Hi every1 glad I'm not alone in this although I feel like I am until I found other people's stories n don't feel so alone nw x

My child is just gone 6 months n he is an angel, he's so good, sleeps 12 hours through nite n 4-5 through day n he's the 1 that keeps me going. He's my second with a 11 year gap n even though my first birth wasn't good I was fine. But this birth was terrible which ended in my placenta eruptin n my partner not sure if me or our child would survive :(. It's hard to explain how I feel but have been on antidepressants for nearly 2 months but still feel irritated all the time n just want to pick my life up n put it somewhere else. My friends irritate me n I cry all the time which makes me frustrated as I'm not sure sometimes y I'm cryin x not sure what else to say xx

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Hi Hunnybunny,

That sounds traumatic :( I can identifiy with the agitation and frustration and the idea that you want to 'pick your life up and put it somewhere else' - I suffered a bit like this after my second too. How are you getting on?

H x


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