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So this was fun to do

A while back I thought of putting one of my designs on a "DIY online" travel cup. Those run $16-$24 US. Then I did a little looking, and found a way to DIY it at home for about $4.25 US. Here's how it turned out. I may talk to the refuge friends group to see if something like this would be a fundraiser or recognition piece. So inexpensive to make.

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What a great outcome Wallowa and wouldn't it be lovely if you can find a way to help the refuge through this clever idea!

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I hope so. I just made another and photographed them to share with my refuge group

cups with bird designs

That's a great idea Wallowa, very thoughtful of you and I hope the refuge think it's a good idea. xx

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contacting Janelle today!

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👍 xx

That design looks great on the travel cup. I hope you are successful in raising funds for the refuge friends group, is it possible to say a little more about the group Wallowa? 🙂🪶

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Sure. I belong to a "friends of wildlife refuges" group: Specifically, to Friends of Malheur national wildlife refuge, which is near where I grew up.

Each group raises funds for refuge projects and sometimes does volunteer projects. Here are some pictures I love this area so much.

Most of you probably don't know this reference, but some armed folks (same type of people who rioted at the US capitol this year) took over the headquarters and did $3 million dollars worth of damage. The refuge folks and many others were forced from their houses for 40 days in bitterly cold January weather (typical low is -4c), but they used that time to create educational and experiential projects for the local community and the nearby Paiute tribe.

They are good people.

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Thank you for the link and the background information, the pictures of the Malheur national wildlife refuge are very beautiful. I can see why you love it.

It’s admirable that the people who were forced from their homes in such a horrible way were able to turn a negative into a positive by creating projects for the benefit of the local community and the Paiute tribe. They definitely are good people. 🙂

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Thank you!

What a brilliant idea. It looks so good. And great that you can do them at a fraction of the price. It would be great if you could do them for fundraising 😁🐰

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Going to talk to them today!

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focused1Reading Rabbits

Wow ..please do it . Send me a link to your site ...I am serious and I will buy .

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Very cool. Will talk to them today about including them in the refuge store or just as thank you gifts :)

That’s a brilliant idea! Wish I could buy one😊

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I just sent a note to two refuge folks, thanks to encouragement here! Hoping they will be interested! thanks, all!

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Fingers crossed. 🙂🤞

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