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A simple and (almost) free craft idea

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I subscribe to the V&A email bulletins, and my last one had what I thought was a terrific idea from the VA Museum of Childhood. Although a recommendation for children, I think it's good as an activity either with them or just for yourself. It involves some time spent outdoors and in, and needs next to no equipment or money.

All it involves is going out for a walk and collecting items which you find interesting, and maybe with a theme, to arrange artistically on your return home. What that will be, is only limited by your own imagination.

Back at home, find a surface which will complement your collection. This could be a tray, or some fabric or paper which will show off your objects to best advantage.

And then have fun experimenting with arranging them. And, when you find your best result, you can take pictures, either from above or at an elevation, so that you have a record of how it worked out. These could be collected in a scrapbook with details of the day you went for your walk, where you went and what you saw and found in addition to the things you chose to take home.

And if you are a crafter, you could then go on to use that picture as an element in making a card, picture or poster.

I'm definitely going to have a go at this. I think it provides a really good reason for going out for a walk, especially now the weather's not so enticing to go out.

Here's the link for full details and instructions:


16 Replies
Marnie22 profile image

Thanks for this. Your arrangement is lovely! 🙂🌸

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Must admit, though I hate to have to confess Marnie22, that's one of the V&A's! But I did think it was lovely and gave me lots of ideas!

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Marnie22 in reply to

You are so honest! You can post a pic of one your creations soon I hope? 🙂🌸

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Agoodenough in reply to

I thought you had done it too, until I looked at the link and it gave the game away 😂

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Agoodenough profile image

This is a lovely idea! 🙂

What an excellent idea Sue and the one the V&A have displayed is lovely. That would look so nice framed.

Definitely a good reason to get out. :)

Yes Jerry, It would be great to see some of the end results! 😊👍

That sounds like a great idea to get out and about on walks!

I went to the v and a museum many years ago and really enjoyed it there.

thara9643 profile image

This is a good idea

bobbybobb profile image

That looks ever so pretty and what a great idea. It’s getting out and about learning about nature around you. 😊🌸👍

Sheila_G profile image

That is a lovely thing to do. I will definitely be doing it. I will start today in my own garden. Thank you for this. I am going to make some birthday gifts from this idea. Maybe Christmas ones too.

MadBunny profile image

What a fantastic idea. I'm always looking for new crafts. It reminds me of when I was a child and we used to collect things for a 'nature tray'

LittlePaws profile image

Callendsersgirl what a lovely idea xx

RLN-overcomer profile image

I have always had an affinity for leaves, acorns, rocks, sea shells, and the most beautiful , , and abundant things in nature that GOD created :) . I have a collection of everything aforementioned. Thank you for giving me a different idea on how to display some of these items's in a shadow box :| .

in reply to RLN-overcomer

Now that’s a lovely idea! 😊

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