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New diagnosis pmr

After 5 weeks of pain which started in my right hip & thigh area during the night.I then found it impossible to sleep in any position lying down I had either to sleep in a chair or propped up wih pillows. After consulting my gp iwas put on Naproxen & co-codamol, followed by ibuprofen & Tramadol, no relief from any of them.I was then sent for x rays (clear) & blood tests which came back sky high with inflammatory marker levels.By this time the pain had spread to my left hip & thigh. the GP then refered me to rheumatololgy & was told i would

have to wait 5 weeks for an NHS appt I chose to pay & got a morning appt 2 days later.After studyng my notes & symptoms the Rheumy immediatly diagnosed pmr & said that he needed to do his own tests & refered me to his NHS clinic later the same day at our local hospital tests were done 15mg pred prescribed all in a matter of a few hours,Now into 4th day of pred & felling much better. Of course this is all new to me & i have many unasked questions to put.


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Hello Johnone28

I imagine you felt that private appointment was money well spent to get you out of all that pain.

As you are located in the North Yorks area, I wondered how far you are from Middlesbrough and Gateshead as there is a long established support group (PMRGCAuk North East Support) that meets in those areas. If you go to the home page and click on the PMRGCAuk website you will find all the details.

I'm glad you're feeling much better already and there will always be someone around on here who has the proverbial t-shirt as far as PMR is concerned, and who will try to answer the inevitable questions that crop up from their own experiences.


No i am situated in merseyside & already registered with PMRGC Auk, due to see the consultant again in 2 weeks time


Hi, i have now had pmr since i was 60 now 69 and have been on various mg of prednisolone. This has ranged from 5mg to 60mg where i blew up like a dummy unbelievable. I am again down to 5mg but fearful as everytime i get lower on the prednisolone the pmr comes back, it's like walking through treacle with severe pains on lifting my arms. The sediment in my blood is never very high so wondering if something else wrong?


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