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Sorry but you did ask for it! Here’s another painting...

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Hi all,

I recently posted a painting of my dog Shadow and was very encouraged by all the kind comments and some asked that I post any more paintings that turn out reasonably well so here is my version of a swan.

The black background helps with the overall effect I think. Have ordered a set of paints now so I will keep doodling away and post anything that looks reasonable. I think maybe some elephants next as I just love them then maybe I might have a go at a landscape.

Keep safe and well everyone.

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Hi nicholson27, that's beautiful and the swan looks quite ethereal with that dark background. You have a real talent and I'm glad you've decided to keep on painting! 😊

Thank you. I am happy that I decided to start painting as it is an enjoyable and reasonably cheap pass time to keep me sane(ish!) during lockdown which as I am a shielding person, is likely to continue indefinitely for me.

Wow amazing.

Thank you

Do you sell your paintings for a living?

No I have only started to try my hand at painting recently since lockdown so still have a lot to learn but am enjoying it so will continue and see where it leads.

That’s a surprise! Lucky you to have such a talent.

Absolutely beautiful, looking forward to the next one x

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It is stunning. 😊😊

Thanks. I have an idea for another one from a photo I found so will get on as soon as the new paint arrives.

I think everyone on the forum would agree.... that is a spectacular painting of a swan. You must be very proud of your effort. Have you painted before? Also, what medium did you use.


Apart from my dog portrait which I posted last week and a go at a Bob Ross many years ago which was a bit of a disaster, I haven’t really done any painting apart from at school some 40+ years ago. The medium used is the same old acrylics that I used for the dog picture. It is on a canvas page from an art book which I painted black then when dry I sketched a swan outline with a white pencil. I then wet the area and blocked in the shape with titanium white and them put the shaded bits in with grey and then ‘pulled’ the dark through the light to give the feathers / shadows effect.

This was attempt number 2 as the first one ended up like grey mud but second go went better. It is a technique I found on a YouTube tutorial and thought it looked interesting.

Glad you like it anyway and thanks for your reply.

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Dalia74 in reply to nicholson27

Absolutely beautiful , you’ve got a great talent there! Like yourself I’ve only started painting in lockdown ( May) and I love it so much. It’s made Shielding bearable. There are some wonderful tutorials on YouTube. I watched Bob Ross as a kid and loved to draw but I’ve picked up a paint brush after 25 years.., now I can’t stop painting 😆 can’t wait to see the elephants next.

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nicholson27 in reply to Dalia74

Thank you. You must post some of your paintings, we would love to see them.

Elephants are finished and hanging on my bedroom wall. I must take it down and post a photo soon.

I think that I exceptionally good. In fact I would consider buying it and would definitely purchase if there were a pair featured. You are obviously very talented.

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nicholson27 in reply to Patsy10

Thanks very much

Hey don’t apologise the more artwork the better. This is another great painting. I love the feathers you have painted. 😁

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nicholson27 in reply to

Thank you. The feathers effect is just a grey colour pulled through wet white paint which took a couple of attempts but in the end looks surprisingly like feathers.

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I love it I had never heard of that technique before. Like you I came back to painting later in life and now I paint mainly digitally.

Elaine 🙂

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nicholson27 in reply to

Yes I have seen some of your digital pictures and think they are very striking. It is not something I have ever tried and not sure I could master like you as I’m not the most ‘tech savvy’ but I like your artwork. In fact it was the dog that you did which inspired me to post my dog portrait.

in reply to nicholson27

I’m so pleased that you felt inspired to paint again because I’m sure that like me you will get great pleasure from it.

Thank you


This is absolutely brilliant, stunning and beautiful. Love your paintings

Take care and stay safe Lynne

Thank you Lynne for your kind comments. You stay safe and well too.

Absolutely beautiful as was the portrait of your dog😊

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nicholson27 in reply to Buddy34

Thank you very much.

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GhoundsReading Rabbits

This is stunning. I'm shielding too and Happyme has inspired me to try art for the first time since I can't draw at all I'm doing painting by numbers! I know it isn't real art but it's enjoyable and I shall post when I'm done.

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nicholson27 in reply to Ghounds

Thank you. Nothing wrong with painting by numbers and I don’t see why it can’t be considered art. Too much snobbery about such things in my opinion. Enjoying it is the main thing and I look forward to seeing it.

That is lovely nicholson. Well done.

Thank you

Nice work.

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nicholson27 in reply to daddyt


Beautiful want to stroke those fluffy feathers x

Glad you like it.

Wow! I love it. It's so calm and........ It's so calming

Thank you. Swans always look calm and serene, even if their feet might be going like the clappers underwater!

Beautiful, you certainly have the 'eye' for these creatures. I love the Soft focus effect too.

Well done indeed.


Thank you. Glad you like it.

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