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Just a Bit of 'Stupid' Fun

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Just a few thoughts.....

An 'Orange' is Orange, a 'Lemon' is Lemon, a 'Lime' is lime, a 'Tangerine' is tangerine..... So why isn't a Banana a 'Yellow'?

We say that we are 'Popping Round', to our friends.... Never 'Popping Square'. We 'Wash Up' crockery but 'Wash Down' walls.

On our Tops we have a head but, on our Bottoms we have Feet.... Our 'Bottoms' are Half Way Down. We always sit 'Down' but stand 'Up'.... but if I'm on the Top Deck, of a bus, aren't I Sitting 'Up'.... even if I'm Slouching 'Down'.

Someone, not me unfortunately, said that ''English is a Silly language because, only in English could a 'Slim Chance', and a 'Fat Chance' mean much the same''.

I have 'Posted' the story of the Two skunks before (one called Inn, and the other Owtt) but if anybody wants this again, please let me know).

In the mean time 'hang tight'.... sorry 'loose'.


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Great stuff, great craic as we would say in Ireland. Seriously love this post and all the replies and now I hope I can look forward to the story about the skunks please?? Please,please......

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AndrewT in reply to primrose81

Ok the Story of the two Skunks...

There are two Skunks, one called Inn, and the other Owtt.... One day Inn & Owtt, both go 'out' later on however Owtt comes 'in', leaving Inn 'out'.

After a while Inn & Owtt's Mother says to Owtt "Can you go back 'out', and bring Inn 'in', please?" So Owtt goes 'out' and soon Inn & Owtt both come 'in'. "That was quick" says their Mother "how did you find Inn so fast?" "Well it was easy beacause....." wait for this..... Brace yourself primrose81..... "because 'Inn Stinked'!"😬🥴😁😁😁 You DID, quite literally 'ask', for this.....


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Thank you for making my evening!

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Thanks for the weekend cheer up, hope thats the right words. After all a bap is a bun a roll or batch in England depending on where you live. :)

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A bap is a muffin where I live!!!

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Sorry for slow reply your post went to my spam folder. Never thought of that one, I like muffins especially for breakfast with baked beans on. Wonder if anyone else as other names for bread rolls.

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No need for apologies.

Yes, I wonder what other people call muffins!!! Hope you are well. Lots of love and hugs Lynne xxxx ❤️💜

Did you know that the colour orange comes from the fruit ? Previously everything was red , which is why we have such things as Robin red breast, Red deer , red hair, which are actually orange.

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AndrewT in reply to Angelagone

Thank you Angela, I didn't know that. One for you, the 'Iris', of the eye, used to be called the 'Apple'- hence 'Apple Of His Eye'.

Perhaps we should 'start' a Did You Know Post?


Definitely, there's an awful lot I don't know !

Thank you I enjoyed reading the list. I am an ex Brit who lives in the US, and as you can imagine the yanks have turned the English language up side down. I love the English language as it is so colorful, and So old. My friend from Lancashire called me "Luv", me from Lincolnshire I called her "Duck". In Devon they called us "My Lovely". only ones I can remember. Over here they call crisps, chips, and chips french fries!!!? They call some sausage hot dogs, I call them "Bangers".... I understand new words are added to the dictionary every year, that should keep us busy.......

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AndrewT in reply to Sprinkle1

Dear Sprinkle1,

I can see that you have been 'State Side', for a while. You spelt Colourful, as 'colorful'.

By the way Darlin' is used London way, not forgetting 'Mate', 'Mucker' and 'Chum'. In Australia the Best Known adhesive tape is called Durex, actually true.

Are you in the Northern States, and 'A' 'Merican'.... or way down South 'Yo All'? Whever you are enjoy it....


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