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Fun snack, terrible aftermath

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I just left the hospital after nearly 2 weeks of care. I was suffering from severe abdominal pain and bloating. I didn't look like I had swallowed the proverbial basketball, but instead looked like I had a beachball in my belly.

It started when I was going about my business one day and, wham!, out of nowhere, I got the most anguishing abdominal pain! I barely had enough strength to dial my nurse service but couldn't even call an ambulance for myself. I don't even remember seeing my nurse while he was at my home. It was the first time the medics pulled me out on a gurney. Usually I have to walk over to it.

I was screaming for half day in the hospital until the pain was at least controlled. Then, they tried 3 times to insert a naso-gastric tube - unsuccessfully. A couple of days later, they attempted to insert a tube 7 more times. They finally got a very tiny one in. My pain finally subsided when the fluid started to be suctioned out.

I'm home now, on a liquid diet, which will be followed by a soft food diet for a while.

The culprit? I recently discovered a very tasty and enjoyable snack - Flaming Hot Corn Puffs. I had eaten a bag of them and then all this happened. I'm still eliminating red dye, so I know that's the culprit.

Thought I'd share for people who like to indulge in snacks.

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What a dreadful ordeal, you probably won't be eating any more of those snacks! I'm glad you're on the mend now and hope you're fine for Christmas. x

Thank you for the kind thoughts!

Oh you poor thing, what an ordeal. So glad you are back home now and fingers crossed 🤞 on the way to recovery. Who would,of thought you could have such misery from eating a snack. I’m in the UK so not too sure what the snack you ate are, but will certainly keep my eye open for them.Take care and my best wishes for your recovery.

Shirley xx

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They're flaming hot snacks. No more flaming hot snacks for me!

Ooh that sounds ghastly DesertDeuces. No flaming hot corn puffs shall ever enter my thoughts again!🔥🔥🔥

Great idea! LOL

OMG What an ordeal! Out of interest how do you know it was the red dye that caused the problem? Was it an allergic reaction? Useful information to have for the future. Take care and try and ensure you have safe snacks over the Christmas period.Cheers

I don't think it was the red dye, per se. What I said was that I'm still eliminating red dye - meaning that it's evidence of what got me. I think it was the whole corn puff and the coating.

Dear DesertDeuces,

This sounds like an Allergy- the 'Real Type', that is. (As opposed to the 'Trendy' Type, you know, some Celeb- that we have never heard of- Thinks (s)he has an 'Allergy', to something... Hey Presto, so do ALL the 'It' Crowd).

Sorry if I sound a 'Tad' cynical, regarding Allergies, it's just that My Mother has, very Genuine, Celiac's Disease. She is in absolute Agony, for up to sixteen hours, should she consume Gluten.

I DO hope, that all this 'Red' soon Comes Back Out, my friend- and that you 'Recover' quickly. It might, very well, be worth your while 'Finding Out' what is 'IN' this Product. Written to, in these 'Terms', the Manufactures Might reveal what 'Spices, Including Nutmeg' actually contains.

Once again, sorry that you are So Unwell DesertDeauces, I Wish you well as, I'm sure, we ALL do.


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Andrew, I believe you're right on target. I do have many 'real' food allergies and they cause me misery in the gut, among other symptoms. Best wishes to your poor mother!I totally agree that the word 'spices' needs to be replaced with the actual spices in the product. Black pepper is one of my worst allergies and it's listed on food labels under the umbrella term 'spices'. Drives me up a wall not knowing if I can consume something or not. I've passed by lots of tasty looking things.

Thank you so much, Jerry.

Wow! That is so scary 😟

It sure is

I never would’ve thought a snack could do that! Wow