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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Spending the Eid celebration ๐ŸŽ‰ by myself

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I would always say those on this site have been invaluable in my times of coping with Ramadan and Isolation.

As a Muslim I have tried to welcome and accept Eid by myself .

I think understanding the necessity of the protective mechanism of self isolation given the continual presence of the the pandemic .

I miss the nature and essence of celebrating ๐Ÿฅณ Eid with my Mother but I knew this would impact on me greatly so today and yesterday I attended a variety of on line uplifting spiritual enrichment work shops to give greater mental resilience and spiritual growth to assist with the transition of this current phase we are all experiencing .

27 Replies

You sound so much stronger and self sufficient than when you first started posting. Your prayers and beliefs are obviously helping you through this time.

โ€œMay all the devotion you had in your heart during the month of Ramadan bring great joy to you on this Eid-ul-Fitr dayโ€

Happy Eid Roukaya โ˜ช๏ธ

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Roukaya in reply to MissKota

Very kind words

How are you

I hope you are safe and well?

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MissKota in reply to Roukaya

Iโ€™m doing fine, renewing my love of baking and enjoying spending time on various craft projects.

Iโ€™ve even started meditating again.

There actually are some positives to this isolation.

I just saw Dalia74 is celebrating Eid too.

Well done again Roukaya for turning what could have been a really difficult time for you into something positive. It is hard when others are celebrating and you aren't. I remember a couple of Christmases overseas when that happened to me and you do have to work at making it a celebration, but different. Keep on doing what you are doing.... it's clearly being of great help to your wellbeing! Take care and once again Eid mubarak.

I hope you are safe and well

Ramadan and Lockdown has been a time of spiritual internal reflection and insight

I have found this site to have been of great support to me

Thank you for your kind words

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Your post has made me very happy. This is because I feel behind the words there is much strength. Even though you are alone at this, your time of celebration, you have embraced the situation and taken action to see yourself through this time. I think it's been an excellent idea doing on line work shops. It is really good to know you are doing so well. I hope you have a lovely evening. xx

I hope you are safe and well

I knew I would be quite sad at the prospect of spending Eid in isolation so I signed to do weekend on line work shops with the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival

It comprises of many workshops which provides us with the mental strength to overcome set backs and challenges

Also to appreciate our journey in life so far

I have been quite lonely and my Mother does have a few friends who have been of great support to her during Lock Down

My Mother is a creature of habit and her worries and fears she projects onto me

But I am trying to listen but not get engulfed with her worries as this has a habit of derailing my own mental stability

How have you spent your day ?

I thank you for your kind words

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Roukaya

I think you are doing a marvelous job and are tackling it with very sensible idea's. Today I have cleaned the bedroom from top to bottom. I got new bedding that I had been wanting to put on. I've also been in the garden today. Done some washing. Have been on Duolingo for Spanish lessons. That's fun. My daughter face timed me earlier. She has put light's in her kitchen, below the cabinet's near to the floor and she showed me how it looked. It looked very modern and effective. It came in a kit from B&Q. It looked very nice. xx

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

I try as best as I can

Your daughterโ€™s kitchen must look ultra modern with the new lights

I studied French and German at University and German in my experience was very hard

How is your Spanish ?

Have you been to Spain

I hear it is incredible beautiful country and the people very friendly

I would love to live in place where people are kind and friendly and have time for you

Ultimately this is where I would like to retire God Willing

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Roukaya

I did visit Spain years ago, it was very nice, I had a tummy bug for the majority of the holiday but I tried to make the most of it. The people are friendly there what I can remember. I chose Spanish to learn because it is one of the easier languages to comprehend. I will hope to look at another language once I have the basics of Spanish but it's going very well. Cultures differ so much around the world. Some are open, warm friendly and welcoming and then other's not so welcoming. So, it would be nice to retire to a place that was warm, welcoming and friendly. These places truly exist when we look for them. xx

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

This is what I have learnt from the Mind, Body and Spirit on line workshops

The future or the life we would like to have is dependant upon our own efforts and resolve

I am fifty years old and I cared for an elderly Father and I realise my Mother puts a lot of her unhappiness on to me

I realise life is an on going learning curve and we learn and grow through the challenges of life,

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to Roukaya

I do believe this, that we never ever stop learning. Life has many curves and we find resolve in our dealings with life's uneven path. What we put into ourselves we get out. That's what takes effort. When you are weak it takes strength. When you are sad it takes selflessness. When you are anxious it takes, clarity of thought. When in pain, work through it and when enlightened with happiness and a surrounding calm, share it with every soul you ever come across. xx

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Roukaya in reply to bobbybobb

Very beautifully said

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

Happy Eid Roukaya.

