Anyone survived PNI without medication

Hello everyone,

I gave birth to my second boy 10 months ago, after 2 months I started suffering from constant dizziness and my pulse is always strong I feel it my left hand, I went to a lot of doctors including family doctor, endocrinologist, ENT, ophthalmologist and cardiologist too and made a lot of blood tests and 24 hours heart monitor, ultrasound and all came normal, finally family doctor said it could be ppd and better to see a physiologist, I have been seeing a physiologist for few months and she believes it's a chemical changes due to hormonal imbalance, and will go away with time and patience. I have also other symptoms like weakness in my arms and right leg, dry eyes, plugged ears, sometimes I get tingling in my hands and lips and sometimes I fell so tense in my throat. I have had panic attacks in the past, they started when I had my first baby when he was about 2 months old, it used to come rarely and not after any event, and what was worse is I did not know they were panic attacks until I had the second baby, I was always told it was a virus. Now I am not having panic attacks anymore, but the other physical symptoms make my life so hard and make taking care of my kids even harder, I feel so sorry for my kids that I am not able to play with them and take them out as much as I want, although I am able to meet their essential needs but I want to be able to do all I want with them, I walk in the streets and all I can think about is how lucky the people I see because they are not suffering from dizziness and pounding heart. I am an expat and therefore I don't have any support and my husband is away most of the time, I am scared to take antidepressants because I might have side-effects and I am alone with the kids with no help, needless to say that my husband doesn't even want me to take anything. I am so tired of thinking of how did this happen to me and how to get out of it :( and that I will never know what is wrong with me and I am seriously ill because of my symptoms. I am also breast feeding with no period, did any of you feel better when they started getting their periods or even worse..... does taking beta blockers help with the pounding heart and the anxiety? I feel so lost and don't know what to do

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  • Hello and welcome

    I'm sorry you're struggling at a time when you least expect and need it. I too struggled with strange physical symptoms which started 4 months after my child was born. These included feeling foggy headed and as if deep within myself, sensitivity to light , a pressure behind one of my eyes, headaches, numb patches and tingling, dizziness. My quality of life plummeted to the point I couldn't eat, sleep, leave the house, I used to obsess about illness and use to cry 24/7. Like you I had numerous blood tests, ct scan of my sinuses, saw several eye specialists and a neurologist - everything was fine!

    It's positive you've also had every test under the sun which were negative. I don't know why some women are plagued with these symptoms but they can be extremely debilitating so I can certainly sympathise with how you're feeling.

    For me the changing point was anti depressants, but that is my experience. I took them out of desperation and they gave me my life back. Many of my symptoms went - others took longer to go but I didn't dwell on them . People often think they are addictive and only crazy people take them but they can make a huge positive difference. Probably without meds my recovery would have taken longer but women do recover.

    It sounds as if you have little support where you live. Is there any chance a family member could visit you for a couple of weeks? Having support and rest can make a huge difference. It sounds as if the talking therapy is helping a little as you're no longer having panic attacks? Maybe trying to distract yourself would help. I found exercise hugely beneficial especially anything that raise my heart rate - it seemed to get rid off physical symptoms.

    I didn't notice any changes neither good nor bad when my periods returned.

    Please keep talking to us - we do understand x

  • Thank you so much for you reply, it gives me so much hope that someone survived the same thing I am having. Unfortunately I don't have anyone who can come to help me and I can't go back to my home country as it is in war so it is not even an option. I am still trying not to take antidepressants because I can't even afford to have the side effects in my situation although I might not have any, but on the other hand sometimes I feel it might be selfish of me not to take them as it might give me back my life and I can be able to do more for the kids. How long have you took it and was it easy to wean yourself out of it?

    I will try to do more walking with the baby because that is the only physical activity available at the moment, I wish this PNI ends really soon, I feel it has stolen almost a year of my life and the life of my kids too :(

  • A year of your life stolen is a year too long, please get help you don't need to suffer like this, there's no trophies or medals for mums who've dealt with PNI without medication, please get help for the sake of your kids

    I too like you was scared of the side effects but I decided how worse can I get when I'm already worse?

    Anti Ds saved my life!

    I'm currently weaning off with minute to no problems

  • Thank you for your reply, I guess I have been trying too hard and too long to avoid ADs but in some cases it is not avoidable. I need to convince my husband first that I need to do something about my symptoms, I need his support and his help to overcome this.

