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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation

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Self isolation

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Hi all

Both myself and my husband are self-isolating as he has asthma but we will fortunately, at present, be able to enjoy some walking but I am dreading lockdown if it happens which I feel it will.

Our granddaughter has JIA so her immune system is suppressed with drugs so we can't see either granddaughters now until this is all over and our eldest daughter has severe mental healthy issues so I am struggling to say the least but I know we will get over this and things will get better.

Stay safe all and we will ride through this together.

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Hi crazyfitness, It's a horrible prospect isn't it, so I'd suggest trying to enjoy your last little while with fewer restrictions and not thinking too hard about how it will be when things get tougher. And you are right. We will get through this because we have to, and we will do it better because we are coming together to help each other through. Very best wishes, and try not to focus on what the worst outcome might be.

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Hi Hidden , thank you so much for your reply and yes it's awful isn't it but I know there are loads more people a lot worse off than me, we just have to sit it out. I'm keeping in touch regularly with my eldest daughter to check that she's okay with her mental health and I'm also in touch with my youngest one to see how she is with the children.

I know I need to focus on the positives, you are right.

All the best to you.


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Hi ,. My wife , son and myself are in the same position. So I can empathise with your situation. To be honest I feel more relaxed now that we are actually self isolating ; since it was more anxiety-producing for us to be mingling with others who were less aware of the danger. So we all of us self - isolators may be better off than we were.What do you think ?God bless you all.

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Thank you Aquinas , I think the hardest thing for me at present is keeping an eye on my eldest one with her mental health. She tried to take her life a few years ago and she lives on her own so that's my worry really. I do think we're better off being self-isolators though as we'll keep away from it. Ensure when we do our shopping that we keep as clear as possible from other people which I have to say I've actually found quite easy.

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Hope all goes well with your daughter. I can see that it must be a real worry. I hope that you not take offence if I say that I will keep you all in my prayers. God Bless you, George.

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Oh my goodness, not offence taken and thank you very much.


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Thanks for saying that Aquinas. Im new to forums and wanted to but didnt say I will light a candle in a church for daughter of crazyfitness. A little prayer to who ever one believes can only help.

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That's beautiful and thank you. My mum was a born again Christian and it made her so strong as she had a lot to deal with with my awful brother xx

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Hi my husband and myself both self isolating as of Monday and the young lady we look after vulnerable so we in the same position gonna miss our grand and great grandchildren it’s horrible

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Isn't it awful and we still really do not know what's happening, they seem to be dithering. I really feel for the small businesses.

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Hello crazyfitness, we will get through this as you say. I hope you can stay in contact with your eldest daughter as I’m hoping to do with our youngest son. Trying to hold everyone together and remain positive.

Stay safe and well xxxxx

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Thank you very much and I really appreciate your kind words. You also stay safe and well. xxx

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My thoughts are with you at this time crazyfitness. I know it can be an extreme challenge dealing with a family member that is challenged mentally . This too shall pass.

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Thank you so much for your very kind words. I think the clouds may have a silver lining though as since I posted there seems to be more opening up which is definitely a positive.


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