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Positive Wellbeing During Self-Isolation
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Points for 'Originality' perhaps


Well, at least it was original! I asked a, fairly 'harmless', question 'On Line' the other day- the exact content isn't important. I received a 'Message', in my Hotmail Bin- which I do sometimes check- stating that it could be answered. 'Great', I thought, ' I'll take that out the bin and use it'. All good, so far, Yes they could answer my question, but only, if I 'Signed Up' to them. 'Fine', I thought, so I followed the link. Well it was Nearly Sixty Pounds, for the Six Month Membership- or Forty Pounds, for Three Months....! I just deleted it.

Just thought that I would Share this, with you all, In Case you ever need an answer. Maybe try Google, Wikipedia or just your friends. Also maybe leave that 'Strange' item, that's in your Computers 'bin', in the Bin. I will next time.


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