  • Hii! I have experienced the exact same thing as you . Even with the epidural only taking to my one side. Have you been feeling any better? I feel all this has to be due to that as I have all the exact symptoms even weakness in my right leg. How all is well -

  • My dr advised taking antids for a year after I felt better - the stuff with the medication said 6 months but she said better to take for a little longer so I was on them for about 1 1/2 yrs. I took about 2 months to wean myself off them and generally it was fine .

    Initially I did feel worse for about 2 weeks then one day I noticed I didn't cry all day. The next day I actually laughed . I started going out, driving and feeling happy. Just being normal.

    I personally have no regrets about taking meds. Without them I think recovery would have been much slower.

    Could you talk this over with your dr? Perhaps husband too? Maybe he could take some time off work to help you?

  • Thank for your reply, the 2 weeks worse you had is one of my fears because with the 2 kids I can't afford to feel worse, but I guess I am left with no choice but to try ADs, my problem is with the fatigue, dizziness and pounding heart, these symptoms are what make me cry and sad, sometimes I get terrified from the thought that I have been permanently damaged and might have to live like that for the rest of my life, but I try to control my thoughts and to imagine myself in full health and energy and running all day like I used to.

  • I'm sure there is no permanent damage done but having to suffer these symptoms day in day out is really hard.

    What does your dr say? Is there a particular type he'd like you to take? I must admit it was out of desperation I turned to the antids but they gave me my life back. Do you have friends who could help you out a little bit whilst you start the medication? Even if it's only to give you company? Could your husband take some leave from work? X

  • The endocrinologist wanted to give me cymbalta but it doesn't safe to take it while breastfeeding and my aunt is a pharmacist said it is a heavy one and there lighter ones to begin with, so I need to go to a psychiatrist, I have to ask my psychologist to refer me to one. All my friends are with kids and I don't think it is possible for them to help on this, this the price we pay when we live as expats, my best guess is to get maid on daily bases to help and stay with me, and my husband can't take leave at the moment plus he thinks I can overcome this merely by telling myself it is all in my head and nothing is wrong physically. I am very tired today my symptoms are at their worst and I can't even tell him because he doesn't like me to speak about it and complain, he keeps telling me if you start speaking about it you will be more tired and you will get sick for real :( .

    I hope next time I write here it would be telling the positive side of my story and that I have recovered completely.

    Thank you for your attention and concern.

  • Here's some very useful info re antidepressants and includes a section on breast feeding whilst taking them:-

    Re your husband it's common for people who don't understand the illness to be quite judgmental and actually wrong! I disagree - I think talking about how you feel makes you feel less isolated and let's you unburden yourself . Keep everything bottled up and pretending to be well is exhausting and counterproductive. Maybe a dr could speak to him or get him to look at for better understanding.

    Keeping everything crossed for you x

  • Thank you so much for the link, I never knew all of this information about ADs. I agree with you regarding talking about what I feel, I am quite sure that if he listens and show some compassion and understanding I would definitely feel better, but after months of my suffering and arguing with him, I came to accept that this his way of thinking and he will never ever understand what I am going through, I do wish if I didn't need his help, I might have taken ADs long time ago, so I have to find a way to convince him that I need to see a psychiatrist and to take him with me, so if I start on ADs and god forbid I have side effects at least he can help with the kids and maybe understand why I am feeling like this.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to reply me and for helping me

  • You're welcome. I know what's it's like to be in that dark place.

    Getting some paid help would certainly help with chores round the house and help you rest. Also perhaps you have hobbies? I know being a mum doesn't leave you with Much time but if you can try and put even 15 mins daily aside for you. Perhaps try yoga on you tube , read a book, paint your nails. Anything that's a bit of time for yourself .

    Do you live in a country where you need his permission to go to a psychiatrist? Tell him you want another opinion or get GP to suggest it?

    Many guys have preconceived ideas and there is stigma attached to this illness. But you will get through this x

  • I used to be an active person before I started having my symptoms, I enjoy cooking, baking and cleaning, I am also an Architect and I have worked all my life till the beginning of this year, when I lost my job due to financial crisis. I like reading, painting and going out, actually because I am dizzy all the time and sometimes I feel like I am going to faint, I don't like to stay at home and I don't like to be alone with the kids, I am terrified if anything happens to me and they are left without anyone to take care of them, and because I am used to working all day and to taking care of everyone, now I find it so depressing that I don't have the energy and strength to do all I want and to function like I used to :(

    No I don't need his approval to take anything, but I do need his support since I have no one else but him to help me, he is not against the psychiatrist, but because I went to many doctors and nothing is wrong with me, he said enough with all doctors and just be patient and stop speaking and complaining about your health and you will fine.....

