Lucky night!!

A guy meets a prostitute in a bar, she says well hello!! Tonight is your lucky night!! I've got a special game for you!! I'll do absolutely anything you want for £300 as long as you can say it in 3 words!!! The guy says hey why not!!! He pulls out his wallet and takes out £300 and lays it on the bar!! He turns to the prostitute and says very slowly!!!!!

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  • :D :D

  • Oh, that is funny!

  • Hi Pam, I'm trying!! Mind you my other half would agree with that!! Just trying to raise a few smiles. Even if it makes just one person laugh that will do for me. 😀

  • Dear Angep,

    Thank you for the laugh, I have 'posted' a couple recently to.

    Best wishes, thanks again AndrewT

  • Oh your welcome 😀Where have you posted them? I haven't seen them? On the action for happiness?

  • Yes I think so.