch it if you stroked the animal while virus still alive."

he felt this was quite unlikely, but repeated "the mantra" to wash your hands.

does anyone remember the phrase from that paul gallico book about a cat, "when in doubt, wash" ?

Thank you for this. I'm self isolating and I'm struggling.

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Hi Titanic, I’m so sorry you are struggling a bit. Let’s see if we can help you feel a bit better. If we all stand together we’ll feel better and get through. Take care and stay safe

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Oh I will. It's just I'm prone to anxiety and depression and wondering how I'll cope

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Hi again Titanic. I do understand how hard it is when you are anxious too. We’ll try to help alleviate that a bit. This is an uncharted sea for all of us and in a really unpleasant way, so let’s all join together and create a strong community and share our worries.

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Oh absolutely. I love to get out and about so it's a real struggle

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I think what we might have to do is look for treats inside rather than out. Sadly in my case I fear that will end up being chocolate, and that would be a substitution I shouldn’t really be recommending. And there is no really good substitute for meeting up with friends and our usual social activities. But I do have a bit of a sense of our all being in the same ‘soup’ and that if we all join together here, we’ll be OK.

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Mines is crisps and dips. Anything savoury

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In that case Titanic1912 I'd say that, unless you have a medical problem that prevents you enjoying them, use them to help cheer yourself up if you need to. We can all get back on track when this is eventually over. And don't forget you can still go out and enjoy a walk for now, unless you are actually quarantine. just maintain a safe distance from others and keep up with the hand washing.

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Hi Titanic 1912, I hope you are coping with the isolation and adjustments. I agree with callendersgal that in times of crisis you need to do what ever helps you & enjoy those crisps😊 perhaps aim to go for a to walk to work off some of the calories. !! Good luck

be careful not to mix those crisps with one of the humorous threads on here : don't want you choking without someone close enough to do the heimlich manoeuvre!

Hi Titanic, I can empathise with you being prone to anxiety and depression. Many years ago now I had serious depression, thankfully after help that was needed, none since.

However when all this virus news seemed to take over everything, i did feel very tense for a few days. But now I think I’ve got it into perspective, and realise isolation means isolation, as I’m well over70!

But I take one day at a time, that’s the best way I think.

I live on my own, my husband died 6 years ago, I do have underlying health problems, but let’s not go there.

Anyway I decided I needed to have a project. I do read and do jigsaws, but my project—-

I have 12 grandchildren, none thinking of marriage, or babies, well not that they’ve told me! but thought I’d like to knit a shawl which I can pack away, till the first great great arrives.

Ordered wool on line, and started 3 days ago! Feel quite chuffed about it!

Yes I could be turning out cupboards and drawers, boring!, they can wait!

Anyone else got a project in mind?

Try and keep positive, we will all get through this, hopefully !

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Hi Marigoldb, that knitting project sounds like a great distraction during this challenging time.

I am adjusting to the shock of isolation, reduced work, and battling with grief at the loss of my only child, Rip.

I try and think of others & hope to do more volunteer work at my local shelter for the homeless . ( but not yet fully motivated )

As with may of life's negativity and challenges this too will pass. I'm pleased to see China has improved.

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Thank you for your reply. Yes this being in isolation does take some adjusting to. You mention battling with the loss of your only child. I really am so sorry and sad for you. Before retirement I was a paediatric community nurse, also bereavement counsellor, so can empathise with what you are going through right now, especially in isolation. Do you live on your own can I ask?

Are you keeping a journal, so you can write down your feelings etc? I know this helps some people. Even if it’s only now and again when you write!

What part of the UK are you? I’m in the South, and we have had beautiful sunshine for several days, so been able to do a bit of gardening, and also sit in the sun! Tomorrow is going to be colder I believe!

Did you stand at your front door clapping at 8pm? There were a good few out doing the same around me, gives you a feeling of connection doesn’t it?

Well it’s going to be a long 11 to 12 weeks, in for the long haul, but try ad just take one day at a time, well that’s all we can, isn’t it.

Bye now, keep in touch x

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Hi Marigoldb, Thanks for your reply, apologies for late reply.

I've been overwhelmed by the challenges, but improving. I live in Dublin & they only recently announced full lockdown.

I had a bad flu in Jan & Feb so I had just got over self imposed isolation.

Your suggestion about a diary might be useful, but these days I'm trying to distract by doing lots more walking . I practice gratitude most days by writing out a list of the good things in my life.

I know that many others have encountered much more loss & pain than I.

I have my bereavement councillor chat via video call if needed.

I live on my own which I find difficult, but I console my self that at least I'm not confined with others that might irritate me😀 as on a good day I can be a bit Victor Meldrewish😊 or at least a bit odd as usually I like my own company.

I too am looking for a project as I have little interest in sorting the over stocked cupboards. My default hobby has been overeating, but thanks to this forum I am getting that under control.

Have a lovely day & thanks again for your advice.


with twelve grandchildren that's a lot of shawls to knit. you might have to turn out a cupboard just to store them in.

happy knitting.