  • Hi

    Tell him you've been advised to see a psychiatrist as your symptoms can stem from pnd. Show him this thread! Tell him it's not going away - if it were this easy everyone would do it. No one would choose to feel the way you do and it's had a huge impact on your life. I don't mean to sound harsh about your husband. His 'pull yourself together' attitude stems from not understanding the depth of suffering this illness brings and that it's an illness same as pneumonia. Just because you can't physically see what's wrong it doesn't mean you're not suffering.

    You have lots of interests which is great. I've always wanted to have the ability to do something creative but have zero talent. Maybe do something like baking or reading just as a distraction. Do try and do a walk everyday even if it's a short one. hopefully just being outside and moving will help and also it'll build your confidence. Talk to your husband about getting help especially if you do go onto meds. It won't be forever x

  • Thank you so much, I am trying to see a psychiatrist soon, I want my life back and I don't care what it takes anymore. As for my husband well he is not the only one who thinks that way, most of my family members are on the same page with him although they are all highly educated like my husband, you would think that at least they would bother read on the issue. Anyway I will do what it takes to get my life back with or without their approval. I want today to the sea and it was so windy and I noticed that my dizziness grow really stronger as the wind was pushing against my head.

  • The psychologist suggested I go back to my GP and tell her that I need ADs, since she knows about me better than any other Doctor. I went to her maybe like 4 months ago and I told her I am not feeling well and I am tired and she said let's see after you wean your baby if you are still feeling like this, then we will give you something, she said I don't want to give you anything because you are feeding, and I am sure the pediatrician said it's OK to take any medicine except for few like cancer medication and so. Do you think the GP will be able to give me the right medication or do I need to see a psychiatrist?

  • there are antids you can take whilst BF which have been deemed safe for baby. Print off that link I sent you? It gives a few types which are ok.

    Clearly if after 4 months you haven't improved then another plan of action is needed. It's definately worth seeing your dr. In the UK gps prescribe antidepressants - that's who gave me mine. I didn't see a psychiatrist and had counselling only really after taking meds for over a year!

    It sounds like your husband, your family don't understand depression etc and their attitude stems from ignorance - even highly educated people can be guilty of this. My ex mother in law who is a wonderful woman and ironically was a community psychiatric nurse, suggested all my symptoms were in my head! And would say things like' in my day we just got on with it' . If I could just get on with it I would have! I certainly wouldn't chose to be this ill.

    All the best with your visit. Keep talking x

  • Yeah, I do wish it was all in my head, I would have recovered in few hours and I would have been able to enjoy the precious and priceless 9 months that I have lost from my life and from my 2 boys lives too. I will book an appointment with the gp soon and maybe she will be able to explain to my husband why I need a push and a little help to get my life back.

  • Sounds like a plan. Well done x

  • How are you doing Hibakk? X

  • Dear Rocky77, thank you so much for checking on me, I am not bad, had really good days till yesterday, I am having scary strange heartbeats, it feels like my heart is stopping for a second before it goes back to its normal beating, I had it three times yesterday and twice again today, it's freaking me out and what makes it even worse, is I can't complain to my husband or to my other family members overseas, they will only tell me you had your heart checked thoroughly many times and it is normal, every time I feel like that I can't help to feel terrified from the thought that my 2 boys might live without their mother and I soak in horrible sadness, I know I don't have control over to be alive or not, all I want in this life is to have my inner peace back and to be dizziness and palpitations free so I can take care of my boys like all other mothers in the world would do.

  • I forgot to mention that today when I got terrified I ran to my bp machine and checked and my bp was normal so was my heart rate and regular too

  • Not that I'm a dr but it does sound like a anxiety symptom. Try breathing slowly but deeply and focusing on each breath. It's the flight or fight response and doing that or something similar should help calm you down. By all means get it checked out but that's what it sounds like.

    t's great you've had some positive days and in time the good spells will get longer. I know the blips in between are tough - these are a normal if not horrible part of the recovery process X

  • I believe you are right, I realized yesterday evening that the strange beats are what I usually feel when I am anxious or scared or one of the kids get an accident and I feel like my heart dropped between my legs and I get butterflies in my stomach, although I don't feel anxious or scared but that is what I am feeling, my husband took me by force to my friend's house where the boys played in the swimming pool and I really felt much better, but now I am starting to feel the same now that I am back at home. I had a reflexology massage session earlier, she said I might feel a little worse today but tomorrow I will feel better in God's willing.

