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Make it interesting , fun, and worth while.

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I think we should write our own story not someone else's idea of what it should be . I want a little drama and mystery in mine. A happy ending too. Pam

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Yes sweetiepie (what a wonderful 'name' too), I too do write stories and Poems, mostly to be honest. I have just finished two, for Easter, one is quite serious and Christian (which I am). the other is Much More Fun. It's not quite finished yet, I'm Doing It at my Monday Art group, it will be finished next week- in time for Easter. I could maybe 'Post', a copy here?

Let me know, will you please.

Once again, a lovely idea.


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sweetiepye in reply to AndrewT

Oh I wish you would post your writing. I'm sure we would all enjoy it or relate in some way. Do you have a favorite poet or a writer who speaks to you? What goes on at Monday Art group ? When I was teaching Art I held a painting class one night a week for the Mothers of my students. Fathers were invited too ,but none joined us. I remember it being so much fun and good for the soul . It didn't hurt that it was held in the church basement . Pam

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I'm quite happy to Share, some of my 'Poetic' Musings. This one I wrote in June, last year.

"The 'Good Old' British Weather,

It Waters the Earth and Heather,

Sometimes it makes us Curse,

But, then again, it could be Worse.

When it's Hot, we Complain,

When it's Cold, we Complain,

When it's Wet, we Complain,

When it's Dry, we Complain.

What a Stupid Bloomin' lot,

Never Happy, with what we've Got!"

I think that this 'Goes' quite well, though maybe it IS a bit short. My Art Group is run by the Stroke Group and, is open, to all ages and abilities. As regards a Favourite Poet, no not really, though I do like Pam Ayres, Sir John Betjamin (whose name I can't seem to even be able to SPELL, at the moment!) , along with odd 'Bits' that hear Around. I'll admit that 'Troy' is a BIT Heavy Going!

Maybe we could start a 'Poetry Corner'? In the mean time, I hope you like the poem, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes


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sweetiepye in reply to AndrewT

I do like the poem

I don't like the weather

Changing our attitudes

would make us feel better

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AndrewT in reply to sweetiepye

The better we feel,

The more we reveal,

About having some fun,

Whilst taking a run.

I Wrote that in about a minute!

'Speed Poetry'.....How much can you write in, let's say, Fifteen Minutes? Just a thought, that maybe we ought, to try our best, when put to the test.

Over to you...or, indeed, Anyone else. please DO contribute.


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sweetiepye in reply to AndrewT

I have to have a think

before I respond in ink.

I wouldn't want to disappoint

but think I do not have a point.

I went out and bought

a notebook and pen.

I'll answer your challenge

I don't know when

Dear Pam (sweetiepye)

I have just finished two Easter poems, one Quite Serious, regarding The Passion and Resurrection. the other, much more fun- Bickering Children, Easter Eggs, Missing Cakes ('Guilty ' Child) and Family Fun. I'm pleased, with them both. I might 'Post' them sometime, after Easter.

Have a good time, 'Talk' to you Later.


I have finally found the Time,

To send another silly Rhyme,

It's just a quick note to say,

These can really Brighten my day.

I hope that you are well Pam and that you enjoyed your Easter. I spent mine with my Mother helping her Sort Out, her 'Things', because she is Moving. We both also went to the Church, for their Easter Services, which were lovely. 'Talk' to you soon.


Rhyming to you has gotten to be

a challenge, but also fun for me.

Writing of any kind can be

one of the best forms of therapy.

We were in Florida for Easter week with about 16 family members. The kids outnumbered the adults and we colored so many eggs that I made deviled eggs, egg salad, and eggs in Chef's salad. I'm bloated. Pam

What can we do

When feeling blue

Close the door and

Say no more...

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