Hi. Does this sound like postnatal depression/ anxiety? Dizziness, foggy head, blurred vision and headache?

I had my baby 6 months ago and when he was born I had preeclampsia. I still have high blood pressure. Over the last 5 week I have had dizziness, foggy head some days really bad and I forget to do different things, blurred vision, headache and extreme tiredness. I have had blood tests and eye tests done which have all been normal. Has anyone else felt like this? I cry alot and worry what is wrong with me but in no way do I feel like I want to harm my baby so could it really be depression/anxiety? Thank you

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  • Hi there

    Yes that all sounds familiar! Have you talked this over with your doctor? Don't suffer in silence, get help now !! If you can find someone to look after your baby for a couple of hours don't do any work get as much rest as you can. If the baby sleeps you sleep. But you need help from your doctor.

  • I have been back and forth to the doctors over the past 5 weeks and they are not very supportive to be honest. I was constantly thinking about what was seriously wrong with me but they told me it was different symptoms they have put me on iron tablets because my iron is slightly low but not low enough to cause this dizziness. I will go back and see if they can give me medication and refer me to a councillor. Thank you for the reply. It's a bit of comfort to know it's not just me who has felt like this and maybe I'm not dying as I thought I was.

  • Hi charlhawk

    It does certainly sound like your symptoms could be down to anxiety and post natal illness....have you discussed this with your gp or health visitor? The good news is it does get better with the correct help. You are more than welcome to visit our support site where you will find lots of help and support from ladies that have suffered or are currently suffering with pni. pni.org.uk

  • Hello

    You sound very much like I did with pni. I was plagued with strange physical symptoms - blurry vision, sore eyes, sensitivity to light, exhaustion. The fogginess you mentioned was one of the worst symptoms for me. I felt completely detached as if I was deep in side myself looking out through someone else's eyes . I found out later that this is a well known depression symptom. Like you blood tests only showed mild anaemia which was the norm for me. Tbh these physical symptoms triggered my anxiety as I could not understand why I was feeling this way and became o sessed I was suffering from some terrible illness.

    Pni has so a huge range of symptoms attached to it. Prior to falling myself I assumed new mums with pni would feel classically depressed; I never realised about all the other ones.

    Do go to ur drs . With support whether that's talking therapies and or meds you will recover quicker. If ur able try and do some exercise . I found that helped hugely with the fogginessx

  • Hello rocky77. I know it's really hard to accept that foggy head and dizziness can be a symptom of pni. The blurred vision is scary I went to the eye clinic at the hospital where they can look behind your eyes and they said my eyes look perfectly healthy. I am going to see my doctor I just want to feel like my old self again. I'm a little apprehensive about the antidepressants because I go abroad two weeks Saturday and I've heard that not everyone suits the same tablet and have to change because of side effects. But at the same time I don't want to feel like this on holiday

  • Hi Charlhawk

    I felt the same. I couldn't believe my physical symptoms could be attributable to pni but they were. It's good you've had your eyes checked out so at least you know there is no other cause.

    Where ru off to on ur hols? Enjoy! Maybe wait until you get back before you try the meds. It's quite normal to feel worse before you feel better.

    I do so desperately wanted just to be myself again as its horrible feeling so pants. But I'm sure things will pick upx

  • Hi I had exactly the same thing as you, about 3 months after my baby was born I started to get what can only be described as a heavy head, dizziness, extreme tiredness and the worst thing was the worry that I was going to die. I was convinced that I was going to die and that my symptoms were signifying a brain tumour. The doctor sent me for a brain scan which added to my anxiety. Luckily the neurologist that I saw gave me a course of antidepressants. After id seen that there was nothing terrible in my brain I decided to give them a go. I only took them for a week and it seemed to be enough to snap me out of it. I suffered for about 3 months feeling like you do now. My baby is now 8 months and i'm expecting number 2 and scared that the same thing will happen again! its utterly terrifying! Are you feeling any better now?