  • How are you? How did you find the reflexology?

    Often home can be associated with negative feelings - if you're out and about there's usually distractions and home can be a reminder of negative feelings. It sounds like you're doing all the right things by meeting up with people. It's sometimes hard to get out but once there it's much better x

  • The reflexology was good, a lot of my neck and shoulders pain improved, but for some reason, when I had the reflexology for the first time, I had a lot of pain in my right leg, which the same one that I feel weak sometimes.

    I really like going out and I like having friends over, I do feel a lot better when I am not alone with the kids, I think part of it because of my fears of dying or fainting when alone with the kids. I don't know how I became this person, I was always and since long time very independent and reliable person, I don't like the needy one I have become :(

  • Hi Hibakk

    Interesting about the reflexologyand thst overall it has helped you.

    It sounds like being distracted really helps you so keep doing that? You're not needy not weak although I do understand how horrible it is being so scared of something happening. I think you lose confidence and with it comes fear but your doing all the right things to help yourself and in time you'll feel Mee yourself x

  • How are you Hibakk? X

  • Today I am feeling great, although I had a bad night yesterday when I woke many times with strong pounding heart, I wanted to text you to tell tomorrow I will see a new gp apparently she is also expert in homeopathy and acupuncture, so I am praying she will know how to help me even if it is with ADs, I don't another doctor who would tell me all your tests are fine and send me back home and tell me you will better soon without following up to see if I am really better or not.

  • I forgot to say thank for asking and checking on me, it means a lot to me really !

  • You're welcome! How did it go with the dr today ? X

  • How are you doing? X

  • Rocky is so supportive! And knows a lot

    How are you? Did you deliver naturally or c section

    Only reason I ask is I had a spinal headache (a csf leak) and got all same symptoms as you including pins and beeedkes and loss of sensation in my arm

    I'm waiting on my head to decide if I want the epidural blood patch or not but the anxiety in me won't let me decide

    Rocky ..I've stopped the Diazepam and beta blockers so am goi g to see how I get on

  • Yes rocky is a great support. I had a natural delivery in both my kids and I took the epidural in both, with the first it was a life savor but with the second the doctor had to do it twice and still it was a big failure, it worked only on the right side and the medication went all to that side I couldn't walk all day until it went away, till now I still have weakness and pain in my right leg, from the sole till my buttocks. I will add a link about how the epidural can increase the possibility of getting PND, but I don't know if it is the same in my case really.

    I hope you are doing well after you stopped the meds

  • All the best Lorsa - hope it goes well without meds. Thank you for your kind words! I've been through PNI and I know what a nightmare it is. It's a real privilege to help other wonderful ladies like yourself x

  • How are you Hibakk? X

  • Hello and sorry I didn't reply earlier, it had been long time since I checked the post. I am doing good I think, started to feel better since last Tuesday and trying to make use of it by doing more things with the kids and at home. I went to the gp and she was good, she told me that if 10 months have passed and I am improving really slowly then I must take ADs, she said I have anxiety and she checked my heart and said it was fine, she wants to me to wean my baby before I start medication, I am trying to wean him off gradually but it is breaking my heart, I don't feel it is fair that he has to cry because of that. She want to give me Sertraline or St. John wort. I really can't understand how my brain got this sick to invent anxiety when I am not really anxious, it is so frustrating that I don't have control over my body anymore, I have to do and live according to my body and not the opposite. I am having tomorrow acupuncture with the same doc hope it helps me. Thank you so much for caring and for your time too.

