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Which would you choose today?

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You can have any of these today - forget about fat, gluten free, getting it from the shops - this is a virtual fantasy -

Cheese and tomato sandwiches

Jacket potato with butter and tuna and salad

Vegetable quiche

Curry and rice



Strawberry ice cream sundae

Apple pie and custard

Rice pudding

Cream cakes


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Curry and rice, followed by apple pie and ice cream for me lol 👍

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to Hidden


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AndrewT in reply to Craftyperson

Mee too.... or is that 'Three'?


Baked potato and tuna followed by strawberry sundae. Have a lovely day and take care of yourself 😊 Bernadette xx

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It's got to be the apple pie and custard. 🍰👍

Strawberry ice cream sundae... I think I'll grab some ice cream from the freezer for lunch.

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wiserlady in reply to LadyZen

where from?

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LadyZen in reply to wiserlady

Nothing fancy. Just Breyers from Food Lion I bought last week. I like my ice cream simple.

piggy lol

why not when its a fantasy, you wont put on weight or feel sick

Definitely the lasagna 😋

Definitely curry and rice as I haven't been able to get my friday night takeaway for a few weeks. Some are open it's just to hard to get through on the phone for a delivery 😊

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Curry, curry and curry was going to say followed by ice cream then I saw apple pie and custard mmmmm and as this in fantasy world the apple pie and custard won't upset me will it?

Hi wiserlady,

I think I'd like to go for the jacket potato, and if we're allowed dessert too, then apple pie and custard please. 😊

All of them!

All of them. Seriously can't choose just one or two. All so yummy. Plus I have not had breakfast!! darn your post making me hungry! Just kidding of course!

Gotta get that curry and rice every time.

Late to the party but I love jacket potato. For dessert I want fruitcake

Can we have all of them?

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