  • Thank you for the reply Emily. I don't feel any better but I'm just waiting for an appointment with the neurologist. I feel the same full of worry about what it is. Everytime I look at my baby I just want to cry. Did you have any headaches and foggy head at all? I'm glad you got better fingers crossed same will happen for me. Congrats and I'm sure you will know the warning signs better with number 2 and not worry as much. X

  • Yep I had the headaches and foggy head and I also had these terrifying scitilating scotomas (however you spell it) which is essentially where your vision goes totally fuzzy for about 10 minutes. I was absolutely convinced that I was going to die and leave my little baby without a mother. When I used to pick him up i couldn't focus my eyes on him and felt so dizzy I had to put him down. They kept testing me for all the minor things like low iron and everything kept coming back ok which made me even more convinced I was going to die. I spent hours and hours trawling the internet for anyone who had experienced the same thing as me but no one seemed to fit everything that I had, it drove me mad. I could barely get out of bed in the morning . When the health visitor tested me for PND she said that shed never heard of anyone who had the same symptoms as me, which worried me more. I never thought that I would feel better but the irony of it is that its the worry and the fear that is making you feel that way and once you actually believe you're not going to die it gets better. I refused to believe this until I had my brain scan. Are you having a scan? You will be fine. Nothing that you are describing is actually the sign of anything horrible....(don't worry I didn't believe it either!)

  • Hey how are you feeling ?! Has the symptoms gone away completely now

  • I also see black floating dots a lot. It doesn't help either that I've found a lump on the back of my head this week that does look and feel like a big spot but it's scaring me more. Well that's it when I read about postnatal depression and how it's supposed to make you depressed and angry and not want to do anything I think I don't feel like that I just feel I want to desperately get better and I want to do things but like you say

    getting up is a struggle never mind getting out and about. Supermarkets and shopping malls are bad for me I feel so dizzy there. I don't know, the doctor says the neurologist will decide whether or not to scan me. I hope they do so that hopefully I will see there's really nothing there. I go to Ibiza tomorrow too on holiday such a shame I feel like this. Hope my appointment is soon after I get back too. Feel a bit better though just knowing you had the same awful symptoms and you are better now. X

  • The supermarket thing is exactly the same, I just couldn't handle it at all, I wasn't sure if it was the strobe lighting but I think in reality it was just all the people around. I was the same, I wasn't angry just desperate to get better and enjoy my baby. Don't worry about the lump its your mind playing tricks on you, I thought I'd got a tumour in my nose because my nose felt funny......in reality that's just what my nose feels like but when you're in the depths of worrying you think it must be something. I also made myself believe that my epidural had caused permanent neurological damage. I had so many top ups but my epidural didn't numb the pain at all so id convinced myself that something had gone horribly wrong. How did yours start? I was just sitting in the lounge one day and my head started to feel really heavy like there was pressure pulling it down. How old is your baby? Did you have a little boy or girl?

    Hopefully they scan you to put your mind at ease!

  • I've had the pain up the nose too, think I've had pains pretty much everywhere though to be honest since this started. Mine started one Saturday about 10 weeks ago now I was just sat playing with my baby boy and I just knew

    something didn't feel right mine started by pain in my chest. When I had josh I had to be induced and josh was only 4

    pound n they told me I had preeclampsia but my blood pressure stayed high and was on 4 really strong tablets and I thought I'm having an heart attack. Then the next day I can remember ironing and I felt extremely tired like completely exhausted. Then 2 days later I had pressure in my head, I had black floating spots in vision and headache. It just went from there. I had some days where I felt a bit more normal and some where I've felt so foggy headed and confused I've forgot to change his nappy and all sorts. Seem to be around the time of my period and the week after it's worse. My baby is 7 months old now. How far along are you? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? You are so brave having another so soon after the first. Thank you I'll let you know how I get on x

  • I have a baby boy called Rupert, he's 7 months too, born on 17th Oct. I'm 4 months so haven't found out if its a boy or girl but hoping for a girl! I really wish id found someone else that this had happened too when I had it! Do you find you look everything upon the internet and it confirms your worst fears!? Try your best to forget about it while you are on holiday, it really is the only way it gets better! x

  • Hey ! I know it's been 2 years later hopefully you see this ! I've had all the same symptoms as you like exactly ! I've had brain scans and blood test which all came back normal ! I just wanna ask how are u feeling now did the antidepressants work ?!

