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A ride on the bike I didn't expect today

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Hi all

I phoned our Holland & Barrett store which is in our city centre this morning (our city centre is around 6.5 miles away) to see if they had any spelt/buckwheat and lo and behold they did - hurray, I can now make bread that I can eat. I've been trying to find something as I cannot even eat the GF bread I made because of the almonds in it, it upset my tummy. I'm now going to go off and make some Buckwheat bread.

I'm so glad I have my bike as I don't have to use the car to get into our city centre and they were brilliant with the social distancing as they were only allowing 3 people in the shop at any one time, even better.

It's like Summer here today so hope it's good where you are in the UK and anywhere else in the world.

I didn't take any photos of the countryside today but here are a couple of my garden, this is the first year for the Weeping Willow which is coming out lovely now.

Alicia :)

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Thank you Jerry and I wasn't expecting to be able to get buckwheat flour, unfortunately the spelt is on the backburner as I cannot get the flour.

The bread is in the oven, I'll post a photo when done.😋

I will be putting a photo up shortly. :)

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We have a weeping willow on the other side of our fence, it is a games field, looks lovely in Summer but its a pain in the winter, the leaves go all over our lawn.

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I love Weeping Willows. This is the first year for us so looks like I'll be picking up a lot of leaves off the decorative stone in the front garden then. ;)

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I rode my bike to the grocery store 2 days ago. First bike ride in months, legs a little bit stored after but now I am fine and relaxed!

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Well done on your bike ride, it doesn't take long for the legs to get used to it.🚴‍♀️

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