I’m also going to have to live a long time also!

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Me too, on and off over the years. I found this guy the other day, as I searched for dress busters and found him helpful. Here’s a link see how you go...


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but don't stand too close together : keep that two metre distance, lol.

Hello and thanks for the invitation to join, just done that.

Hope all is well with the group other than having to isolate.

Hubby is a lung disease sufferer from asbestos and I have Ms so both in isolation. We also have a son who is in the younger group but has serious health issues and so should be isolated but is not happy. He is outside a lot due to feeling a bit clostrophobic ( sp) thankfully we have a garden.

I am a bit of a computer freak, so is hubby actually. We have so far found plenty to occupy us on'ine.

I intend to write some good old fashioned snail mail letters, that will hopefully make a few friends smile.

Stay safe people.Ellie

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Hi ellj,

Good to hear from you and I hope you'll enjoy being a member of the group. Take care and stay well.

real letters : pen and paper and all that : sounds like a wonderful idea : fun to write and fun to receive. bonus.

I am very much on my own

I have a Mother who lives overseas and had it not been for the travel ban I would have gone

However I have learnt that this a time for self reflection and to work on the areas that have caused my failure in A Wills and Probzte Diplomz

It is a time to restructure our lives and put into priority what mztters the most

So sorry you are alone Roukaya,

I hope you'll be able to take some comfort from this group. I guess many of us are having to face this alone in terms of how we are living, but we have this great community shaping up here to offer some online company and support. You are doing so well in trying to see the positives. That's the one thing that we need to foster in order to keep our spirits up.

Take care and look after yourself.

Thanks callendersgal for hosting this forum. I am struggling to adjust to isolation. I have benefited for practicing my daily gratitude. To help me focus I list out 5 good things thst are happening in my life. On days like today I find the list nudges me away from the challenging reality. Happy Tuesday 😊 to all at HU.

X Mary

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Thanks so much for your feedback Climb007. I'm glad it's helping in even a small way.

Have a happy day and stay safe. Just working on today's Calm Corner update now!

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This is such a good idea, Thankyou so much for this post, we must help each other

Hi Callendersgal. I just saw this group and I think it's a great idea. I am going to read through all the various posts and hopefully join in asap. Thank you.

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Delighted to have you on board Chrislora!

Hi all, there are concerns for me because i am not only in a very high risk group due to my brittle asthma, I am also on cpap therapy anyway mpst of the time due to my rare neuro disorded and eds. Added to all this my daughter is constantly worried because she knows if i were to go into hospital, not only is the care appalling under normal circumstances, all this talk about ventilation or lack of if you become unwell is frightening for a lot of younger relatives, my daughter is only 22, plus has the same neuro condition. We know the hospital woudnt even consider it on my case, amd that is if they even noticed a deterioration in time anyway! i

thhey seem to think if you need full care, or even part care your life isnt.as valuable as some one who is non disabled.a

at least we truly what the government thinks with the ripping up of the health and social care bill, i net they were clapping their hand s with glee behinds the scene, especially as they managed to ensure there is no oversight committee to see what the repercussions are down the line!

I do wonder though, if you went in with your cpap machine whether they would actually take it off you, if they decided they had a greater need for it else where? Just a thought!

We just feel loke no !attet what it is safer to stay home, make sure you have plenty of antibiotics and steroids and hopefully a nebuliser and try and treat as much as yourself as probanly safet thsm gping into hospital.

By the way that is my personal feelings , NOT, medica opinion, but i have been managing my adthma for a long time amd as dangerous and risky as it is i jave learnt it osnt even worth ringing the ambulance here till my sats are consistently in there 60's very scary for someone with brittle asthma , eh!! We want to move at some stage, to where thwre actually follow national guidelones fot treating acute asthma attacks! Amd generally practice medicine fit for this century lol

Sayong that, it is where i live anyway, only problem i cant give myself o2 generally or magnesium, or theophyline drips! On uniphyline tabd so that helps amd on a recent.vist the paramedics accidentally left an o2 tank here and then were looking for it in the the ed! Oopsss!!!! Everything happes for a reason.... I had finally got a home assessment for hhaving 02 at home when all this happened! I

I do feel dreadful bashing the nhs in someways as i know the vast majority do an absolutely amazing job, it jist worroes me great thst this is a virus that affectthe respiratory system, and the respiratory teams and wards are not great here or even safe in many cases.

Sorry i get distracted really easily by stuff!

What i was goong to say, is it is really funny listening and seeing how everyone is reacting, alrhough i have been told i need to 'shield' i have actually been bed bound for nearly 2 uears already, with next to no contact with the out side world due to lack of care and mistakes made organisations such as social services and the nhs. Funilly enough now i have just got some of the bits i need to get out of bed like, but no slings lol some people are using the virus as a reason for them not doing stuff , that they should have done before it happened!

I am due to get 24 care a day when they start but will still be stuck in bed as a result of this silly virus as some staff dont even want to order stuff for you.