  • Josh was born on 21st so quite close together. I know been comforting talking to you. Yes I've googled it lots nothing quite fits

    all the symptoms but yes it does list everything you don't want to read. Thank you I will try x

  • hi,I know this post has been made 3 months ago but im hoping you are still active.i have all the exact symptoms that you have mentioned dizziness,off balance,blurred and fuzzy vision,headache,stiff neck and shoulders and more :( .my baby is now 8 months and I have some good days when i see the light at the end if the tunnel and a lot of bad days that im convinced im dying.I have had all kinds of test including ctscan just to rule out anything scary all test were normal.Im hoping you might know how to overcome this post partum anxiety as my psychiatrist diagnosed me

  • Omg these are all my symptoms too!! Along with ringing in the ears!! But iv also had to have glasses. My son is 7 months. With my first baby I was convinced he'd get hurt or sick and now it seems with my second I'm the one left feeling like I'm dying... I'm now convinced I have lyme disease because of my symptoms and remember being bitten by a small spider (maybe tick) 4 months ago now... is it all in my head? Am I going mad :( I don't even know anymore :(

  • Hi

    I suffered with physical symptoms like the ones you've described and became obsessed that I had done horrific illness . In fact the physical symptoms preceded the emotional / mental ones . Also after lots of tests my dr and I came to. The conclusion it was pni.

    For me antids were the turning point . Slowly my anxiety lifted as did my physical symptoms . Probably had I not taken meds things would have improved but much slower.

    Are you taking antids? Of huge benefit was exercise. Sine days I would feel foggy headed lethargic and would come out of an exercise class feeling normal ! Also practising relaxation techniques helped hugely as after a time of feeling anxious tensing up becomes second nature so things like breathing exercises can help hugely .

    How do u feel ur doing ? Has there been any improvements since ur baby was born ? Do you have help and support ?

  • I'm glad I have someone who knows exactly how I feel!!I'm having a hard time explaining to people the things I go through everyday cause for them I look normal.I took some anti depressants but only for a short time helped me a bit. I will try exercise hope it works I love my baby so much and I feel guilty that I cant be the hands on all around mom I want to be because of this thing I'm feeling.Im hoping I get out of this funk and yeah you're right it is horrific!

  • Hi would you go back to your dr? Antids can be really helpful but can take a while to kick in and you have to generally take them for at least 6 months after feeling better. Can I ask why you stopped?

    Don't feel guilty ! This is a horrible illness and the demands of a baby are tough! Remember to think of yourself toox

  • the doctor told me to take it for just a month :) i will go back to the doctor and ask him if it's ok if i still take it. I just feel weird and everytime I carry my baby my eyes becomes blurry and I feel like im losing my balance.

  • Hi how have u been? Did u get back to drs? Do u know what u were prescribed ? I just ask as with most antids you need to take them for at least 6 mths after feeling better and then slowly wean urself off them.


  • Hi how have u been? Did u get back to drs? Do u know what u were prescribed ? I just ask as with most antids you need to take them for at least 6 mths after feeling better and then slowly wean urself off them.


  • Hi how have u been? Did u get back to drs? Do u know what u were prescribed ? I just ask as with most antids you need to take them for at least 6 mths after feeling better and then slowly wean urself off them.


  • I've been prescribed setraline and rivotril.I still have not returned to the doctor as I am still waiting for my husband to come home from abroad cause he works there.Although I have been feeling a bit better this past few days except for the pressure in the eyes and dizziness and loss of balance when I carry the baby and when it's hot.I really hope this is nothing serious because I have been feeling like crap for 8 months now :(

  • Hi how r u? When is ur husband back? It'll be good if ur husband is around to help out when u start the meds . Do go to drs for reassurance . I felt rubbish for months without respite and in my case the meds helped massively with the physical symptoms . It's hard to imagine hormones can affect ur body in this way. It's always good to get physical symptoms checked out as for instance thyroid issues can also cause weird symptoms.