  • Hi rocky I've hit a low again this weekend

    Head fuzz n ear muffling back so yet again I took to my bed today and cried

    I'm due to go in hospital Friday for the blood patch and that's played a big part in anxiety

    I looked a mess taking my son to school today and yet again I started living in the past and thinking how happy I used to be

    Hibakk Les me know how acupuncture goes I've been thinking this myself

  • I am sorry to hear that, I don't how on earth we became this way, me too I remember how healthy and active I was and I start to cry, it breaks my heart that I am not able to do all I want with my boys but I guess we have to accept it, we didn't chose to feel like this but we can choose to be optimistic and to think and imagine that this will end and we will be better than ever. Acupuncture was really good and it's just my first session, I felt so calm and peaceful deep down, and for the very first time in 10 months I didn't feel my heart beating in my ears so hard when I was laying in the clinic, but unfortunately all of that went in vain when I came back home and found a big bruise on my hand I freaked out and my anxiety reached the roof until I called the clinic and asked the doctor and she said it was very normal. I do think acupuncture and other natural treatments do help. May I ask why did you stop the beta blocker? Today the gp said it might help me and she prescribed me 10 mg proparnolol, but now I feel so worried from the side effects, I also wanted to ask you if you are breastfeeding or not, if not maybe suggest to your Dr to take St. John wort, as it is a natural antidepressants but with less side effects, my gp said it is a great herb and when I wean my boy I can start taking it.

  • I stopped all mess thinking I'd be ok (before I got the blood patch done) I wanted to see how I was

    But I've obviously felt poo

    I will try St. John's wart too

    Got my nerve test tomorrow

  • Good luck Lsorsa - I hope it all goes well. If it's hormone related it's normal for symptoms both physical and emotional to come and go. That can be hard in itself as it does feel like a roller coaster ride when you don't know when you'll be hitting the next loop.

    I had acupuncture for physical symptoms (I had a pressure sensation behind one eye) and it worked very well - didn't cure it permanently but made a difference. I only had two sessions. Worth a gox

  • Hi Hibakk

    Just read the above and thought it might interest you ?

    As rubbish as you feel there will be an end to this awful illness - it's a tough ride I'm not going to lie but you'll get through it x

  • How are you doing Hibakk? X

  • Hi Rocky77, The past few days were not bad at all, I was able to do almost everything I want although the dizziness and pounding heart doesn't go but at least it is not stopping me from having what I would say the least of a normal life. Since yesterday the dizziness is stronger but I am trying to keep myself busy all the time and it does help, I don't understand really how I don't have anymore control over my body, and I don't understand how remarkably I feel better when I am out of my house. Thank you for the link it's is very useful and interesting, all the doctors that I met here wanted me to wean my baby before taking any med, I do really agree that when all of this started the only thing that seemed right and made me feel good was breastfeeding my baby day and night, but now it is not the case, yesterday he turned one and he feeds a lot especially during the night, which is not good for both of us, so at least I will try to wean him at night, I think the last gp wanted me to wean him only because she said that I have anxiety and this will add to the list of my worries. Anyway I am trying the beta blocker for the moment and hoping that with the acupuncture and yoga soon you will get a message telling you that I am over my PNI. Another interesting thing in the link you posted is the treatment with the progesterone, I have a strong feeling that my symptoms are became of hormone issue, I remember that I got my first panic attack few hours before having my first period in my eldest boy, and with this baby all of my troubles started around the time that I was supposed to have my period, I will share the link with my gp and see what she thinks. I can't thank you enough for all your support, and for asking about me constantly, many of my beloved ones don't even want to ask how I am doing, because it is easier for them to mentally block me and my problem.

  • You're welcome Hibakk. I know how hard this illness is and you're really doing so well. I know it's frustrating when the people closest to you don't support you but often it's due to their ignorance of this illness. In such cases maybe give then specific tasks to do - for instance ask someone to take the kids for you for a few hours, Hoover your house etc. It's not direct emotional support but will free up a bit of time and energy for you.

    Good luck with the weaning . Does the baby sleep in the same room as you? If so the smell of the milk can be quite intoxicating ! Perhaps moving baby into another room might help? A work colleague has recently done this (his partner is breast feeding their nearly 1 yr old son) and it's helped hugely . X

