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Coloring fun.


This is what i am going to start doing again. I am almost done coloring all the pages but definitely will purchase a different one soon. I didn't think i would really like it at first, but once i got into it, it was fun. ☺❤

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I agree Kathush,

It can be so relaxing. A couple of years ago I caused hilarity on a train I was travelling on as the only passenger in my carriage. (It was during a storm, and the train had been diverted so most of the other passengers had been directed to another train).

I was colouring, completely absorbed, when the ticket inspector appeared in front of me. He looked completely shocked at first. He'd probably never seen an adult colouring before, never mind on a train! After his shock he laughed out loud until I felt I had to say "so pleased to be a source of amusement to you" in a frosty tone, and he rapidly went on his way.

Lol, that, i love that!! 😂💕


That is absorbing and looks like so much good fun. It takes so much concentration, you don't have time to think of anything else. I think we should all be doing them. xx

Kathush in reply to bobbybobb

It really does take some concentration, time goes by too fast and still haven't completely finished a page. Other days i can complete 3 or more pages when my anxiety is high. ☺❤

Oldham65 in reply to Kathush


.i too love colouring, I find it very therapeutic. Take care and stay safe. Love and hugs Lynne xxxx 😘

Kathush in reply to Oldham65

Thank you so much Lynne. ☺💕

Oldham65 in reply to Kathush

You are very welcome.. love and hugs Lynne xxxx 😘


It's supposed to be a really good thing to do. It looks good.

Kathush in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much. ☺❤

Oh I love colouring always have since I was a child when every Christmas there was always a book and crayons in my stocking

I was so glad when they started to sell adult colouring books

I get very excited about newly sharpened colouring pencils and a new picture to do

Enjoy 😊

Kathush in reply to Cat33

Oh goodness, me too Cat33!!! I love finishing a page and most of the time they come out beautiful.

Then i excited to start another and sharpen all pencils i used so i won't have to interupt the fun of doing that in the middle of coloring, lol.


Cat33 in reply to Kathush

Simple pleasures

Stay safe and happy xx

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