    Keep talking x

  • hi thanks :) my husband works abroad and I guess my physical symptoms started when he left and I was always anxious and started googling symptoms.Now I feel a bit better knowing I'm not alone and I'm not dying.I'll be going back to the doctor this week and hoping i'll continue to take the meds and all this physical symptoms disappear.ill keep you updated and will also try to help other women experiencing this :)

  • How r u doing ?x

  • hi im doing a bit better :) dizziness seem to wane a bit.The blurred vision is still there though keeping my fingers crossed this will eventually go away.Thanks for asking

  • Im so glad iv found this discussion. I have 8 month old twins and iv been suffering with physical symptoms since about 6 weeks after they were born. Iv been through so much worry that iv got a serious illness. Iv had a MRI which is clear and the neurologist has said its postnatal anxiety. The symptoms iv had are feeling unsteady on my feet, aching arm, twitches and foggy head and pressure. I'm trying to listen to what he has said and take some reassurance from that but its hard when iv never experienced this before. I'm waiting on seeing my doctor now who I think will prescribe antids. Did any of you get rid of all your symptoms, will be great to hear from you

  • the unsteady feeling does it feel like you lost balance?that is how i feel like your kinda drunk?I have been feeling this way for 9 months although if I look back my symptoms where way worse than what im feeling now.I have been diagnosed also with post natal anxiety and as what they say to me it will get better once the anti d kicks in.

  • Yes it does feel like when you are drunk and I'm really concious of ever step I take. Thanks for your reply its reassuring to know yourssymptoms arent as bad. It's crazy to think postnatal things can do this to you.

  • hi how is everybody doing?

  • Just found this discussion and know how you feel! I've been suffering with anxiety, a foggy head, insomnia which has more recently developed in to depression. It started when my daughter was about 1 (she's 3 next month). I've been on all sorts of pills but I feel increasingly worse, the foggy head is now with me 24/7. Waiting for CBT at the moment :(

  • Hi Ness

    Sorry for late reply. How r u doing?

    I too was plagued with odd physical symptoms postnataly which turned into horrendous anxiety. Later after some of the physical symptoms abated due to antids I was left with residual depression.

    Can I ask what drs have said re foggiheadedness etc? I ask as no one initially commented on it . Later on a cpn specialising in pnd said that was a common depression symptom.

    Cbt is great in combatting negative thinking patterns so I hope that helps. Keep talkingx

  • Hi JB Cuison

    How r u doing? I think u started on antids a while back. Have they helped?x

  • hi :) i feel better now.The dizziness waned now and is not as worse as before.I really can't believe that ppd or ppa can give u such horrendous symptoms.I now can go to malls and not feel as tired as before.I am also taking fish oil as it also helps with depression as my doctor said.All in all this experience I never want to experience again.

  • as for the fish oil please2x go to your doctors first before taking it.Have everything checked first to rule out anything.I also took anti di and when my doctor was slowly weaning me off it he recomnended I take it at night.thank you!for all the women suffering this there is hope :)

  • Hi Marymoo31

    How r u doing? Is life getting a bit easier?x

  • I've just come across this thread and I have all the same symptoms, heavy /light headed ness, weird vision, back /neck pain and headaches. My baby is 4 months old and it started when he was three weeks, I've also recently started getting pins and needles all over my body, has anyone else experienced this?

  • I have had all of the above symptoms for the past few weeks and unlike all I did not just have a baby .after visits to the dr mri and every test under the son I ended up in an ent specialist where I received testing for my inner ear .viola!!! Inner ear inflammation causing all symptoms especially major anxiety. Definitely worth checking out .cN be caused by a virus ,injury to ear or stress to body .i do know of a few that this has happened to after pregnancy as well..can take a couple of months to go away ..hope this will help some of u .good luck

  • Thanks for your reply, have you experienced pins and needles at all?

  • Yes pins and needles in my face and sometimes my tongue..I thought it was my stress level causing it because of all the other horrible things I was feeling