At least ot os fun getting entertained by the pop stars but it is interesting listening to people, especially health professionals, say hoe difficult and challenging it is for people, because, they only seem to be undetstanding that now it is affecting everybody's lives.

Many people have been housebound for a long time, with little support, o do hope after this, people do start to have !ore consideratiom for pepole who cant get out of their properties.

My daughter is only 22 and has also neem housebound for months as she is prone.to losing consciousness, despite thos her doctor still refuse to do blood tests unless she attends surgery so she doesnt get them amd even though it is more important than ever that she doesnt pass anything onto me at the money, he still says she should walk down to the surgery. I have had several nearly fatal attacks over the past few years and of i didnt havr someone with me all the time i could easily have another anf that is withouth her problems but just the discrimination she has faced has be n crazy!

Sorry going on. One thing about being stuck in for so long which i guess i never share as there isnt really anyone to share it with .... is that you can get rather lonely at times. I guess i nevet put it into words normally. My daughter is great and has looked after me brilliantly but there.can be a disconnect here sometimes.with conversations about stuff as shr has dyspraxia and isnt great with emotions of amy kind which csn ne a challenge.

I think i must feel like one of the few people benefiting from everone having to be stuck inside lol. It is making the bbc put on new educational stuff and other platforms different programs!

I finally have new things i can be doing for a while and for once everyone is in the same boat.

Even the difficult discussions, they make out they are now having to make, the quantity of decisions may be new, but the policy has been there for a while,they have just made it more public with that cheery thought.

On a slightly seperate note can anyone f recomemd a good inexpensivr tablet because although i love my kindle fire for reading and watching stuff on , it has a mind of ots own whwn it comes to typing anf is sending !e potty. Its like there is an alien in it and oesnt like what i.am.writing, which os more tham possible at times! So fecides to rewritie every thing. Pt leave spaces where i don't want them. It is strange. I get tirwd of fighting and givr up in the end. Any odeas great appreciated.

I will leave everyone in peace. Take care all and sorr for goimg off om all dirwctions.i seem to do that with everything these days so i am sorry!

Love and hugs all.



Hi lucymockingjay,

I'm so sorry you've formed such a bad opinion of our NHS. I actually believe we'd be really sunk without them right now. In the majority of cases they do do an absolutely amazing job, and it's a whole different situation in countries where all health care is privately funded through your insurance.

On the other hand I can see that you have suffered ill health for a long time, and if things haven't always gone smoothly for you with your health care, it naturally does colour your opinion on how good it is. But I'd suggest you might have to look in another direction for the root cause for services failing in recent times.

But there is no doubt that this crisis has caught the whole world on the hop and everyone is having to think on their feet. Looking at what's happened here, I can't say that overall I see that we have done any better, or worse, than any other country. It's uncharted territory and we have to feel our way to see what works and what doesn't.

I think you are very brave to have accepted your situation and to have lived housebound for as long as you have, and as precariously, healthwise, as you do. I can understand your daughter's worry for you.

But I do still have a great deal of empathy with everyone, including the young, who have suddenly had their busy lives stripped from under their feet, and for the many people who are now suffering actual hardship through not being able to make their living in the usual way.

I can see that your Kindle Fire seems to be making up its own language. I'm afraid I can't help there, but maybe one of our other members might have a suggestion for you.

I hope you will continue to get by, as cheerfully as you can. Take care.

Since is going to take a lot longer that we originally thought, I sat down yesterday and made my "To Do List." What a pleasure it was, I only gave myself only one task to get done each week.

Sometimes we set ourselves up for failure by trying to do too much at one time. Setting small goals that I know I can carry out each day will help me. That's a more reasonable outcome, and one that I can succeed with. Not going to put any pressure on myself to get things done as soon as possible.

Just going to take advantage of the forced time we have on our hands …..split the big task into smaller steps day by day, and "one by one" they will get done. We don't have to put a time frame on the tasks we complete each day!

This week's task:

Clean lean out my filing cabinets. I have 4 drawers, so my goal is to do one drawer each day. That should take me 4 or 5 days …... I have included time to stop and reward myself after I finish one small task each day. My reward for this week (if I finish what I set out to do) is to buy a few new tops and bottoms from Qvc.

I'll let you how I do with this week's task. I like having more time to read people's posts, and think about what you've written.

Hi Callendersgal, Thankyou for allowing me to join this group. New to this but already feeling the support. Great to have advice and support from people who understand and will look forward to maybe helping someone else.


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Hi Poodlie, A warm welcome to our community. I'm pleased that you are already beginning to feel supported. That's what we aim for! 😊 Welcome aboard.

Hi ReadyFreddy, Thank you for getting in touch and I'm so sorry that things are getting on top of you. A very warm welcome to the community. I hope we can be of help and support to you.

We have several members with fibromyalgia but mostly we are a varied group of people helping each other to stay as well and as happy as we can be, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Please do feel welcome here and reach out to other people by adding your posts and I'm sure you will feel less alone. Take care and enjoy your time here. 😊🙏


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