  • How have you been doing Hibakk? X

  • Hi rocky77, thank you for asking, please excuse my belated reply, I have been trying to wean the baby and therefore trying to keep him distracted all the time and not been able to reach my phone as before. Weaning is going well during the day but not so good at night, I need to stay up all night with him and I am too tired to do it. The past days were going really good with the yoga and acupuncture, symptoms are still there all the time but less sever, until I got my period for the first time last Monday and started having terrible dizziness, I checked my bp at home and it was very high it reach 160/100 and my hr was 55 I was on beta blocker, I called a friend because I thought I was going to faint she came and took me to a health center, my bp and hr were similar to what I had at home, but after few minutes I started feeling better and Dr checked again it was normal so sent me back home. Yesterday I went back to my gp for acupuncture and told her what happened she said it was probably because of my period and loosing a lot of blood and oxygen, my friend seems to think it is a physiological issue. I am still very dizzy and I feel so tired and scared, I really thought I was on the way to full recovery and now I feel so lost, what if I live like this all of my life, what if I never find what is wrong with me. I do trust my gp but I live in a country where health care is not so good. I saw the other threads on the site and now I feel more anxious knowing that others were diagnosed with mdd, my dizziness feels better when I lay down, worse when I stand or move or move my head from side to side, I feel like I am on a boat or like someone is rocking me, it gets better when I am driving and when I am distracted. After the last visit to the er I am back to feeling scared to stay alone with the kids.

  • Hi

    I think the first period can be particularly challenging. With PNI symptoms can return as pmt even if you never suffered before. Hopefully hormonally things will settle down now.

    I'm sorry the recent symptoms have brought back the fear - try to build up your confidence again as you'll be ok - you've been doing so well in looking after your children in spite of these awful symptomsx

  • How are you Hibakk? Any changes/improvements ? X

  • Not really, I am even worse but maybe because I have an ugly cold 🤕

  • That can trigger symptoms. Hope you get the chance to get some rest x

  • How are you? X

  • Cold is gone but I am still very tired, I have terrible fatigue and my arms and legs are extremely weak, I am still waiting for my b6 results, it could be the detox from b6. Thanks for asking and for caring X.

  • How are you feeling now Hibakk? Hoping your colds gone and you're feeling better. Been relativeky simple things like colds would knock me for six so hoping you've picked up x

  • I feel the same. Since i had my boy. 2 years so far. Weird dizzy, drunk feeling( tho i never ever drink) and anxiety, insomnia, but very sleepy during the day, feeling so detached, and vision is so unfocused. Been to drs, done mri, blood tests, ent, all fine, but feeling so sick(

  • Welcome karinakrav

    I'm sorry you've felt so ill and for so long. I too suffered from physical symptoms which fuelled anxiety and depression (but which were probably interlinked) and it was horrendous. All tests were negative for me too.

    In my case I took antidepressants as I could no longer function . This turned my life around. Also I found exercise very helpful in alleviating symptoms which would return . I'm happy to share this.

    No one really gave me a cause for symptoms but there is a brilliant closed Facebook group. Do you want me to share this with you. Some ladies ha e been given a diagnosis of adrenal fatigue and in my case that seems to ring many bells. Other seem to think it's post epidural from birth or vit b 12 toxicity.

    Please keep talking as I do understand how you're feeling x

  • Hello, thanx for ur reply, could you pls share the link of that facebook account. I was blaming an epidural too, but 2 years is way too long, sometimes i think its the inner ear problem, coz i do get pressure in my ears but ent said my ears are fine... my next step will be an antidepressant . I did not want to take it , because, i never believed in depression., i am such a positive person, i work out, i eat a clean diet, but at this point, i just do not know what to do anymore, i want my life back so bad:( and taking care of 2 year old being dizzy unbalanced, tired is so hard. Once again thank you for ur reply! )

  • When did your symptoms start?

  • It all started 20 months ago, when my son was only 2 months old.. at first i was only feeling drunk 24-7 as if i had a glass of wine! And i felt detached, and it slowly fade away, and i was left with dizinees, heavy head, anxiety, and so on:(( i also get weird like adreniline urges at night, that keep me awake.!


    Postpartum neurological issues support group

    Sorry I'm going out will post more later x

  • Hi can I ask did something precede the initial dizziness - stressful events, exhaustion?

    I got PNI when my second son was 4 mths old. I'd been quite stressed about about several things then after an exhausting week I developed a pressure sensation behind one eye, sensitivity to light, eye sight worsened, started feeling spaced out and not really here, dizziness, numb patches, tingling which triggered the anxiety (although I think the two were inter linked.

    All tests (I had blood test, saw several eye specialists , ct scan of sinuses) were negative.

    For me the turning point was taking anti depressants - they turned my life around as by the time I took them my mental health was a mess as well as feeling so physically ill.

    Have you tried tackling the anxiety? It can help - exercise can be really good especially for the spaced out feeling and a general lift . Relaxation techniques also can help you relax .

    It must be so very difficult managing a 2 yr old whilst feeling unwell. Do you have any help? X

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