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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Self isolation

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It's been three weeks since I've been out. Had a persistent cough, headache, occasional vomitting and diarrohea but no fever. Went to GP because I had h pylori bacteria last year when I was admitted to hospital. After blood and stool tests I was told I am ok. But I've been so sick. Losing my balance can just about walk and lost my voice. Thank God I am now feeling much better but consumed each day with thinking about covid-19 and how I'd cope with my underlying medical condition. Stay in and be safe.

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10 Replies

Hi Buxton,

What a worrying and horrible situation for you. I'm delighted you are now beginning to feel a bit better. At least you did the sensible thing and were self-isolating. I think that is't extra scary when you have underlying health conditions already.

Please don't take any chances with yourself and I hope your improvement continues. Very best wishes.

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Thank you. God bless.

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And you too Buxon.

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The best thing you can do then is to stay 'safe' in isolation and rest up more especially when you are feeling vulnerable. Lots of us here have underlying health issues and feel your trepidation as well - so the main thing is not to be exposed and we'll all get through this (together).

Best wishes

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Thank you. Having sliding hernia, GERD which comes with bloated rumbling stomach, passing gas up and down and nausea. Daily I have stomach problem sometimes I am fearful to eat. On top of everything else, it's the helplessness which gets to me. But I am keeping the faith and give thanks for each day in the land of the living. Blessings.

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Hi Buxon, I know what it is like, losing your voice, I lost mine for a month, (2010)and found out what it is like not to be able to use a phone and having to write communications d,own.,a mixing with friends, family and public., so frustrating.

Keep safe, that's all we can do, and I hope your symptoms settle down. I was home for Jan, Feb, with chest infection.

Then just as I felt ok, this pandemic, so im finding being confined longer very difficult, as I live alone, luckily I count my blessings, my 2 cats were my carers, and very good too!, and I got used to online shop whilst unwell.

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Good🍀luck and God bless, ary88. Pets are wonderful support! X

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Thank you for your response. If ever you want someone to chat to please feel free to contact me. God bless.

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And to you. Thanks

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You poor old fruit! My word, you've been through it! SO glad you're improving. Cosset yourself with any treat you can devise.

Please don't dwell on the b****** virus. Half an hour on the news is as much as I can bear. We're also targeted on-line.. So we should all know what's what now. Keep in touch with the medics as necessary, arrange food deliveries as far as possible AND MENTALLY SIT BACK! What else can any of us do? Eat well, exercise as best we can, get fresh air ++ which is V important, try and enjoy whatever possible - even daytime tv! For myself, it's important to keep in touch with folk - TALKING to them when possible, otherwise I often talk aloud to myself!

Good 🍀 luck, lovie.

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