Brain fog, off balance, difficulty concentrating

I am currently 6 months postpartum and started getting a weird feeling when I was 4 months postpartum. I noticed one day I felt kind of off balance. Not necessarily dizzy, just like my equilibrium was off. I have bad health anxiety so I started to worry about this feeling. I had blood work done, all was normal. I also seemed to have a pressure feeling in my eyes when I moved them around, and it felt like my eyes were hard to move around. Saw my ENT, genera practitioner, and my endocrinologist, and other than some congestion they found nothing wrong. Saw a neurologist and had an MRI, and all was fine.

So now I've had this off balance feeling for the past two months. I feel like my brain is in a fog, and when I try to complete a task like grading papers I find it hard to concentrate and focus. It almost feels like the first day of a head cold, except I'm not sick. I also recently noticed I wake up every day with a feeling of dread. I had anxiety even before I was pregnant and now I feel like I don't really get excited about anything anymore. I feel kind of numb emotionally. I also have no sex drive, and spend most of my time being concerned about the way i feel. I just want to enjoy my baby and not feel so out of it all the time. Anybody else gone through these feelings/symptoms? Is it common to feel this 6 months postpartum? I should also mention this all started within a week of getting my period back.

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Hello and welcome

PNI for me started in a similar fashion to you when my baby 4 months old - strange physical symptoms which directly or indirectly triggered or were linked to anxiety.

My physical symptoms started off with pressure sensation behind one of my eyes, sensitivity to light, eye sight worsened, then feeling very detached and foggy headed . I too have suffered from health anxiety and in my case I started to obsess what could be wrong. Tests also came back clear .

The other symptoms you describe are also common with PNI.

I don't know what triggers these physical symptoms in some ladies but I've found from that it can.

Have you spoken to anyone about how you're feeling? I found that the physical and emotional symptoms are very much linked so perhaps counselling where you can offload and help change thought patterns re health anxiety would help. Medication (antidepressants) are an option which I took and they helped me hugely, but there are pros and cons to these- I'm not medically qualified but happy to share my experience of meds with you.

A huge positive factor was exercise. This helped me hugely with the physical symptoms.

It's really positive you're aware of how you're feeling - do keep talking x


I started with similar symptoms, didn't feel like myself 5 months postpartum, there was a lot of stress in my life at this point with selling of our house, moving into a new bigger home and dealing with 4 yr old and a new little one. I started with numbness in my legs and arms and the brain fog was intense. I also dealt with some anxiety before but this was time it wasn't something I could just shake off. Fast forward to now, between then and now, after dr.'s and functional doctors, come to find out I'm low on all sex hormones. Low progesterone, low testosterone and a low functioning thyroid. Have you had your hormonal's checked? My functional dr seems to thing with sleep deprivation and stress after baby along with birth control pills I was on for nearly 15 years, that my hormones never went back to balance after the birth of my baby.

Anyway it may or may not be that case for you, but I would say it's working running tests of your hormones. And age doesn't matter, I'm 38 and never thought I'd be dealing with hormonal imbalance symptoms at this age.

Good Luck!

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What did they prescribe for you?



I'm having the same symptoms. They started about 1 week postpartum! I'm 11 weeks now. I woke up one day feeling very dizzy, light sensitive, seeing spots and constantly feeling I'm in going to faint! It's I constantly worry about what's wrong with me. I've had all sorts of tests ran and they are all normal. Sometimes I stop in between sentences and can't focus on anything except the room's awful.

Not sure how to snap out of it



I replied to you Tosha87 by pm. I had odd physical symptoms similar to yours. They actually preceded the anxiety and were extremely debilitating.

It's positive you had tests and that they've come back negative.

For me the turning point was anti depressants (there are pros and cons to this) but they really improved things. Exercise can give you a huge boost and I found would nearly always alleviate the foggiheadedness I used to suffer from. Learning techniques to help with anxiety can help hugely also as this can trigger horrid symptoms.

PleSe do come back and talk to us - we really do understand what you're going through x


I've been experiencing the same symptoms now for 9 months. It started when my son was 8 months. The very first symptom for me was the fogginess. Then tingling in hands and feet followed along with many other symptoms. At first i used to get a lot of dizzy spells (no vertigo/spinning) but dizziness in my own head. Then few months in it became an every day off balance feeling. I also experience muscle twitching and upper body stiffness. Occasional headaches and nausea as well.

I've done every test under the sun (bloodwork, mri, ultra sounds, xrays, emg...). And no luck in figuring out what this is.

I've always had anxiety but never had these offbalance dizzy symptoms before.


I'm exactly the same, I had a spinal headache and got admitted to hospital, since then been in twice more with horrendous dizziness and nausea

I'm also getting pins and needles in my nerves from my neck to my feet,

Had brain and spinal scan and ct

All normal

Today seen vestibular rehab lady who has shown me exercises to focus the eyes from scratch

I'm at the end of my tether , 8 weeks now and I feel awful

Got anxiety too as a result of this

It's a loving nightmare I just wish the dizziness would go and I could get on with life again


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