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Best relationships come from friendship thoughts?

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I am pretty sure my friend is also falling in love with me .. Does the best relationship come from friendship thoughts I am intretsed?

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I think it depends. People do say you should be friends first but I think lots of people start dating someone and then they get on or they don’t.

Being friends first definitely has its advantages as you know each other and what you have in common. That’s not to say it will work out. I think if you are good friends be mindful that if the relationship doesn’t work out that you might lose a good friend or maybe you could still be friends.

If you have strong feelings for your friends also then I think that’s a great foundation to build on.

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Mia898 in reply to Agoodenough

I just do not want to spoil 6 months friendship . He knows I like him . He has started wanting to join my social things before did not want to .. So lets see . I am just playing cool and time will tell or is that wrong??

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Agoodenough in reply to Mia898

You sound very sensible. I think the way you are dealing with this is perfect. You are being led by your head and not your heart. Some people throw all caution and sense to the wind and go with their heart 😊

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Mia898 in reply to Agoodenough

I just do not want to spoil . I know he loves me he wont open up we have both been hurt before so my friend reckons this I bet you he thinks that hes not good enough for you. He would, never tell you, because hes embarrassed. He loves you but hes afraid. The best answer is to this would you agree just be me if true love he will open up in time or would you not agree be honest?

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Agoodenough in reply to Mia898

Yes definitely be yourself. It sounds like you have a lovely relationship and if he has been hurt before he will naturally be cautious so there is no need to rush anything. Enjoy each other’s company and have fun times x

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Mia898 in reply to Agoodenough

It is true his ex Girlfriend Parents did not think he was good enough he said I have to stand up to mine and do what I want as she had the same. Difference is I do not listen to mine he is the best guy I have meet way better than my ex. I get so I am asking him along to things . He agreed to meet family guessing that is more than friendship as most friends do not want to please quote me wrong? There no rush we both have mental health issues . He talks openly about mine I do not . I hear more about him so its grate as I used to talk he does to know .. Over time .. Auntie had a friend who turned into more took years but no rush .. I just talk to him like a friend.. I just remember fun do not want to spoil last time I nearly lost him due to my ex making me let him go upset us but he accepted had me back as a friend so grateful . That is when my ex control started I should have learnt but did not via hard way . I have my friend and single so all good :)

Yes I have but a little complex . May come together no rushing and enjoy friendship that is important get me out :)

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I think things just develop and if it feels comfortable and right, a relationship will develop naturally.👍🌈

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Mia898 in reply to bobbybobb

I totally agree run with it .. If not good friendship we will both find a good Partner :)

go for it!

It can? But if it doesn’t work out? You can kiss that friendship Good-bye? Keep that in mind? 😷🙏

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Mia898 in reply to Want2BHappy3

Saying that my ex and I are friends so doesn't have to be bad.. I am not rushing.. We would always be friends that is the main thing.

People fall in love in many different ways. Sometimes it's a slow burn and sometimes one meeting is enough to ignite the spark. But love's an elusive thing and should always be handled with care. And I think that's especially important if it comes from a friendship. Because if it doesn't work out, you can lose not only the one you loved, but a good friend too. So I'd say proceed carefully, but very best wishes for a happy outcome! 😊🙏

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CraftypersonReading Rabbits

Friendship and things in common are definitely a good starting point and if it leads to love all the better but do bear in mind if it doesn't work out you could loose a good friend. Probably best to just see how it goes and not push things

I think I just carry on as a good friendship . Meet my family like we planed as friends just see what happens . For me it is just lovely to have a friend company and have fun I would prefer to have a good friend and just let life happen than spoil this . I am enjoying life :).

I just want us both to be happy even if that is friends and we both have different partners that is also grate. We have been through so much he has supported me through a hell of a upsetting time .. Thanks for all your comments . I will always love him as my friend if not more :) I just want him to be happy and have the choices I have had .

Yes I certainly think you need to be friends first, sometimes you can get confused by lust romantic love and that faded then you can find you nothing really in common and didn't even really like each other that much I think things are different when you get to my age 56, I always went for looks and charmers the bad guys as they turned out to be I am now looking for a soul mate to grow old with a good friend and companion a steady kind of love and with true love comes true passion I hope it works out for you, true love is wanting the other person to be happy if you feel that for each other then it's real

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