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A bike ride today on the lookout for spelt flour

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Hi all

I used my bike today purely to return some buckwheat flour that I purchased last week, it didn't agree with me and made me quite poorly so I won't be buying that again. I'm not that sad as I really didn't like the taste of it.

Anyway, back to the bike ride, at least I still got exercise and cycled 24.27 km, just over 15 miles.

When I got back home I had a very late lunch and then made Fluffy Vegan Banana Bread. Oh and I managed to find some GF Wholemeal Bread Flour and I wrote to a local company and it looks like I'll be able to get some spelt flour - yay, I'm one happy bunny. :)

Here's the link to the recipe:


Hope you've all had a lovely day.

Stay safe and well.


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That's good news managing to get the spelt flour after all that!

You won't have buckwheat again!

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Thank you Hidden , It's been a lot of effort but definitely worth it. I popped into Sainsburys as well and I have to say the gentleman I spoke to was so helpful.

I certainly won't be having buckwheat again, I was feeling off colour for 3 days, the night times being the worst.

I hope that you are well.

Stay safe.


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Yes I am fine thanks and been for my daily walk over lunchtime which breaks the day up nicely and set up camp on the sofa this afternoon to finish off a book called to the moon and back by Jill mansell which I enjoyed.

That buckwheat flour is all experience at the end of it all and you know better for next time not to have it again if it upsets you.

I find that mustard seed and cabbage set me off and upset my stomach and spicy foods do as well.

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I'm glad you're fine, good to hear. A lovely time to go for a walk, perfect as it really does break the day up.

I felt awful but agree that I now know and will never eat it again, the shop were really good as they took it back and refunded me.

By the sounds of it, apart from cabbage it's all spicy stuff for you. Isn't it strange that we all seem to react to something.

Stay staff.

Alicia 😊

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Survivor4Ever in reply to

Mustard seed a no for me, but I love the cabbage though!

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Yummy.. and Dove Farm are offering a £25 box to their GF customers who cannot get supplies:)

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It really is, I'm very happy with it.

Thank you and I've seen the Dove's Farm hamper but unfortunately the only thing I'd use would be the flour.😊

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Looks delicious, I could just eat a slice with a cup of Yorkshire tea. xx

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Thank you Bobby. Ah the Yorkshire Tea😋. I taste tested it and it's lovely😋

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to

It's the only one I'll drink, I've tried the rest and that one is best. I like a strong cup of tea. xx

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to bobbybobb

I'm going to shock you all I'm a Yorkshire lass that not only doesn't drink Yorkshire tea but doesn't drink tea full stop!!!! When I went to USA they couldn't believe a English person didn't drink tea. But David loved Yorkshire tea.

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Ah you're just like my dad used to be bless him, we always used to say that the spoon would stand up in his mug on it's own as the tea was so strong🤣. My main drinks are water Pukka Three Gingwr tea and my homemade oat milk mocha, I have a small barista with a steaming arm,I love it.😋

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to

Ah a Yorkshire lass, I have a couple of relative in Middlesbrough, when I'm there's visiting I always have a day at Sandsend and Whitby being from the city I just love being out in the Countryside. Yes mocha, I like them, I might have a frothy coffee occasionally when I'm out. 😄😄

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My dad was from Durham, my cousin lives in Gisburn and my grandparents were from Kendal, what's not to like🤗. There's definitely northern in me for sure even though I was born in the Westcountry.😊

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bobbybobbAmbassador in reply to

Yes I know all those places.😄😄😄

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Can't beat the North, I have a real closeness to the place😊😊

So am I. I posted in a local group on Facebook and someone recommended the local business result as it supports a local business. I really hope you don't suffer, the past 3 days for me were horrible.

I've tried some of the banana bread and it's lovely, I'll make it again.

Thank you Jerry, I taste tested it and it tastes good😋

Ha ha not sure about being a film star😉

You are really good Jerry in how you manage your condition, it's not easy to pick at labels at times, it's so much easier to cook yourself isn't it. I'm eating some dark chocolate at the mo, it's really good. Grapes are something that unfortunately I cant eat and I love them but as you say we work round it.

I'm a very happy bunny, but in a roundabout way I'm learning how to make different breads.🤗😉

Enjoy the rest of your evening and stay safe and well.


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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Looks and sounds lovely

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Thank you, it does taste good.🙏

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to

Will have to give it a try

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It's very easy to make and I make my own oat flour by grinding the oats in my food processor, works really well.

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits in reply to


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Very easy as well

I'll always say it, the king of bread🥇🏆

Perfect I'd say, happy baking😋😊

Well done Alicia, good result at last! 😊

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Thank you, I'm really pleased 👍😊

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A little buckwheat goes a long way.

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Unfortunately I won't be able to buy it again, it really upset me big time. I've now managed to get hold of spelt flour which I'm picking up later today.

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Where are you managing g to get the spelt flour, I can’t get any anywhere!

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I bought it in a small local shop near to where I live in Devon. It's a place where you normally take your own container to fill but they are using paper bags at the moment because of the current situation. I've been informed by my Dietician that her hubby saw some in Tesco.

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Did you know that buckwheat is so similar in composition to rubber that if you are allergic to latex, you can react to buckwheat? I'm sorry if someone already mentioned it. I haven't finished reading all the comments.

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Why thank you and no I didn't know that, never heard of it so thank you for letting me know.👍

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