I honestly think you will look back at this time and see it as a blessing for what you learn from this experience, whatever that may be. Iโ€™m sure it will have made you stronger. I think youโ€™ve done so well to turn this situation into a lesson and thatโ€™s a gift to you. Well done.

Good evening

I hope you are safe and well

Very kind words

Thank you

Could you please explain what you mean by this situation being a lesson resulting in a gift

How have you spent your day?

My Mother puts her worries on me but I am trying to realise that her complaints and worries can impact on my own ability to cope

She does have a few friends for support and I am on my own

Again I realise this and this is something I should learn to cope and adjust too

Well done. All I can say is that I'm with you in spirit

We all need to get through this pandemic and look to our own Faith and our God. It is great to know that we can all live happily together with our different beliefs and maybe when we come out of this we may all start to live in peace and acceptance of each other. x

Happy Eid xx

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MidoriVisually impaired

I'm so glad that you are feeling more positive now, and can begin to look forward with some hope for the future.

Cheers, Midori

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Roukaya in reply to Midori

Good morning

I hope you are well

To be honest I am quite tired mentally as I realise that we need to continue to try otherwise we will never succeed

How are you

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MidoriVisually impaired in reply to Roukaya

I can understand your tiredness, I'm getting that way under lockdown too. it saps your will and energy, although setting up the house does keep me busy and unable to dwell on it. find I am experimenting with new cooking in the last few weeks, also gardening, which I haven't done for years. Will be nice to have home grown veg again.

In Wales, we are still under full lockdown, and the police have been very busy turning people away, and reporting some for prosecution, because some folk think that because England has relaxed the rules they can go where they like. Here there is only online shopping, apart from supermarkets and essential repairs places. Some of our garden centres are reopening, but they may revert to online only again if folk won't keep their distances.

All our beaches are closed, also public toilets, so we really don't want holidaymakers here still; we don't have the facilities should a second wave of the virus hit us suddenly (we only have one big hospital for three counties here) although there are a lot who try it on. Some manage to get by the police, but a lot get caught.

Cheers. Midori

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S11m in reply to Midori

I wonder how long they will keep the Nightingale hospitals open - and if they are thinking they might have to move trainloads of patients to them from Wales, Devon and Cornwall?

I feel for you and realise the importance,it must be a great thing for those who do it.


I hope you are well

Could you please explain your reply

I hope it will all be over by Christmas - so we can all celebrate with family then.

There is "always" a party in town here for anyone who would be alone at Christmas.

Is Christmas special for you?

A slightly belated happy Eid, Roukaya. My partner and I used to go to those Mind, Body, Spirit exhibitions. I really enjoyed them, especially some of the workshops. It gave my spirit a boost. I think we stopped going because we had been to so many and they were beginning to be repetitive and we stopped getting the flyers advertising them. I would imagine it was a great thing for you to do yesterday.

I also watched the breakfast programme yesterday where they were presenting muslim dishes from all over the world. Apart from that, I did some dusting and polishing of my living room. I will do the floor after the chimney sweep has come on Wednesday, but it is unlikely that he will make any mess. Just procrastinating, but resting is as important as keeping moving. My arthritis is hardly noticeable; my back is excruciating after activity but I am sleeping much better and therefore have much more life in me than before Lockdown. Ironic really.

I hope you are able to enjoy this beautiful sunny day somehow. You are doing well.

Good Afternoon

Thank you for being kind enough to reply

I tend to agree that the Mind ,Body and Spirit Festival on line content can be a little repetitive but given my own mind set it has been essential for me to understand what strategies I can use mentally to move ahead

I just did a video recording of myself for a job interview I can see just how I can come across

It is shocking in the least to glimpse what others can see of me at face value

I think you can rest better because may be your mind is more at rest

Eid is very beautiful and thus is why I felt bad to have been on my own

But in our religion we believe that Allah is the one who decrees everything but we must also make the appropriate efforts

Thank you for reply

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